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Doing things for yourself is rough, I believe u all agree, like getting ready for bed, walking, getting up, sitting down, etc? I love my independence, but, wow.

I'm just 37yrs old, so so thankful for u all, yall, have been great support, encouragement, I'm just really struggling right now, pain is throbbing, constantly.

I, so so, get tired of people saying try this, try that, if u would get up and move more, switch doctors, this to shall pass.

Thanks for being my friends and family.

If all that will work, have u been diagnosed with all this???

I have

-Retinaopathy of Prematurity
-Carpal Tunnel
-Groin Pain
-Essential Tremors
-Shoulder Pain
-2L5 S1 Discectomies
-Knee and Ankle Pain
-De'quarveins Tenosyvitis

Some people may be trying to help, but, please, please don't shove it down my throat.

The thing that gets me, is people say I'll pray for u, ***WILL U REALLY???*** I'll be there for u, ***IF SO, WHERE R U???***

The religious people say, listen to this pastor, he has a healing ministry, the last time I checked, God is the only ONE healing.

Man, a lot of people just don't understand, don't get it, etc.



Update: Got stitches out today, hand feels amazing, now to do exercises at home, go back in 4wks, for another follow up, then to schedule the next Carpal Tunnel Release with Dequervains Tenosyvitis release, which will probably be a longer recovery.

Eyes have got worse, which is extremely discouraging, go back in August for a follow up for them, I could honestly care less if I go back to the Eye Surgeon again, although, God has gave me an amazing surgeon, I didn't think I would be losing my vision so fast (37yrs old).

Me losing my vision could be caused by several issues, it is just so discouraging.

When they were checking me for lenses today and flipping the lenses to see which one was better and we got to #7, I said, how far do people go up when looking for lenses, or measuring their vision for lenses, she said, #20, talking about extremely discouraging.

So, I went over to the Optical Shop and looked for just lenses, and just want to give up, then I went to Vision Works, their prices weren't any better, probably won't be returning to work til August, that is when I go back and see the Eye surgeon.

My Essential Tremors r worsening, when they were doing a field vision study, I guess it is called, I shook so bad. I can't handle much more.

Lonliness, friendlessness, finacial issues, vision issues

Man, when it rains it's pours.

So over everything


#no Shame


New To The Group

Hi, I'm Jennifer 36yrs old.

I'm here for support care and love.

I don't have support, instead I hear get over it, quit talking about, quit thinking about it, and it'll go away.

Anyways I have several Health Issues

Congential Hydrocephalus
Retinaopathy of Prematurity
2L5 S1 Number Discectomies
Chronic Ankle, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Essential Tremors

May be more, just can't think atm


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Any App recommendations for tracking pain?

I've been dealing with chronic joint pain, muscle aches, and just miserable things in general for the last year and a half but recently it's been getting really bad. I'm looking for recommendations on apps that help me track when pain occurs, where in the body, and if I can make a note as to what kind of pain (i.e dull, sharp, throbbing etc.) I'd really like to be able to track a couple weeks worth of info so I can show my doctor.
I could just write things down I suppose but I'd stop what I'm doing every 5 mins or so to grab a notebook and update it. I think an app would be much much easier. thank you in advance for any ideas y'all have! #ChronicPain #PainApps #Fibromyalgia

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I have been on fentanyl for10+ years, because of the opioid prob she is working on tapering off of this. I am already on morphine. Alternative Med, #PainApps #Chronicpainstruggle #BackPain



Must-have app for chronic back pain!!

For any of y’all on here that unfortunately suffer from CHRONIC BACK PAIN like myself, you absolutely NEED to download this app I recently found called “Back Pain Exercises” by Kaia Health!! I have only had the app for just over a week now, but I have already learned SO much from it and absolutely know that it is going to help me with my pain-if not to reduce it, at least to help cope with it.

Now I know none of y’all know me, but for me to say that I may have found a solution for my back pain is saying a realllll lot!! I have been suffering from my chronic back pain for the last 15 years and have tried just about every single medication and treatment possible, I have even had unsuccessful surgeries! So the idea of an app on my phone curing my pain sounds just as crazy to me as it may sound to you!

The main theory that the app is based on is that there are three factors that contribute to our pain- biological (or physical), psychological, and social. Most of us are historically taught to view our pain solely through the biological standpoint- meaning that if you stub your toe, your toe sends a pain signal to your brain, and we feel pain- but their creators believe that if we focus on the other two factors as well, using their “biopsychosocial model”, every single one of us has an opportunity to greatly reduce our back pain. The design of the app is an individualized program for each user based on each individual’s specific pain situation, and it provides daily exercises to help strengthen the muscles in our backs to help treat our physical pain, while also providing daily cognitive exercises to rewire the way we think about pain and how we cope with it.

I will tell you one thing...I am a Registered Nurse, and within the last week I have learned so many things about the mechanism of action of my pain from the Kaia app that I never learned in all my years of medical training!

The app is available for both iPhones and Androids and I put the website below!!

Also, I just want everyone to know that this is in no way an ad nor am I affiliated in any way with Kaia, I just really think that so many people here could truly benefit from this app and I have SO much empathy for my fellow chronic pain peeps!!

#ChronicPain #chronicbackpain #PainApps

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