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Weekly Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm wondering if it's just me and if I'm right it's probably not. So I've noticed that each day of the week carries with it certain pressures and feelings that come about for me. Friday, I am calm. I feel at ease that the week is over and I'm going into the weekend. Saturday, I sleep in and hide from the world but then somehow come alive and feel vibrant enough to do something. Sunday, I begin feeling angst and feeling guilty for what I haven't done and panicked about all that I have to do. It takes a toll on me sleep-wise and intensifies my negative self-talk. Monday, I am drained before I even get out of bed because my mind has exhausted and raked me over the coals all night. Tuesday, I am afraid that I won't make it through the rest of the week without being confused and unmotivated. Wednesday, I feel the desire to hang on just a little bit more because I'm halfway there and it's almost over. Thursday, anxiety kicks in because I haven't really accomplished anything worth discussing and the vicious cycle continues on and on, week after week. Have you experienced this? Do you have any advice that could help me? #Anxiety #stressful #Adulting #Bipolar #mood #MoodDisorder #Depression #Bipolar2 #SocialAnxiety #sundowns #wellness #stressfuldays #harddays #StrongerTogether

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Hard Day for all of us!

Today is one year since we had to do the hardest thing! We had to let you go so you didn't suffer anymore. You were the most loyalist dog, that you rather suffer then cross the rainbow bridge! No word of a lie, he could barely walk but he still wanted and did walk our last walk to the garbage bin. He did that to protect me. I tried to stop him but he knew how to open the door. So no stopping him.
We made sure he had the best last week, he had family and friends come see him to say goodbye! He sure LOVED the attention!
His last day was his family getting pictures with him and he gave all his strength for that day and we got to have some lasting memories caught on camera to have that day for life.
I cry for you often and long for you so much! I saw a family going through the same thing as we did a year ago and I couldn't keep my tears in and I sobbed. I wanted to comfort them and tell them it gets easier but it would be a lie!
Miss my old boy and Loki helps so much and keeps me busy but there is nothing able to fill that hole in my heart! Love you Tucker! R.I.P
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #harddays #Mourning #MightyPets

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Having a hard day? I feel ya believe me and I just wanted to send you lots of BIG HUGS 🤗

These few days were really hard on me. My anxiety, depression and health anxiety are having a party and I'm like the neighbor complaining about the noise XD ahahahahah
I tend to make my struggles more bearable by joking about it but in reality it's hard to even keep my smile. I really need a hug...sigh.
If anyone of you is having a hard time right now I just wanna say:

" I love ya! We can pass these day and the day after and so on. We can do it! You are not alone. I'm sending you lots of hugs and blessings my friends. It will be ok. We are gonna be fine. Cry if you feel to. Take a pillow and punch it. Scream in your room. F....k it if the neighbors hear it. I want you to realise your frustration and after that I want you to take a hot shower and breath slow. You will be ok. You will be safe. Now dress yourself nicely and enjoy something you like.
F.....k everything! Take time for yourself. You deserve it".

Hugs and blessings from Malaysia 🤗❤️😊❤️

#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #harddays #youarenotalone #BigHugs #sharelove


Today was a hard day #harddays

Today was just a hard day.. I struggled to get out of bed, ended up having a panic attack and having to take my panic attack meds. When I feel this way I can come up with 100 reasons not to do things. I am getting ready for bed and focusing on my day tomorrow and trying to motivate myself. I have a check list and people to see so I am hoping for a better day. "Today was just a bumb i can recover and have better days"... and repeat


Sending you a hug #harddays #imhereforyou #everyonecounts

Just want you to know how much I care! ((HUGS)) to you because I want you to feel my support ❤️