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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Thayette. I was diagnosed with MS a little over two years ago, when I had a sudden onset of optic neuritis in my right eye. My mother had the same symptom, decades ago, and it still took years more for her to be diagnosed. It's probably for this reason that I wasn't surprised when I heard the MRI results.
    Treatment has been patchy due to my abysmal financial situation and a lack of available support, so I find I'm having more and more frequent relapses. Not to mention I only just recently (partially?) recovered from an extremely nasty case of COVID. Surely that made it worse.
    I'm just feeling so alone right now, and so frustrated. My body is a prison that I can barely force to perform basic functions. Before 3 weeks ago this would have taken me maybe 15 minutes to type. It's taken me an hour at least.
    I've had a really horrible week. This wall of text has already gone on far too long, so thank you. I just needed somewhere I could vent to others who might understand.

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD #MultipleSclerosis

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    17 years until a diagnosis

    <p>17 years until a diagnosis</p>
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    Is self denial a thing with MS?

    Hey, new here. I've seen specialists and found it very hard to get answers.
    I have diagnosed optic neuritis and had varying other symptoms such as: numb left foot- worse with excersize and stress. Tight neck muscles feeling like they cramp and hold for days at a time. Cognitive funtion- putting sentences together pausing regulary because of the struggle with remembering words.
    After 3 years of being f***** around, scans and blood still say nothing with continuous symptoms.
    I work full time and just hide my symptoms at work. It's made a big part of me really doubt and question myself and lose alot of confidence I had. #MS

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    What would it be like

    How’s it going to be when I walk and talk a little faster
    How would it be going up and down stairs in a breeze
    And walking in the park
    How would it be
    walking hand-in-hand around the mall and around town
    Opening doors for you and pulling out your chair
    How’s it going to be
    Not falling and meeting the floor again and again
    Raising fear and being picked up
    How would it be
    Without a wheelchair
    Without a walker
    Without a cane
    How would it be with no PT, OT and physiologist needed
    How would it be
    With clear vision and no optic neuritis
    no TN pain
    No spasticity
    How would it be
    With no sudden urgency and
    No tremors and Eating with your dominant hand smoothly
    No sitting breaks all the time
    How would it be
    Carrying in groceries and putting them away
    No walker with a tray
    How would it be
    With no wife working three jobs In hopes to make ends meet
    How would it be
    Not being carried and helped up and down stairs
    How would it be
    Not needing medication to manipulate your immune system
    To have your body not attack itself
    How would it be
    with no pillow between your knees and walking straight
    Going to sleep with no fear of getting worse
    How would it be
    Not to need a reacher and to bend down without your knees coming together
    How would it be
    Not to furniture and wall surf
    But have great balance instead
    How would it be
    Not to have cold and heat sensitivity
    To drive again
    How would it be
    With no MS
    Cause I wouldn’t know

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    Going to see a Neurologist, any advice?

    At the end of the month I see a Neurologist, for many reasons. To name a few recent symptoms.. optical neuritis, tingling/numbness/loss of sensation, and bladder incontinence at times. I'm really scared, I mean I knew this was coming but I'm worried. Not scared of actual visit...just any bad results.

    Any advice when visiting this doctor? Thanks in advance. #ChronicPain #Undiagnosed #RareDisease #Arthritis #Migraines #AutoimmuneDisease #Anxiety #OpticNeuritis #Neuropathy #PeripheralNeuropathy #raynauds #ChronicIllness #Inflammation #BrainFog #droppingeverything #donatingmybodytoscience

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I was diagnosed with RRMS in March of 2020. I just started PT for some weakness in my shoulders and hips. My first symptom was optic neuritis. Otherwise, I'm mobile and still working. I feel blessed and grateful that I do have minimal disability but am very fearful of what the future may bring. I am someone who had my life planned out from early on and being diagnosed with MS came out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet. I don't know anyone else who has MS so I feel like I don't have anyone that can truly understand. Hoping to get this from the group.

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