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I am grateful for my morning so far. One thing I have found that helps with my BPD and my addiction is a good solid morning and evening routine. It seems when I stick to my morning and evening routines, I havw better days. My codependent traits seem to not be as strong, and I seem more focused. So this week that’s what I am working on. Finding the strength to just consistently do my morning and evening routines. I hope that everyone today, realizes they can make it! One day at a time! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #routines #Happiness #Gratitude


Community and Daily Routines

I grew up in an evangelical Christian home and my faith was absolutely central to everything in my life - family, friends, volunteering, weekly and daily routines, identity, artistic expression, etc. etc.

Ten years ago, I began dating a Christian man...who also happened to be a narcissist. All the messages I'd received as a teenager and young adult made me discount any concerns about the relationship and to continue on until just a few weeks before our wedding before I broke it off. I believed that a Christian couple could get over any issues just because they were both Christian. Not only was this myth shattered by the relationship, but my ex was also spiritually abusive. He used prayer, Scripture, and spiritual leaders as weapons against me.

I've been fighting to hold on to my faith for so long and I've just reached a point of exhaustion at being triggered over and over and over. I'm not maintaining any spiritual practices at this point, beyond occasionally watching a Sunday church service online. I think I've been waiting for something to change - like holding space in my life for that community and those routines until I am able to participate wholeheartedly in them again.

I think I have reached a point where that is no longer a healthy way for me to live. I feel that I don't know who I am without Christianity, which is seriously impacting my sense of self and identity. I have very poor morning and evening routines because these were always tied in to faith practices for me. And I don't really have any meaningful community/ies that I am part of anymore as church and Bible study groups were always at the centre of my social life.

I think that I need to start figuring out some new routines and finding some new community connections. I am anxious about this because my family and the majority of my friends are all people of faith and if I start exploring things outside of that, they will not understand at all. I also don't really even know where to start as this has been my whole life.

And there is a lot of sadness in the thought of moving on from something that has been both so wonderful and so terrible for me. It feels like yet another defeat and is really the ultimate thing that my ex has taken from me.

I'm not really looking for advice, especially not for spiritual messages or promises to pray as those can be very triggering for me, but it is just helpful to be able to kind of publicly share where I am at. It relieves a bit of pressure and anxiety for me. Thanks for listening, Mighties. ❤️

#Christianity #Church #routines #habits #Community #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #narcissisticabusesurvivor #emotionalabusesurvivor #spiritualabuse


What helps you stick to a routine?  #themightylife

I have tried just about everything when it comes to trying to stick to a routine. I have found that my trusty planner, a really nice set of colorful pens (or marker) and some stickers seem to do the trick. I’m currently in love with the “Unsolicited Advice Planner” that Adam J. Kurtz puts out each year. It feels more like a guided journal than a planner and it has helped me stick to my routines better. It also helps me not procrastinate as much!

#CheckInWithMe and let me know what you use to help you build and stick to a routine. I’d love to know! ❤️

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Disability #Parenting #routines #Selfcare #Procrastination #ActOnIt #52SmallThings #themightylife

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Any person doing Curly Girl Method? “CGM” for those that use abbreviations!

I’m one month into this adventure and I love hearing how others are doing with this method. I’m a rule breaker 😉🤣


How to cope with changing jobs? #routines #Anxiety #changes

After two years of looking I may have found a new job. I don’t want to jinx it but at the same time I want to prepare for the changes that are going to happen. I do not do change well it trigger my anxiety and depression. I have been work at my current employer almost 20 years so this is all new territory for me. Any tips or suggestions?


routine while having BPD

so i took the time to set a few routines for myself, which anyone with bpd understands that it’s not easy. i set a 30 day workout routine, a skin care routine and my hair was cycle. i feel so great about it. i put it on my bathroom mirror and i just can’t wait to do this. it’s been so rough to do all these things but today i did it and i’m so profit myself. self care is so important 🖤
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #routines #BorderlineStigma

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#Easy #Quick , #beautiful #Realistic #Makeup #routines

I’ve pretty much given up on self care and spend most days in bed for the days that I might actually want to see a friend or experiment with makeup, what are some tried and true products that you find helpful when you have difficulty with repetitious actions with arms and hands? Please list favorites and must haves. Organic and cruelty free highly appreciated.


Connecting with self and others

I am currently in Intensive Out Patient ( #IOP), a common skills referral when someone is struggling. I’ve used this time to instill health #routines , a majority of such includes avoiding #Isolation by connecting with people, and integrating #Selfcare into my #routine. Hey

One example, I prefer not to be touched (hugs, relationship) except by a good friend. I’ve been giving hugs to new acquaintances and even
hugged a man with a “free hugs” t-shirt. That was a proud moment and brought joy.

In groups, I’m comfortable sharing my opinion in situations where I may have a different perspective than the rest of the hive mind. I am often met with respect as many people are uncomfortable speaking outside the expected.

For self care , I’ve been using body lotion all the time, hired a wellness coach, enjoy tea, incense, and candles, and go without makeup to feel comfortable in my body. Also, I’ve improved and strictly enforce my #Sleephygiene .

All of us are looking for support and positive energy. I find sharing these behaviors, feeling stronger, and setting an example precipitates connection.

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