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Depression and the Dentist

I had to have a tooth extracted two days ago. My dental hygiene is generally very good but when I have depressive episodes, I don't stick to that brush twice, floss once regimen. After several years of on and off depression and anxiety that makes leaving my home or even calling to make appointments very difficult, well, there have been consequences to my neglect.

People do not like hearing or discussing this part of depression but it is so incredibly common. Personal hygiene often takes a back seat as we try to just survive depression and anxiety. I do not often bring this up unless in a therapy group because the average person doesn't always get how a mood disorder can impact something like taking care of one's teeth or taking a shower every day. It's embarrassing, makes me feel disgusting, and comes with a lot of guilt and shame. Then again, some of those people who would shame me for my neglected hygiene haven't experienced a particularly bad period of depression. I try not to judge too quickly when I feel I am being judged too quickly but it's usually a little tough not to assume the worst. I get defensive which leads to hasty emotional decisions - and then I realize I'm making the exact same mistake as the person judging me. We could all, I think, do with a little more empathy for those who do us an injustice. We could also keep in mind that a lack of hygiene isn't necessary an indicator that someone is just gross or lazy. It can be a symptom of depression or other mental health struggles, something to ask about, not something to judge.

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Do you skip baths/showers because you feel you're not worth it?

Remember, good hygiene is essential to good health remember when you poop you need to take a wash up if you at home. If you are in a public setting, then put take shower on your to do list with high priority. You should matter to you first and then others will want to hang around you. No one wants to be around a person that smells reeks and has a stench 85% of the time not cool. So do us all a favor and take daily showers. #BPD #ubpd #MentalHealth #hygiene #physicalhealth

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I use deodorant because ______________. I don't use deodorant because ______________. Please leave your answer in the comment section. Thanks

Deodorants cover up the smell of body odor, usually with fragrances. Antiperspirants stop or dry up perspiration or sweat. They do this by temporarily blocking the pores where sweat comes from. #ubpd #Bpdways #hygiene

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The Hidden Bonuses of Recovery and Healing #good #hygiene #selfcare #relpase

The best part of recovery is gaining access to new responsibilities, materials, information, and all the good things that come with stable living. Since relapse is an inevitable part of recovery, I plan to explore the loss of material, access, and resources attributed to relapsing and mental status degradation. There are many possible ‘losses’ associated with cognitive status freefall. We will explore the financial and material issues and issues rooted in access to resources or information.

By evaluating my relapses over the last 10 or 15 years, I learned a few things. I have discovered that the biggest loser in a relapsing person’s life is hygiene. When I say hygiene, I mean the ability to clean up after oneself, keep clean, and general sanitary conditions in or around your living space. I also mean odor, grooming, and self-care. I have found just about every aspect of hygiene is impacted by mental status free fall or even a slow relapse. In the end, and even over time, mental health issues can affect our hygiene. Even if it is not the direct result of activating symptoms, mental health issues can impact hygiene on a secondary level. Homelessness from mental health relapse can easily disrupt someone’s hygiene and capacity to keep clean. Hygiene is an excellent indicator of a shift in mental status.

Sometimes poor hygiene results from neglecting to clean or not being aware of dirt disorganization in the home, or it may be even more profound. Many people who relapse stop working and can’t pay their rent. Many carrying diagnoses lose their homes during relapse from symptoms. Sadly, I have witnessed police storming doorways with shields to access a home fortified for the ‘end’ in an attempt to avoid eviction. Barricading yourself in the home or something even worse is never the answer. It may even further your risk of relapsing more acutely if you go against police orders or personnel; it will only exaggerate your problems and complicate your relapse even more deeply.

Transportation is usually another likely candidate to suffer during relapse. Not having money for fuel or tickets makes maintaining a vehicle very complex during relapse. I can say firsthand that, during my relapses, I developed a closer relationship with public transportation. I found myself taking public transportation quite a bit during my most symptomatic times in the community. I have also lost cars during degeneration only to be located years later. Remember to learn how to get around town if you aren’t driving and are dependent on public transportation. It may be your only method of navigating through the darker moments of your relapse.

Many folks lose access to information. The internet and paying phone bills and connectivity costs money and depend mainly on a regular income. These non-material ports to the world through data streaming and wifi are the gateways to important information. Without vital information, intermittent loss of these ports can make recovery i

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I’ve Finally Managed to Have a Shave after 3 Weeks 💪

I only need to shave once every 5 days or so but I hadn’t done it for 22 days until just now. I’ve celebrated with a badly groomed moustache. My first and probably last. Not sure if it’s more Magnum PI or El Chapo?

I’ve enjoyed doing this and this is the struggle I can’t get my head round. Why do I, and probably some of you can relate, neglect enjoyable tasks that are definitely fundamental in our foundation mindset? Does our mental illness attack us from the bottom up? Taking away our foundations so we can’t build on them? Food for thought? 👨🏼‍🦰 #moustache #hygiene #MentalHealth

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Which personal hygiene task will you continue prioritizing after this week? #52SmallThings

How did it go this week, Mighties? Were you able to focus a bit more on your personal hygiene routine? Maybe you flossed for the first time in a while or gathered the strength to take a quick shower. Whatever you were able to do (or had the intention to do), we’re proud of you. It can be difficult to take care of ourselves in the most basic ways when you live with a health condition or disability.

If you have a small goal for the coming weeks or months, we’d love to know which aspect of your personal hygiene routine you want to prioritize.

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Mental Illnesses and Personal Hygiene #hygiene #MentalIllness

Why is it I just can’t run that bath on a Sunday night?
Why is it I just can’t brush my teeth before bed?
Why is it I just can’t take that shower in the morning?
Why is it I just can’t shave each evening?

I manage to brush my teeth each morning but I need to do it 3x per day (I have periondotis and I take Depakote). I have a quick wash in the sink each morning but that’s all.

Why can’t I just keep on top of my personal hygiene?

#wash #Bipolar