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New Episode Alert! Making Pain Scales Work for You 1️⃣-🔟=🙃

Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way: “traditional” pain scales can be a little ableist, a lot subjective, and oftentimes unhelpful — and an actual barrier to care — for people who live with chronic pain. In this episode of Table Talk, Ashley (hey that’s me!) is joined by @melissa4454, @carla1234, and @chronicallymeh to discuss how pain scales are an outdated practice, how they like to describe their pain to health care providers instead, and share tips to make the most of your appointments, including an introduction to the “Splat Scale” method by Mighty contributor Christina Irene. (You can learn more about that here:

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The Pain Scale and Electric Scorpion Jellyfish

You know what's awesome? When your rare disease and chronic illness that cause chronic pain begin to manifest new symptoms! That's what's awesome.

No, not really.

Having erythromelalgia and small fiber neuropathy for so many years, I've gotten adept at recognizing subtle changes in and types of pain. Burning, aches, red hot pins shoved into the tips of my toes.

Not sure where that goes on the traditional 1-10 pain scale.

Recently, the flares in my feet and back (yes, gentle reader, my in back too) have provided a new pain: Stinging like a sunburn zapped by a school of electrified scorpion jellyfish.

I'm not sure where that goes on the pain scale, but maybe we could add it.

(Image: The Psychedelic Jellyfish by David S. Soriano. Source: WikimediaCommons)

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I went to the #EmergencyRoom as directed by Telehealth & my ICU nurse friend & my doctor's receptionist, for overwhelming #Pain . I told them I was a 7.5 on the #PainScale - I was doubting myself at this point. I think it's a #fibroflare but I don't know, it's new acute pain on top of old #ChronicPain & it makes me want to do drastic things to stop it. I was put in a #COVID19 holding ward because I was short of breath from the drugs I was piling in & the exertion of getting out of the car. But they swabbed me for it & then cancelled the test. Anyway, I lay on a stretcher for some hours. I cried the whole time I was there. My mask was a bag of snot. They checked my heart. They took blood. There was no sign of #Infection , nor #Inflammation . I saw a kind #Doctor , he didn't want to interfere with the complex regime of #medications that my only doctor had me on. There was a mental health team on the floor that he sent in, they are setting me up with a #Psychiatrist , hopefully this week. (I have been waiting 4 years for a referral to be picked up.) And then he sent me home. I shook my head, but he reiterated his stance & I, not wanting to appear drug-seeking, despite having all my meds there, thanked him for his efforts & kindness & hobbled out crying, the same way I had come in. I was too foggy from pain & too upset, to ask him what I was supposed to do now? #Suicide #fallthroughthecracks

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Pain Flare: How do I get control of the pain?

My pain has been steadily climbing this past week. Around 1pm each day it starts ramping up & by 6pm I have exhausted all my options & am bawling as I writhe around, trying to find a less painful position. I can't talk to my doctor until next week. I really don't want to go to the hospital, but the receptionist encouraged it. I will likely be accused of "drug seeking behaviour" because I am on opioids. The breakthrough pain meds I have, I can only take for 5 days at a time & they make me sick. My heating pad is a godsend as are blankets & pillows. If anyone has any advice on how to get the pain under control, I would really appreciate it! I don't remember what I did before. I don't remember it lasting this long.

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Better Pain Scale

I feel like this is a better pain scale than the ones the doctors have lol #PainScale #better #ChronicPain

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On a scale of “I’m feeling fantastic” to “this is the most pain I’ve ever been in,” how are you doing today?

Whether you’re experiencing mental, emotional or physical pain, tell us how you’re doing (because we care about you!).

If you have the energy, send an encouraging note to other Mighties who may be hurting.❤️

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