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    Brain fog

    In a precedent miniSode to our deep dive into Fibromyalgia we talked about Brain Fog as a symptom of chronic illness and have disabling it can be. Please Go listen and tell us what you think:


    And stay tuned on your favorite listening platform as we release the deep dive into Fibromyalgia this Thursday 3/30-23.

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    I need someone to speak to about how to go about life with a spinal cord injury

    Hello everyone my name is Rog and I've been diagnosed for 2 years with a spinal cord injury my cervix spine and basically I'm having a lot of more medical issues that have arose from the spinal cord injury. And I guess like everyone else I'm having financial trouble trying to get through my disability claim that I've been knocking at neck and neck going back and forth to the doctors test after test and month after month I get worse and worse and my quality of life it's horrible. Can't hold a job because of my disability. And of course my oldest children and my parents don't understand what it feels like. Is created so much anxiety in my life and I'm not one who believes in medicating myself by medicines and prescriptions the doctors tell me and they have worse effects on my health. Don't know how else to reach out but I'm having a lot of problems in my life and it hurts 42 years old and cannot take care of myself well anymore.

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    I had surgery on my back I had an EMG recently failed with flying colors the new doctor said I have nerve damage in my back and legs why am I not surprised?


    Is Marijuana Permitted in Connecticut ?

    Marijuana is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Connecticut is late to the marijuana legalization debate. Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Maine have all relaxed their marijuana laws far ahead of Connecticut.

    Legislation's Evolution

    Governor Dannel Malloy decriminalized cannabis possession in 2011.

    Governor Malloy of Connecticut signed into law a medical marijuana programmed for his state in 2012.

    Governor Lamont signs Senate Bill 1201, legalizing's recreational cannabis, in 2021.

    Conditions of Eligibility

    To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Connecticut, patients must be 18 or older, or have a caregiver who can access cannabis if the patient is a minor or adult who cannot buy/grow for themselves.

    Debilitating medical conditions in adults include:

    Cancer (Effective 2012) Glaucoma (Effective 2012) Possibility of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Effective 2012) Parkinson's Illness (Effective 2012) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (Effective 2012) Spinal Cord Nervous Tissue Damage with Objective Neurological Indication of Intractable Spasticity (Effective 2012) Epilepsy (Effective 2012) Cachexia (Effective 2012)

    Debilitating Medical Conditions for Patients Under the Age of 18 include:

    Cerebral Palsy (Effective 2016) Fibrosis of the lungs (Effective 2016) Intractable Spasticity Caused by Irreversible Spinal Cord Injury (Effective 2016) Epilepsy with severe manifestations (Effective 2016) End-of-Life Care for a Terminal Illness (Effective 2016) Uncontrollable Intractable Seizures (Effective 2016)

    Medical marijuana laws in Connecticut


    Patients and caregivers who have registered may each have up to 5 ounces.

    For personal use, those 21 and older may have up to ounces of cannabis, grams of concentrate, or 750 milligrams of THC.


    Beginning in October 2021, patients who use medical marijuana will be able to grow their own cannabis.


    If a patient uses marijuana in a public setting, such as: A motor vehicle, a school bus, or another moving vehicle, the legislation does not apply.

    1. While working

    2. While on the premises of any public or private school, dorm, college, or institution.

    3. Within a marijuana dispensary.

    Quick Steps to Get a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card?

    The Department of Consumer Protection is now in charge of the cannabis sales in the state according to SB 1201.

    Schedule a consultation with My MMJ Doctor.

    Complete the online form to schedule a consultation with My MMJ Doctor. We have a group of qualified medical professionals who specialize in medical marijuana.

    Show up for the appointment.

    A certified medical expert will establish a video conference with you at the time you specify after you submit the form to review your medical issues.

    Join the state's registry.

    You must register with the DCP as soon as you receive the recommendation letter. Patients cannot access the online certification system until they have registered with the DAS Business Network.


    Only Connecticut residents who meet the requirements are allowed to possess cannabis and purchase it from licensed dispensaries, according to Connecticut state law. Reciprocity is not available to residents of other states.

    To know more , Click here : mymmjdoctor.com/is-weed-legal-in-connecticut

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    dum dr. gave me l5s1 with nerve involvment if my legs were human they would say u do it I'm stayin here #doorstop


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    Newest Edition #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #SpinalCordInjury #Cancer

    Our newest edition arrived in January! Landon is my 5th grand baby. We now have 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter 💞. I just came back to The Mighty so this is why I’m posting this now and not in January. Because of Covid, I didn’t get to see him or hold him for 6 weeks. My daughter caught Covid the week she delivered. Landon caught Covid in the hospital. What a weird world we now live in. Everyone is fine so far. Long Covid will probably be a part of Landon’s life but we will have to see. Covid messed up his esophagus and he’s had burning pain every time he eats. A lot of Covid babies have had this. He was admitted to AI DuPont hospital where he was taken good care of. He’s on a new medicine that was brought about by so many babies being born with this same problem. It’s Nexium just like adults take but it had to be specially done for babies. They finally made this medicine because so many babies were being born with this problem from Covid. Before anyone thinks “we’ll it’s just heartburn” it’s not. Not for babies. This baby screamed and cried for the first 2+ months of his life. His esophagus was being burned and damaged. He’s on that great medicine now and Is a very happy baby! Drs. Say only time will tell to see how much damage the Covid caused. The same goes for all the other precious babies as well.💞💞🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