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Skills that we develop during quarantine. #COVID19

When we are not allowed to step out from our house, we tend to feel restricted in many aspects of our live. We perceive that we achieve lesser during this crisis. The goals that we set for year 2020 seems to be harder to achieve. Yet, there are valuable skills that we are developing throughout the lockdown period. You may not even be aware about it!

We are always on the go with our regular schedule in our life. We do our best to meet daily demands and commitment. We rarely hit the "pause" button and make time for self-reflection. Nevertheless, we instinctively do reflection when we are out of our routine. We reflect when we are facing new changes and challenges. "What's the meaning/purpose in my life?" "Where will I move forward from this situation?" "What are the priorities in my life?" We reconstruct the priority and purposes in our life. Thus, Coronavirus crisis is an unusual situation that spikes existential questions for us. I caught myself spending more time doing reflections on my personal and career goals.

Quarantine life is the current "norm" for everyone. We are "forced" to make changes to fit into the new norm. You may complain about the challenges due to the change. Yet, all the modification we have made so far proofs that we are flexible and versatile. Ability to make changes means adaptability. Although this is an ongoing progress, be proud of all the changes (big or small) you have made along the way! You are more flexible than you think you are!

Problem Solving
As I mentioned earlier, we needs to make changes to fit into new circumstances (work from home, virtual learning etc.). This means there are many obstacles and challenges popping up. A variety of new strategies and solutions are needed. Yes it can be frustrating to handle piles of drawbacks. However, I am also pleased with my ability to work things around. Besides, I see myself have acquired new skills during this crisis situation.

In short, Coronavirus crisis is a challenging situation for everyone in the world. However, we as human being, grow tremendously in adverse situation as well! There are things that we can take away from this situation and utilise the skills in our life.

#Crisis #COVID19 #adaptability #Skills


There's ̶b̶e̶a̶u̶t̶y̶  strength in the  ̶p̶a̶i̶n̶  survival

When I was a kid
My chest would fill
With intense pain
Every time I ran.

When I was fourteen
I got dizzy
And saw colours
Every prolonged stand

When I was fifteen
My fingers bent
Past normal and
I loved this misdeed.

Now I am sixteen
My chest fills
With intense pain
Regardless of speed.


I get dizzy
And see colours
Every time I stand.

(Orthostatic Hypotension.)

My body aches
And bends to lengths
Most can't understand.


I never knew
I could survive such pain,
Going day after day
Feeling mostly the same.
And for this,
They give me pity
Because they see not
Where I see beauty.
They see broken hearts
And shattered dreams,
Not the ashes
Where fire starts
And where hope gleams.
Not for me,
But for humanity.
This slight synecdoche
Displays the cores of
Human sanity:
Our resilience
Ceaseless pliantness
And strong ambition.
We stop at nothing
To stay alive
We keep going,
Continue to strive.

#Poetry #survival #Costochondritis #OrthostaticHypotension #Undiagnosed #Hypermobility #Dysautonomia #Pain #Pity #sickofpity #Beauty #BeautyInPain #beautyinsurvival #shattereddreams #Hope #humanity #resilience #Determination #pliantness #adaptability #ambition #strive #Disability #strength #MightyPoets #strengthinpain #strengthinsurvival #Teen #Poem #poets #Writing