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Living with vitiligo

I’ve been living with vitiligo for a very long time. Four years ago I moved to Florida and since then it’s gotten so much worse. I really didn’t have too much loss of pigment on my face but now I do and I can’t deal with it. I used to get air brushed once a week and I was fine with that even when it faded. Now I’m so miserable and depressed over what I look like. I can’t get past these feelings about how I look. I can’t air brush in Florida it’s too hot and i basically sweat too much. I used tofeel as though I was pretty now I just feel like a freak. I wish I didn’t feel this way#Vitiligo

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Skin changes/Symptoms: #Fibro #reactivearthritis #PsoriaticArthritis #SmallFiberNeuropathy

I have diagnosises of Fibromyalgia, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and small fiber neuropathy. Has anyone been diagnosised with these and one of the signs/symptoms was extremely dry skin and changes in skin tone/color on hands and feet. Also extreme sensistivity of hands and feet. I’m losing skin pigment in my feet. My toes are nearly white and it progresses up to just past the joints where they connect to my feet. It’s not Raynauds nor vitiligo. Drs can’t/won’t tell me if this is a result of one of my diagnosises. The loss of skin tone is causing me extreme anxiety. My hands are a lighter tone than my arms as well and i jusried to these areas don’t cause bleeding. I’m wondering if it’s a circulation issue . I am afraid I’m going to have to get my feet and hands removed if i can’t figure out it is soon (i know i sound crazy). Has any one experienced the loss of skin tone, bleeding, pain in feet and hands. Drs keep telling me it’s normal but it’s NOT normal for me compared to before i was sick.