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Out of options & no support from family members

#ChronicIllness #AutismSpectrumDisorder #Stroke #Disorder #SpinalCordInjury #Undiagnosed #CognitiveDisorders Where to begin. I honestly feel like one of those people kicking a can down a lonely street. I saw the new primary & wouldn't you believe it he was "get him in get him out" mentality. He was pretty rude, didn't know what he was looking at,& told me it's transient. (yeah having steatorrhea with undue fatigue & urinary issues that lasted 18 months is a short term issue, you know what, there right I should just sit here & do nothing.) I've noticed a pattern male doctors have this pride of there's nothing wrong with you just sit there & though it out. Honestly that's what I want to do because no one else cares... Where as the females actually have a tendency to care. I don't know what it is I really don't. But with that aside, I'm done with doctors. There you happy now? I have a physical therapist who has here own attitude problem & is determined to not only get nosey with my doctors but diagnose an fnd issue. Well I have no choice but to agree with her. But, 18 months has done nothing to help the posture so there's that. Now, I'm doing a full vitamin panel against this doctors will (I'm just a burden.) I told him insurance would cover this test completely & that I had a chat with insurance & they said it's covered. Oh, I did complain about my problems porencephaly, laryngocele, spinal cervical degradation, mildly low Igm etc. She recommended a disability coordinator for this mess but now that I don't have a doctor anymore what can we do?

You know as a kid I always wanted to have friends so that I could learn to be normal...well I never got that opportunity, sad, but what can you do? I used to be envious of not getting a diagnosis so as to find my village. That has changed ever since the porencephaly diagnosis in December of last year. Now I don't care so much anymore. I'm uncertain if we will find an issue with my vitamins. I can't wait to come into physical therapy tomorrow & be told your doing this on purpose, knock it off! What a world we live in oh well. My life has gone up in flames because not only do I have to work on my own issues but I have to work on other peoples attitudes.

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Disability & The Described Self

Several years ago, I was having coffee with a friend at a local coffee shop. As always, we started our conversation with some laughter before he began sharing about a resent encounter he had while going about his daily activities in the community. It seems he had struck up a dialogue with someone on the subject of disabilities and they thought to ask him, “Wouldn’t you want to be normal?”

That’s when my friend revealed something that I had never really contemplated before in the deeper sense. He told the person, “I am normal. This is the way I was born and have always been.”

Born with Cerebral Palsy, my friend had no other life experience other than the mobility differences he grew up with since his birth. As far as he was concerned, this was his normal and the way he was meant to be. For him, God had created him in this body and he wouldn’t want to be like any-body else.

I couldn’t argue with him. Who was I to say he was meant to be any different? At the same time, I was confronted with a paradox of my own embodiment. Unlike my friend, I was not born with the paralysis that I have in my body today. For the first 15 years of my life I had a body with relatively normal physical abilities until a car crash caused a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia. And I don’t believe God intended my car crash to necessarily happen causing my injuries, either.

So was my friend then not considered disabled while I was?

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#Disability #Embodiment #SpinalCordInjury #selfidentity

Disability & The Descriptive Self

Several years ago, I was having coffee with a friend at a local coffee shop. As always, we started our conversation with some laughter before he began sharing about a resent encounter he had while …
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Is My Disability A Blessing Or Curse?

Is my disability a blessing or a curse? I was up late with that question and couldn’t sleep after hearing Dr. Amy Kenny speak at the Creative Justice Conference. She brought up so many great truths and points regarding disabilities and life. But in my mind, they seemed overcasted by her continual focus of being created disabled while emphasizing the nuance of being disabled in her identity as apposed to having a disability as part of who she is. She would say, “I am disabled. I am not a person ‘with‘ a disability.”

I wasn’t created with my disability, though. At least not with the paralyzed body I have lived with since I was 15 years old. And I don’t believe God orchestrated my car accident that resulted in my spinal cord injury, either. The body God intended me to be created in was fully able in the physical sense of walking and functioning without the challenges of the paralysis I’ve had to endure for the last 3 decades and continue to experience today.

So with Amy Kenny’s emphasis on how being disabled is defined with the meaning of being blessed within her created identity, I struggled with the deeper question within myself, is my disability a blessing or curse?


The Jewish Rabbi in ‘Fiddler on the Roof‘ quite truthfully said that there is a blessing in everything. The nature of our humanity, no matter what struggles and sufferings we are enduring, is rooted in an identity that reflects God’s character and presence everywhere.

