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#Mindfulness #Choice #MentalHealth #suicide #Survivor #warrior #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia

Thank you all for being compassionate and open!

Our journey leads throughout the process of rebirth rediscovery and reunification of person.

If you can imagine your a ball of light 💡

Sounds funny yet true. If a person is a ball of light and therefore also others are balls of 💡 light. We the light can shine ✨ bright, dim or not at all…

If a bright light goes out can the bright light be lit again?

Now remember your the light 💡. So now there is choice to shine bright or not light 💡!

In our case there was a transition and transformation process in mind body and spirit.

We then lend our experience to a sick gold fish 🐠. Our existence or our personal out grew that which was our eco-system or lifestyle.

With identifying with our individual self and needs after diagnosis of Fibromyalgia IT was a requirement to change our Fish tank. This ment kicking and screaming on the way However when we were in a better environment with less toxic water or people we became better.

We hope this helps with how you can be so positive or negatively impacted just by your loss or situation.

Sometimes it is all but impossible to pull yourself out of the muck and sometimes you need help out even if you enjoy the muck or think you do.

Perhaps you are dependent on that muck or fixation of the muck is so addicting that you have no idea how contaminated you have become.

Please don’t judge please help please support.

Sometimes there is only one way through and that is in to get out.

When you have a new fish tank and IT is just you…. Now IT is just you for you and you can be you.

Please read through we hope this is for you.


Please be safe be well be loved your worthy!

Don’t forget IT


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The choice

While at a dark point in my visit to the hospital I almost made the choice to hurt myself but I walked into a special person...was it by chance? I do not know till this day. But one thing is for sure, she talked me out of something I would’ve regretted.

So I channeled that experience into a poem that to this day makes me grateful for her presence.

To my hero. B a poem inspired by you.

The choice

Early one day I went on a trip and on my way I found a paperclip...

At first it was something innocent, a fidget toy..

But later on could my life destroy..

I do not know how to rid myself of this dark beast that clutches my heart..

Threatening to unearth pain, reminding me of things that tore my life apart..

I sat there wanting to cry..My mind filled with confusion and I don’t know why...

Should I choose to live or should I choose to die?

Because I no longer know how to live...

How to try..

Being someone great..

Someone powerful enough to change the course of fate?

Then I walked into you and knew...

That what I was thinking, was not what I should do..

Thank you for your help, the opportunity to see my worth...

The chance to have many more days on this wondrous earth..

By Camron Botha

#ChronicDepression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #SuicidalIdeation #IntrusiveThoughts #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Choice #Love #Gratitude #help #Friendship #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Hospital #Truth #Selfharm #dont #loveyourself

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was just considering a few thoughts of mine || I write a lot...

I'll start with an example. I have a friend who, sometimes, tends to ghost me when we were planning to go out and reappears again when it's late to meet, because for our schedules we can't.

There are people who tells me to just tell her that this behaviour isn't too nice, but I don't. She just comes back saying she's sorry, she did something else and ended up not being free to go out with me.

The point is that, to me, it's okay.

I don't see it as remissive, because we have known each other for a very long time and, even though we aren't the first person we go to when we're facing some hardships, we know that, for each other, we stay.

I often tell her that I'm not going to change my mind about her just because she disappears. (Because I don't. I still love her the same).

Also, true is I do have my flaws(?) too, as sometimes it can take me ages to reply to messages, when we don't see each other for long periods of time and are apart. She still considers me a friend and I do too with her because, after all that's happened - even if at some point I did wonder if it wasn't just out of convenience (now I feel it isn't) - we stayed.

But a few days ago a thought occured. The circumstance was similar and a part of me was feeling like "oh, yeah, here it goes again. I have an opinion and wanted to go out, but I just say - no problem, it's okay, we can meet another time :) - being reassuring, because it truly is okay and I don't want the other person to feel guilty. These are not real hardships, just details and as long as we have time we surely can meet in another moment, though the feeling in me is battling from - it's okay - to - just make it be okay".

And then I thought: "Hey. What are you even thinking about? Why you dare feeling this way? You have someone who may eventually go out with you and who you can go out with. There's someone - and someone you treasure and someone who cares for you. That's more that you've ever had and thought you could have had. Why are you even trying to feel dissatisfied? Just be humble, bro, and take what the opportunity you have been given brings you".

It actually made my mind and heart agree - it's okay and I'm happy and satisfied with it and we can do it as you'd like to - but I'm not sure whether my whole approach is positive.

"If you decide all is well" -

It sounds remissive. And people who knows me know that I tend to be something that resemble submissiveness.

"Oh, I don't really care, you can decide for both, to me anything is okay" along with a smile that I try to make clearly reassuring.

But I act like this because I truly feel it. To me it's okay.

