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On my why to the libarry, i went to the store to get a drink. The lady asked me if i was on my why to work. I lied and said #yes . I feel a little #ashamed for being on #Disability . Just easier saying yes. I sometimes feel #Guilty . Or i know fel people will make me feel bad. Or wouldn't think having a #LearningDisability is reason enough for being on ODSP. (it's called in Canada) #TheMighty #MightyTogether #

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wellness sprinkles

angel sprinkling snow

stars of wellness glow

flakes that sometimes land

on our up-lifted hands

melting, cooling, healing

softly lets us know

we are loved

((thank-you :)

#angel #wellness #positive #yes #Success

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Know you are loved...

I woke up this morning wondering what I’m doing here.
#Life ? #Love ? #Giving ? #Understanding ? What?? I asked myself..
ALL of the above! ( I heard myself)

We have a #Choice .
Live with memories of #traumatic childhoods,
#live with a #Determination of #yes ! #They can’t hurt me anymore! The past is over...let’s get on with healing..

#freedom is ours, it’s always knocking to come home,
Turn the key friend, OPEN THE DOOR!
Your #heart is still #lovingly beating for you. For you #preious One...
They never managed to take your #heart
For many winters, you’ve survived with a #Broken heart- yes
Now, come out, open the door, and #listen to the #Birds
Listen to your heart
Know you are loved.


#NewBeginnings #yes


I didn’t wanna do it
but I changed, I learned, I grew
got baptized in the fire
and came out scarred but new
I didn’t wanna do it
was once bitten and twice burned
but I took that as a lesson
as I changed, and grew, and learned
I didn’t wanna do it
didn’t wanna go through flame
but I came out like a phoenix
and I grew, I learned, I changed


Anxiety depression#

#CheckInWithMe #yes I suffer badly with these I’ve severe clinically depression plus social anxiety disorder and depression and BPD and PTSD but I’m trying to get there with all my health professionals and family and friends support as well it makes a big difference to me I pray everyone keeps well in the best way they can do take care.X