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Do you have a comfort item?

One of the things that many survivors of trauma do to help themselves self regulate is have a comfort item. A blanket, a stuffed animal, a photo — something they can physically hold to help ground them when they feel triggered. For me it's a small army of stuffed sloths. And by small, I mean like 30 stuffed sloths of different sizes and materials. I like to bury myself in them like a blanket and it helps me feel less alone or afraid.

Do you have a comfort item? If so, what is it and why do you love it? How does it help you feel safer? Share below.

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#TravelTips Options for comfort items to take while traveling? #WeightedBlankets #Comfort #Sleep

I will probably need to travel within the next few day. My grandfather is not doing well #Death #Grief .
I normaly sleep with a 20 pound #WeightedBlankets , but will not be able to take that with me.
Does anyone have ideas for something that I can take/ have delivered to where I’m traveling, either to mimic a weighted blanket, or to help me sleep ( not pills)? Thanks!
#help #Selfcare #Selfsoothing

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Repetitive HUMMING while watching movies and TV?

Whenever I am watching TV or movies, anything except comedy, I continually hum, and have done so all my life. Sometimes I hum an actual tune, but in the vast majority of the time, I hum  just 2 or 3 random notes, which I will repeat for really long periods of time. Sometimes it is in unison with a main note in the background music, or a harmony,  but most times the notes have nothing to do with the music soundtrack. As you can imagine, it distracts and irritates other people to varying degrees. My solution, since I haven't been able to stop it, is just to watch alone. If you still don't understand what I am talking about, imagine sitting next to someone humming the cello notes to the theme from JAWS while you are trying to concentrate on an episode of The Gilmore Girls, or Dateline, or Law & Order.  I've done this my whole life, and it soothes me while at the same time it embarrasses me because I can't stop without starting up again a couple of minutes later, usually unbeknownst to me. I'm not actually looking for a cure for this. I just want to know if I am the only one, and does anybody know why I might do it, or where it comes from? Thanks for your time. Peace.♧

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How do you manage your trauma response?

When you notice that you are in the midst of a trauma response, what do you do to pull yourself out of that response? Do you journal? Listen to music? Call a friend? What is your go-to method for self soothing?

I'll go first: If Im being honest, I'm still not great at recognizing I'm feeling triggered until the train has left the station. But...I have gotten better at self regulating faster than I used to be. Once I can ground myself enough to realize I'm frozen or I'm fawning, I tend to start by either reaching out to a friend via text (I hate talking on the phone-Hello social anxiety) or putting on a show I love and know well which kind of resets me (Schitt's Creek, Ted Lasso and Big Bang Theory are ones I've seen a million times so I know what's coming and it feels safe, like a warm blanket wrapped around me).

#Trauma #traumaresponses #PTSD #Selfsoothing #Selfcare


Items I recommend for self soothing, anxiety, depression and self care ❤️ #

Items I Highly Recommend for Self Soothing/Self Care/Anxiety/Depression and Sensory Needs

* A Sand Zen Garden
* A Pin Art Toy
* Kenitic Sand
* Building Blocks-I use a brand called Plus-Plus
* Mediation/mindfulness cards
* Essential Oils
* Lotions
* A Newton’s Cradle
* Salt Lamp
* A cozy Robe
* Weighted Blanket
* Color changing sequence pillow or item
* Big cozy blanket
* A stuffed animal (for me it’s my Pooh bear)
* A white board to drawl and doodle on and write on
* A sketch pad
* Coloring books
* Note cards with affirmations on them to help you remember who you are and to calm you down
* Fuzzy socks
* Fuzzy slippers
* A relaxing sounds sound machine or app(I use both)
* Post it notes to write encouragement to yourself on to place around your room/house
* A slinky( I use this as a calm down tool and as a fidget)
* A Glitter wand( I use this as a visual tool to calm me down or relax me)
* An encouraging self help book
* Christian Devotionals(I keep Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Meyers in my kit)
* Cards and notes from loved ones to help you feel better when you are struggling
* Pics of those you love and that make you happy
* My sister last summer bought me a pack of “tattoo pins” to write reminders and affirmations to myself on myself
* Putty( I use Silly Putty and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty)
* Play Dough
* A go to CD or music playlist that helps you feel better filled with songs you love
* A cute water bottle that makes you happy when you use it( water will do wonders in helping you feel better when your having a bad day)
* A cute mug to drink tea or coffee out of( I drink cocoa when I need something soothing)
* Face masks( I found a really good stress relief one at target! Bought a few of them!)
* Writing affirmations to yourself on your mirror

Fidgets I Use:
* The Tangle
*The Fidget Cube
* The Fidget Pad
* A Fidget Spinner
* I have a few small soft stuffed animals I use to hold in my hands to help ground me when I need something soft
* Putty
* Mad Matter(it’s like Kenitic Sand and Play Dough had a baby! Get some!)
* An Eitch-a-Sketch
* A Magnadoddle (is that how you spell it???)
* Silicone Rings(I wear them on my fingers as a more discreet fidget)
* The Twiddle(it’s like the Tangel)

****These are all items I use personally and have majorly helped me with my struggles with mental health and even everyday stress and I pray maybe you can find a few things on this list for yourself and that it also gets you inspired to do more for yourself and what might work for you *****❤️❤️❤️
#Anxiety #self -careKit #Selfsoothing #Depression #CalmDownKit #MentalHealthCrisisKit

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I’m not gonna lie, one of my biggest peeves is waking up to dirty dishes in my sink. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING sours my mood faster, especially if there is still leftovers caked inside.
I recently stated in a previous post that cleaning was my new ‘happy place’. I am being generous when I say that bc I’m sure the people in my house would say I’m fairly militant about it now. To be fair there are five kids here too.
So, when I saw the pic above I laughed out loud at the absurd accuracy at which I would probably say this to my oldest 😂😂😂. Because I’m serious about to make him live outside if he doesn’t get his shit together.

#Anxiety #Selfsoothing #Cleaning


I ran. And then I ran some more.

Yesterday's run was nearly self destructive. I was anxious and annoyed bc my husband's ex-wife decided to drop by unannounced to see my two oldest (they are biologically his and hers but as far as we are all concerned she was a surrogate and they are mine. It's a long story...). Her arrogance precedes her and it usually sends me into a tailspin bc I have to swallow my anger and annoyance and act as though she doesn't bother me.
Well, that backfired and I am notorious for doing punishing things when I'm going for a run in 100°f fu¢k!n weather in dark clothing. By the time I got home I could hardly breathe and on the verge of passing out and throwing up. But at least I wasn't thinking about his Ex or my feelings anymore. I know it's ok to use running as a form of self soothing, just NOT that way. And I kind of hate myself for it.
#Anxiety #Selfsoothing #Running #badideas

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anyone else find reading soothing? 💕

this is my current read, a modern classic that has some of the most beautiful writing I've ever read. seriously, the way the author describes nature and weaves in important themes is mind-blowing. does anyone else find reading helpful for coping and relaxing? Living in a character's shoes and living their life for a while helps me both forget, appreciate, and learn insights about my own. #coping #Selfsoothing #Selfcare #Depression #Anxiety #hobbies