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    Community Voices

    What is wrong with me

    It be one of those day where it seems I will never have any one that chooses to want to get to know me
    I be alone the for the rest of my life
    Because there must be something wrong with me because no matter what I do no want to get know me.
    It be a long day
    #long day
    #lost day
    # lost self

    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Feeling this Anniversary

    A year ago today, I experienced the onset of a depressive episode with high anxiety sprinkled in. I pushed to get through it and ended up taking a medical termination on July 3rd. Today, I'm experiencing anxiety and say to myself, "You haven't gotten any better". Well, wait....I got into therapy 2x a week, I got a new psychiatrist, I'm doing TMS therapy, I am on Long Term Disability which secures me financially, and I'm active in NAMI support groups. No, I'm not working again...the work has been on myself. I would appreciate any validation or affirmation from this wonderful community. #long term disability #TMS

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    Spoons #Thank you

    I read many hours of mighty last night and I decided I will give myself spoons everyday and put on a calendar so at 3:24 pm I have 5 and that's a lot for me #got coffee for me and husband #took meds #got dresses (wow) #Teeth #long due paperwork

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    #Wondering if my 5 yr old has anxiety#

    #My 5 yr old son sometimes will cry #uncontrollably # when it's time for school or sometimes will get upset when we have to go to an appointment. I have actually had to pick him up and sit him outside the door to get him to go to school. He cried all the way there until the bus came. I also recently found out that he was being bullied at school, I spoke to the school counselor and she walked him to class and spoke to the teacher. I hope the bullying stops and he doesn't have #long term problems from it.

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    Now that I think back my life, usually I have been attached to individuals and partners who are very far from me. I can attach very easily and I can be needy and clingy. Can this be a “wrong” attachment pattern because of my dad who left me (my twin brother and my mum) when I was 1,5 years old?

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