In the very beginnings of creation, the word God used for blessing was the Hebrew word “Baruch“. (Gen. 2:3) While it was especially spoken of over the Sabbath, the same blessing was given over all creation. Repeatedly, he would speak the words… “And it was good.”

Reflecting that same characteristic of God, Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo, a Jewish scholar, also shares, “How wise were the sages of Israel when they instituted the custom of making a blessing on almost anything, whether it is eating, drinking, observing natural phenomena, or smelling extravagant aromas. They depicted all these activities as nothing less than totally miraculous.”

Blessings are not the riches of good health, accumulated wealth, or recognized successes. It is not in finding your healing or getting rid of pain and anguish. It is in finding the miraculous in everything that is a part of life both in physicality and experience. Or more meaningfully, it is in recognizing God’s love and presence within every given moment in time — we do not possess blessings; we submit to our relationship with them in God’s revealing.

As my friend Dick pointed out in conversation this past week, the disabilities I experience do not limit the ways God reveals his blessings through the experiences I face — and for sure, it is my friends who truly reveal God’s presence and goodness around me, too.

I also love the way Maya Angelou describes it when she wrote:

I believed that there was a God because I was told it by my grandmother and later by other adults. But when I found that I knew not only that there was a God but that I was a child of God, when I understood that, when I comprehended that, more than that, when I internalized that, ingested that, I became courageous.

Ramsey, K.J.. The Lord Is My Courage (p. 5). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

When we find the disabilities in our life, we experience the blessings from them shaping our identity not because of them, but because we begin to live with them courageously, mercifully, gracefully, and lovingly for God’s revealing presence being at work and present in our lives and in the lives of those around us. As the old saying goes, we are blessed to be a blessing.

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#blessing #Curse #SpinalCordInjury


Is My Disability A Blessing Or A Curse?

Is my disability a blessing or a curse? I was up late with that question and couldn’t sleep after hearing Dr. Amy Kenny speak at the Creative Justice Conference. She brought up so many great …

I’m new here!

My name is Erik and I grew up in Calgary and have been in a wheelchair since a motor vehicle accident in April 1994 resulting in a spinal cord injury at my C4/5 and T4 vertebra. My wife, Bonnie, is also in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury at her C1/2 vertebra in April of 1992.

2020 – 2023 has brought a number of changes to my health and life. It has resulted in a deeper connection to a desired conversation in what it means to live with a disability, find dignity in my identity, and see hope for the future.

#MightyTogether #Disability

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Episode 15- CBT

In this chat fest, we are checking
out Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, often referred to as CBT. This particular branch of therapy suggests that our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and behavior are all connected. Its most important component is to help people identify and change thinking and behavior patterns that can be harmful and/or
ineffective. Ultimately, figuring out the problem, seeing what you're currently doing, and finding a more effective way to achieve success. We have both tried this approach, so we weigh in on the pros and cons from our individual perspective. The origin, the techniques and personal stories ensue. Join us in the conversation.

We dive deeper in the blog, Wisdom Walks, on our website: creativecopes.wixsite.com/podcast/wisdomwalks. Here you can find links to articles we researched, items that may be able to purchase, and extras in the form of written word for those of you who like a cup of visual to go with your aural input. You can also find previous episodes at creativecopes.wixsite.com/podcast or https://Linktree.we/creativecopes , as well as our contact information and various other useful things.
And we are still working on full transcripts.
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Self Help | Creative Copes

Creative Copes Podcast hopes to inform, educate & raise awareness into our ways of dealing with mental & physical restrictions. We want to add color into the bland landscape of chronic & invisible illness. Through wit and dark humor, we explore how to channel our energy through creative means.
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New episode- 13: part 2 of Fibromyalgia Deep Dive!

We discuss sleep, diet, activities of daily living, pain scales, family and friends, trying to have a social life, managing a household as a parent, adaptations, medications, discrimination and SO MUCH MORE. If you or someone you know and love has been diagnosed with this condition (or maybe are in the process that takes some upwards of ten years to get), then this is the episode for you. It is complex, subjective, dynamic, and limiting. Help us shine some light on this often misunderstood disorder and maybe bring a little more kindness to those who are coping with it. Knowledge is power and we are trying to be raw, open and honest to make this journey feel a little less lonely.

