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So it may not seem like a long time but I think it counts. I have not worked as hard has I am at this #New #Job ever and I have been working 20 plus years now. I have had physical labor jobs, jobs that I was responsible for me and others, repetitive jobs like filing papers, customer service, sales but even in all those different things I have not been so #challenged as I am at this job both #mentally and #physically . So #happy 2 month anniversary! It’s the small things that bring joy when the big picture seems to much. #CheerMeOn


SoTired#physically #Mentaly #

#Fibromyalgia . I’m so tired and all I did was shower. Barely could dry my hair without taking a break and laying on my bed. It takes so much energy and positive self talk to get ready to leave the house.Anyone else?


#physically uncomfortable tonight

I have mental health issues but in this I’m doing well. I have gastroparesis though and I’m so uncomfortable. It’s been many hours and liquid just won’t pass through. I’m still thirsty. Anyone else have this issue and any advise? Physical issues do color my emotional state and I don’t want it to since I’ve been doing so well as of late. Up late reading posts here at The Mighty


Hi. I am new here. I am a 22 year old girl from India.

I am an #Introvert suffering from #Anxiety and #Depression for the past few months. I have not been able to open up to anyone. But I am #exhausted now, #mentally , #Emotionally and #physically . I cannot tell people what is raging inside me but I cannot hold it in me either. I feel like a living grenade that can blow up any minute now. I hope I can find #Someonetolisten here to with whom I can #Chat and #Share my thoughts with.

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Always Pray, Don’t Give Up. We All Have Battles. #Depression #MentalHealth #mentally #physically #dontgiveup #BipolarDisorder #AnxietyDisorders #PanicDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MoodDisorders

We All Have Different Battles We Face Just About Everyday. Don’t Give Up, Pray. Keep Pushing, Keep Fighting, And Know That God Got You. ❤️💯✅🙏🏾🙏🏾✊🏾😘 #NeverGiveUp #dontgiveup #Prayalways #Keepthefaith

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##physically and mental fit #physically and spirituality fi


This is my x
Sixth week into working out and I am feeling great. I go to the YMCA. I have worked out before in my home for over 27 yrs but had back surgery so I had very little exercise if any at all for the past 6 yrs.
And as far as my spirituality, I read the Bible and Sarah Young’s devotional. And I also go to church. It gives me the insight I need to grow too.

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The last four days I have been so down, not really thinking or doing anything, no motivation and feeling mentally and physically drained. I don't know if its because we have been switching a lot lately or if it's the depression.. Either way I hate not being my normal happy self. #DID #Depression #mentally #physically #Drained

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#Fibromyalgia and #sad

Can anyone relate to these two topics that I deal with daily and yearly? How to cope? In #Pain . #sad that I am in #Pain , #depressed , #Pain . #Pain then #Depression - a vicious cycle. Then I get #anxious when I have to get out to a doctor's appointment or if I need groceries, gas... #mentally , #physically and #Emotionally tired...