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Pain Free Days?

Just out of curiosity, are there any of us that actually have pain free days? If you do, PLEASE don't feel shy about saying so!! I may be envious or jealous of you, but I will also be SO happy for you!

If you do not have any pain free days, can you remember how long it's been since you did have one? For me, it has been over 20 years. It's funny...I know there was a time, when I didn't have pain everyday, but honestly, it's been so long, I don't even know what that's like anymore.

Just a little distraction for me right now. Thank you all for any answers or comments! Wishing we all manage to find that Unicorn! 🦄 #ChronicPain #Chronicpainstruggle #chronicpainsufferer



So this past year has been extremely difficult. I’ve lost my home, crashed my car, my health/memory is on a steady decline. I’m struggling at work and my boss is starting to notice. I dont know what to do. Doctors say I’m over stressed. #Yathink

This pain is seriously too much. I don’t sleep. Barely eat. (Not losing weight either 🙄) My mind stays clouded I’m over it. I’m just out of optimism. #ChronicIllness #Chronicpainstruggle #Strugglebus



This weekend, I am dealing with my chronic TMJ pain, chronic neck pain, tendonitis in my right thumb (dominant hand) & getting over a cold.
Today, I painted/touched up a section of my bathroom wall with MY LEFT HAND - not my dominant hand. I did ok, and it felt good to do something, since I laid around all day Thursday, and slept in quite a bit yesterday. I will get through this!!! Therapy appointment and massage both scheduled for Monday!!!  (hope I didn't do too much, though)
#CheckInWithMe #Chronicpainstruggle #Chronicpainwarrior


Have anyone been dismissed doctors even though your diagnosed with chronic pain?

I have been diagnosed with chronic pain but my new gp dismissed it and say it can't be true and it is all in head when a different doctor has diagnosed me with it but I find nearly every doctor I go to now they dismissed me and are plain ignorant about it as I have a mental health history and I m too young apparently. I cant go back to same doctor who diagnosed me he retired. #Chronicpainstruggle


I have been on fentanyl for10+ years, because of the opioid prob she is working on tapering off of this. I am already on morphine. Alternative Med, #PainApps #Chronicpainstruggle #BackPain



Fibromyalgia and Isolation

I’ve just gotten back home from a friend’s birthday celebration. I’ve been doing my best to pace my activity and so of course I left early whilst all my friends continued to socialise. Each time I am amongst able-bodied people I feel isolated, alone and out of place. My friends try not to make me feel this way but as my pain throughout the social gathering creeps in and completely takes over my thoughts I can’t help but feel alone in my fibromyalgia journey.

I am so depressed and really can’t see the point of looking to the “brighter side” of things when I believe there is nothing to look forward to anymore. I feel like I have completely lost my identity as a charismatic, strong young woman (age 23) and will never get her back.

#CheckInWithMe #Fibromyalgia #Depression #ChronicPain #Chronicpainstruggle #Nohope #Fibromyalgiabattle



This weekend was great I got to see my cousin win indoor nationals but now my body is paying the price. I am absolutely exhausted and I haven’t felt this exhausted in a very long time. I feel like my heart isn’t pumping enough blood to the rest of my body. My muscles ache and my bones are throbbing. The worst part is I want to sleep but I can’t due to all the school work I have to do. I really wish I can press pause and let my body rest and catch up. Unfortunately I can’t do that. Now starts the downhill slide I know that’s coming. These days I wish I could be a normal person and bounce back as quickly as I used to. #Chronicpainstruggle #LivingWithPOTS


How to stay motivated to do healthy things? #ChronicPain

I know it's important to do my physical therapy exercises and to eat well, but it's so hard to push myself to actually do them. It's easier to just chill out after work/on weekends rather than do my exercises when I have time.

Any advice to stay motivated to actually do these things? And to follow through on a plan to do them? #Chronicpainwarrior #Chronicpainstruggle



There is a reason I can’t work. I don’t have the physical strength and I’m in constant pain. Severe pain. But still have to drive kids all over the place, clean house, & make dinner. What part of “I can’t” does my spouse not understand? I’m not being a lazy cow. I’m hurting! A lot! #ASsucks #AutoimmuneDisorder #Chronicpainstruggle

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