Go have a listen! We’re available on most listening platforms. Go to linktr.ee/creativecopes and take a pick on links or go search for Creative Copes Podcast in your favorite app and make sure you subscribe and hit the notification button to stay up to date!
We’ve been asked for transcriptions of our episodes: Our podcast has currently no income, so we cannot pay for this service for the time being- BUT we are looking for alternatives and we hope to be able to offer transcriptions soon (they’ll be available on our blog page once we have found a viable option).
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I need someone to speak to about how to go about life with a spinal cord injury

Hello everyone my name is Rog and I've been diagnosed for 2 years with a spinal cord injury my cervix spine and basically I'm having a lot of more medical issues that have arose from the spinal cord injury. And I guess like everyone else I'm having financial trouble trying to get through my disability claim that I've been knocking at neck and neck going back and forth to the doctors test after test and month after month I get worse and worse and my quality of life it's horrible. Can't hold a job because of my disability. And of course my oldest children and my parents don't understand what it feels like. Is created so much anxiety in my life and I'm not one who believes in medicating myself by medicines and prescriptions the doctors tell me and they have worse effects on my health. Don't know how else to reach out but I'm having a lot of problems in my life and it hurts 42 years old and cannot take care of myself well anymore.

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I had surgery on my back I had an EMG recently failed with flying colors the new doctor said I have nerve damage in my back and legs why am I not surprised?


Is Marijuana Permitted in Connecticut ?

Marijuana is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Connecticut is late to the marijuana legalization debate. Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Maine have all relaxed their marijuana laws far ahead of Connecticut.

Legislation's Evolution

Governor Dannel Malloy decriminalized cannabis possession in 2011.

Governor Malloy of Connecticut signed into law a medical marijuana programmed for his state in 2012.

Governor Lamont signs Senate Bill 1201, legalizing's recreational cannabis, in 2021.

Conditions of Eligibility

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Connecticut, patients must be 18 or older, or have a caregiver who can access cannabis if the patient is a minor or adult who cannot buy/grow for themselves.

Debilitating medical conditions in adults include:

Cancer (Effective 2012) Glaucoma (Effective 2012) Possibility of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Effective 2012) Parkinson's Illness (Effective 2012) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (Effective 2012) Spinal Cord Nervous Tissue Damage with Objective Neurological Indication of Intractable Spasticity (Effective 2012) Epilepsy (Effective 2012) Cachexia (Effective 2012)

Debilitating Medical Conditions for Patients Under the Age of 18 include:

Cerebral Palsy (Effective 2016) Fibrosis of the lungs (Effective 2016) Intractable Spasticity Caused by Irreversible Spinal Cord Injury (Effective 2016) Epilepsy with severe manifestations (Effective 2016) End-of-Life Care for a Terminal Illness (Effective 2016) Uncontrollable Intractable Seizures (Effective 2016)

Medical marijuana laws in Connecticut


Patients and caregivers who have registered may each have up to 5 ounces.

For personal use, those 21 and older may have up to ounces of cannabis, grams of concentrate, or 750 milligrams of THC.


Beginning in October 2021, patients who use medical marijuana will be able to grow their own cannabis.


If a patient uses marijuana in a public setting, such as: A motor vehicle, a school bus, or another moving vehicle, the legislation does not apply.

1. While working

2. While on the premises of any public or private school, dorm, college, or institution.

3. Within a marijuana dispensary.

Quick Steps to Get a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card?

The Department of Consumer Protection is now in charge of the cannabis sales in the state according to SB 1201.

Schedule a consultation with My MMJ Doctor.

Complete the online form to schedule a consultation with My MMJ Doctor. We have a group of qualified medical professionals who specialize in medical marijuana.

Show up for the appointment.

A certified medical expert will establish a video conference with you at the time you specify after you submit the form to review your medical issues.

Join the state's registry.

You must register with the DCP as soon as you receive the recommendation letter. Patients cannot access the online certification system until they have registered with the DAS Business Network.


Only Connecticut residents who meet the requirements are allowed to possess cannabis and purchase it from licensed dispensaries, according to Connecticut state law. Reciprocity is not available to residents of other states.

To know more , Click here : mymmjdoctor.com/is-weed-legal-in-connecticut

Is Weed legal in Connecticut? Cannabis Legalization 2022

In 2022, patients in Connecticut with an MMJ card can shed their sufferings from their health conditions. History of Legislation in CT