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Its Me Again

Hello. I am #CheckingIn to see how everyone is doing. I hope that you are doing well. I have been doing OK. Today I got deeper into my new masters degree program. This will be my 3rd Masters degree, and most likely the last one that I will be getting. I am learning to become a mental health counselor. My #Goal for #MentalHealth is to focus on the workplace. I want to help make the workplace a more wholesome place to work. Most of the time we spend in our day is at work. Why not try to make the best of it for people?

#god knows just what it is that I needed, and he also knows how much others need what I needed, too. I wanted a psychologist or a mental health counselor on property when I worked at #UniversalOrlando . However, I did not have one. It was hard for me to understand what was going on with my job and where the stress was coming from. I could not figure out if it was an #Internal or #external #Stress . I kept thinking that maybe it was because my father was sick... and eventually he died on March 7th, on a sunshiney monday in I.C.U room number 4. I was traumatised when he died... as I held his hand.

I have had horrible #Insomnia , but there are nights where it is better than others. I thought that perhaps maybe another person could relate? If you can, what do you recommend when you feel the "I do not want to die," feeling as you lay down in the bed? Somehow during the day I could sleep easily even though I do not nap. But.. at #Night I do not understand what happens!

Speak to you all soon.. and thank you for #listening .

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Reflecting, recovering, self affirmation #cowdens #ASD #Parenting #Caregiver #worklifebalance #Trauma #DomesticAbuse survivor

I took a nap today for a couple of hours. I woke up , eyes burning from exhaustion but with clarity as follows
A mom of a large family with a disabled child (whose school is on again off again) with a grandchild on tbe way who also is being a spouse, laundress, housekeeper, cook, managing her own medical/emotional journey who is clocking in fifty hours a week at an extremely high stress profession is going to lose it. It may be fast an obvious to all, it may be more subtle but I’m definitely losing my “shiitake mushrooms “ and so would everyone else. Cause I’m attempting to do something entirely unmanageable. . So my goal this weekend is to be kind to myself, understanding of my limitations and encourage everyone to do tbe same #Chat #rant #nojudgement #listening

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THE ART OF LISTENING #listening #MentalHealth

The ability to listen to people is a key skill that is needed in the society.

It is important that we develop the way in which we listen attentively for the benefit of passing the right information to people.

Most people, only listen with the intention to speak, which creates a rift in communication patterns.

The Listening skill is needed in every organization, because when information is passed in the workplace, it is important that is well understood so as to allow a free flow of productivity.

The ability to listen can also be used in educational institutions, when a class is been held, students with good listening skills will understand lectures more accurately.

We have to understand that the art of listening is a vital piece that forms the very basis of our existence on earth.

So much information is passed on daily, that it is important that we hear it and let it stick.

So how can we develop our listening skills, we can do so by:

When someone is talking, try to be quiet for a moment and absorb the information that is been passed on so as to understand and respond accurately

Listen with the intention to understand so the conversation will be meaningful

Your brain has the ability to possess countless amount of thought patterns, and by focusing on the present moment in a conversation we can have a positive conversation

The art of listening is such a vast and important topic that developing and learning it on time would have a lot of benefit in the long run.

Business professionals have gotten job promotions because they have been able to listen well and used it to their advantage.

It is vital that we take up a conscious effort to learn this key skill for the sake of progress and a calmer society.


What a little forethought does. #

From Instagram recently:- A friend messaged another with chronic illness asking if she had some energy to listen to a problem. This shows great foresight and understanding; we may want to be there for our friends during hard times, but there are days where our own energies are taken up just getting out of bed. Having that friend offload problems could tip us over the edge into a complete flare of our condition. #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Understanding #listening #Flareup #Fibromyalgia #Instagram #Energy #Talking



Am I a burden, I feel like I am. Every single day I feel like I’m a burden to my family and friends. Like I don’t belong here, I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. And that thought to me is very very scary. What if I don’t belong anywhere on this earth. That means the point in living is not worth it. You can hear it in their voices and in their facial movements. The questions that they constantly ask you. #Burden it’s like it is never ending. Those thought that I get everyday; I wish I was dead, I’m not scared of dying-I’m just scared of all the people that I’d miss. #SuicideIdeation Why the fuck was I given these thoughts. Many people have told me that “choosing” suicide is weak and selfish. Well I want to say they are WRONG. No one ever commits suicide, depression takes their life. YOU don’t understand what someone is going through unless you listen to them to help them heal and not to fix them. #listening Hope for me is only a speck right now, I’m slowly losing it further and further everyday. #hopelessness

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Being Present and Living in the Moment #52SmallThings

Have you tried being more present by wearing earplugs in noisy settings? It's a win-win for your mind and your ears! You'll protect your hearing and be able to focus more mindfully on the task in front of you. A trip on public transportation or an open office with talkative coworkers are two great places to try it out #Mindfulness #Mindful #LiveMindfully #selfcare #listening #Hearing #hearingprotection #bepresent #InTheMoment #NoJudgment #MindfulDays #52SmallThings



This week I have been someone for my close friends to talk to. My kindness has been to listen and offer help. Even if I was distancing myself I was still there, for them but not allowing myself to become hooked, but allowing the thoughts pass as passing cars in the words of Russ Harris. I know my friend just needs a place to air their frustrations so I just let it be. Listening can be very powerful!
#52SmallThings #compassion #Friendship #Love #listening