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'Shocking' lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain'- New article from the BBC on a new review of previous studies on the topic

Kind of an inflammatory headline in my opinion 😅

As it could be read as: 'stop taking #antidepressants immediately as they don't help chronic pain AT ALL'.

When rather the review is suggesting:

A) Antidepressants have been prescribed for chronic pain for years and STILL there seems to be no clear or concrete understanding into how they help the pain of chronic pain sufferers.

B) Confusion into whether antidepressants do help the pain aspect of chronic pain.

C) As many suffers have [very unstandably] mental health issues they could be helping that. Making pain management easier 🤔

C) Which antidepressants is concretely better for chronic pain.

Article found here:
'Shocking' lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain

Another wonderful day for chronic pain sufferers🙃

I joke.

It is better to have this awareness and recognition that ultimately MORE RESEARCH, DONE MUCH LONGER is urgently needed.

However, I do feel like articles like this arm those who are very anti-antidepressants. The NHS is definitely trying to move away from prescribing medication in general for chronic pain sufferers.

(In my opinion) though I believe this is more a money saving move than a research influenced change of course. As soon as I see CBT as an alternative I feel vindicated 😆

For those who aren't aware the NHS (largely to save money) prescribes CBT for literally EVERYTHING nowadays 🥲😔

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'Shocking' lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain

Hundreds of thousands are prescribed medication without enough scientific proof it helps, UK experts say.
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Insomnia, pain, bad thoughts*

just my momentary feelings.
Sometimes it’s so hard to find anyone who understands lifelong depression who understands being in pain with insomnia mania, anxiety, ( w fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis as well). Now I’m prediabetic and I feel so alone. It’s one more book in a pile and people are sick of my “new issues” no matter how I try to make them non issues.
Or if I do, find a person who ( kind of) understands, it ends up the only thing they talk to me about, then it becomes only about how sick they are ( most ppl have to be sick too to even find it valid) and then usually they go on and on about how they have it “ worse “ then me. Even if honestly, it seems they do not? So I feel like invalid to even share anything....Which honestly, it’s too much sometimes? I feel like my whole life is about illness. Mine, theirs, and nothing else ends up being talked of.

I have some people in the day who aren’t sick or are and are non ill and sympathetic ( sometimes that’s hard on it’s own) but it’s so hard being seriously hurting and alone all night with my thoughts, pain, anxiety.

It’s nighttime and I’m alone and I can’t leave my apt, bc it’s a bad area and I don’t drive. Often I have idealation of how much easier everyone’s life would be without me burdening them. Sometimes even when someone is nice or understanding I feel like they secretly loathe me but don’t want the guilt of being unsympathetic “in case” I did end up hurting myself... maybe that sounds horrible.. I don’t know.

There’s times I feel like I will always be alone, no matter who cares about me, maybe it will never be “ok” because maybe I’m broken... I am so scared of people Letting me get close then rejecting me later, I can’t even reach out most the time, because how badly I get hurt. I just wish I had a few more people who were “there” and didn’t just grow tired of me. Lonely and wishing I had more people...
Scared of meeting new people because they keep abandoning me... I don’t know what to do...
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