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Living With BPD + ADHD + Autism

This is the story of my life; I have constant feelings of chronic emptiness. I Binge eat very often to attempt feel the emotional void that I deal with daily. I have been living with identity issue since I was a child. I was bullied from kindergarten through my senior year of school. My school years were horrible. Don't wish to remember them but I have intrusive thoughts so can't help but remember being bullied. The school was nowhere from my house when I was in 1st grade, and they would bully me all the way home. Then by the time I was 13 my dad started bullying me, I couldn't win for losing. He had this rule if I get bullied or beat-up at school, he was going to do the same when I got home so I just stop telling him what was happening to me at school so I could get peace when I came home. What a life. My father was verbally abusive and very manipulative. He would come home from work and rest on the couch, and he would get a call on the landline phone and force me to lie to whoever was calling and tell them he was not home. Even though he was sitting on the couch in front of me. I challenged him one time and I'm drawing a blank to what he did to me. But that is only 5% of my life. Tell you more as time moves forward. #narcissists #BPD #MentalIllness

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Do Narcissists Tell on Themselves If You Listen?


Narcissists tell on themselves all the time.

If you listen closely.

All the things they tell you during lovebombing, all the things they promise you they won't ever do to you, and all the promises they make about the future.

Are the EXACT opposite of what's going to happen.

All the things they judge people for, and all the things they tell you that people have done to them, all the behavior they tell you their exes are guilty of.

Are the EXACT things, that they themselves do.

All the little “warnings” they give you, that refer to dealing with them, such as “My ex did this n that, I dumped them, without an ounce of remorse”, “It takes a lot for me to start loving anyone”, or “I can be ruthless and mean, if you cross me”.

No matter what sentence follows those statements, like “But I would never do that to you”, or “But with you it feels different”, understand that those are true assertions about themselves. They count for any relationship, with anyone.

Yes, narcissists tell you everything about themselves,

They just do it in reverse.


#narcissists #gaslight narcisstic abuse survivor #Abuse #EmotionalAbuse #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #DomesticAbuse #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #DomesticViolence #ChildhoodAbuse

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EMDR and Brainspotting Advice??!

Does anyone know what #emdr or #brainspotting is? I’m scheduled to talk to a therapist this week and I see that she specializes in both. I figure it’s something she will suggest but it’s a little confusing and I have mixed thoughts about it.

Do you relive your traumas with EMDR? Why in the world would I want to do that? I’ve never gone through anything SUPER traumatic, but why would I want to revisit anything unpleasant? I’m a survivor of verbal and physociological abuse (from my husband and mother in law) and am just now getting over the things that were said and done to me. Im just barley at the point where I can go a few days without getting extreme anxiety or depression...wouldn’t reliving everything just set me back??

Help!! Any thoughts/info/experiences would be much appreciated!

#emdrtherapy #gaslight #gaslight #narcisstic abuse survivor #Gaslighting #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissism #narcissists #narcissistabuse #Therapist #Therapy #Counseling #Depression


#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #narcissists not true

A lot of people have the misconception, and this is in literature on the subject of #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder , that we are narcissistic. We feel everything deeply. So, in relationships, which is not only about ourselves but also others, we try to be good. We try the hardest to be a good friend. But we get hurt. It’s natural. Then we get angry. But, remember how we have heightened feelings on everything? Well, that’s also on the bad stuff. So when we get angry it seems we are being selfish and narcissist to get what we want, but the truth is we are really hurting and that is a shield we sometimes or maybe most times don’t realize we’re using so we don’t hurt that much. So we can heal and make things better. Hard to explain. But know that we mean the best. Much love!

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Time Does Heal

Grew up with one for 13 years. The hardest thing I had to do was learn to realize that I deserved better, even if they were family.
#MentalHealth #narcissists #Depression #Anxiety #Deservingbetter


My pay back

Today. The narcissist asked me to watch something with him. I told him to share it to the tv. 1) my way of not sharing personal space with him when I can find an excuse. As we are watching it he doesn’t like my OPINION so he begins to demean me. I blah blah blah him. He throws a tantrum gets up. Tells me how annoying I am and how he doesn’t kno why I’m there bc he don’t wanna watch tv with me anyway, my attitude sucks. Fast forward... I begin to “not feel good” right around the time ufc is coming on and express how I need to go to bed and rest. 2) no body wants to watch tv with YOU actually.

#NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #Narcissiticabuse #narcissists


#CheckInWithMe I'm 60 yrs of age with mental & physical problems.

I just found out my parents & younger siblings are all #narcissists . Anyone else have this issue? If I inherit anything from my #wealthy family, anything I get will have to be approved by my brother & sister. I don't know them & don't like this situation. I have been on Social Security Disability & living in low income housing. Though I live below the poverty level, I'm happy. I haven't seen or heard from my #"family" in a long time; until my birthday. Glad they haven't contacted me since.
#CheckInWithMe #