I don't bother about the details; I can go along with almost everything and will say it, idealistically, if something doesn't fit me. I don't want to impose my choice when I don't really care about it. I do care about the fact that we're here, together, doing something, but if I choose what to do, what to talk about, what to listen to, what to eat, where to go, when and how to do it I feel bad. My mind is suddenly filled with insecurity, and an uncomfortable feeling, which eventually triggers a loop of "they're asking you to take a position, you don't want to, you're pushing them to take a position for both, you're bad because you're letting them choose for both and maybe they don't want to, maybe it weights on them, you're being submissive, you're being a burden, you should take position, I've become silent, I feel insecure and whatever I do and say is a reason to attack myself so it's better if I keep myself quiet, but this actually worsen the situation, so I should take position or at least act like always, take myself out of it and hide the insecurity I'm made of right now, a choice is just a choice, they can speak if they're not for it, I hope they'll do it and won't go along with my choice if they don't like it, just because they're making an effort for me. so I just make sure they're aware they do have to speak sincerely. Or else my inner self is going to rip off". And it makes me feel so guilty, extra, bothersome, burdensome that I do really wanna avoid it, also because often it triggers deeper crisis.

So I'm trying to understand this feeling better (I already have my interpretations and they're quite evident) and trying to lessen the negative effect it has on me.

But I do really care - and a lot - about other people not feeling guilty or as they're imposing themselves when I know they're not the type (I'm not speaking of 'anyone' - I should define better where the border lays, so here's another task) or simply when I know how feelings like these can weight. After all, aren't them just all mere choices about details, when what matters is where they feature, what they're part of, where they manifest themselves and, since to me almost anything is okay, why should I make a fuss out of other people's behaviours or choices, preferences (when they're not harmful) when they respect me and show they care for me and I feel respected and cared for.

So to me anything is okay. But don't make me take the choice.

So - I'm just thinking.

(Thank you if you have read til here 😊)


#submissive #remissive #Burden #Choice #insecurity

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Know you are loved...

I woke up this morning wondering what I’m doing here.
#Life ? #Love ? #Giving ? #Understanding ? What?? I asked myself..
ALL of the above! ( I heard myself)

We have a #Choice .
Live with memories of #traumatic childhoods,
#live with a #Determination of #yes ! #They can’t hurt me anymore! The past is over...let’s get on with healing..

#freedom is ours, it’s always knocking to come home,
Turn the key friend, OPEN THE DOOR!
Your #heart is still #lovingly beating for you. For you #preious One...
They never managed to take your #heart
For many winters, you’ve survived with a #Broken heart- yes
Now, come out, open the door, and #listen to the #Birds
Listen to your heart
Know you are loved.

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If you had to eat one cuisine what would you choose? #DistractMe

Growing up in Australia in the 60s and 70s our meals were frankly pretty boring. Usually it was meat and three vegetables. Apart from our legendary Vegemite Australia doesn’t really have a cuisine, we eat from all over the world.

At home my wife cooked Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc etc.

If you could only eat one country’s food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? For me it would definitely be Korean. What about you?

#Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #MentalHealth #Food #Choice #Fun

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What are some community members views on if #Addiction is a #Choice / #Decision or if it's a #Disease?

#MightyQuestions #MightyThoughts
I am curious on some members views, on how they feel if addiction is a disease or if it is a choice/decision. I used to believe addiction was a disease, but after several conversations with some people I have become to believe that addiction is a choice. I would greatly appreciate it if some of the community could give some feedback on this topic.
Loving Regards,


Choosing Happiness - Continued

You know what even weirder about this phenomenon? I've seen some people claim to have struggled with depression in the past but they say, or at least that's what I interpreted from interacting with them, that they don't struggle with depression anymore because something in them "clicked" and they decided to "take control" or something like that.

I always feel a bit envious of those people who seem to have been "cured." But when I ask how they did it, they just regurgitate the same "self-care" and "mindfulness" stuff we see on every social media platform. Not saying practicing self-care, mindfulness, and gratitude are complete bs. I'm just saying it's a little weird that therapy or medication is never mentioned... At least not from the few people I've talked to.

Perhaps I just need to talk to more people. #Depression #Choice #Thought #Toxicpositivity


From: Suicide, with Love.

From: Suicide, with Love.

When you call on me or know my name, you come from many facets of different life situations which has brought you to call upon me. With the idea that it will relieve your suffering.  You believe that I am the only way out.  You want to end the endless tournament of your suffering and pain which no one around you seems to understand or that you can talk to or reach out to, or even get the response you need or want.  You just want the madness and pain to stop.

Like you, people are human.  They can only see and feel what is apparent and real to them and their reality.  They ask and say, “We are human, as such as are you.  We don’t know the pain you feel, forgive us of what we do not know even if 
we don’t know how to ask or understand.”  

Your pain is real, your feelings are valid.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE, THERE ARE OTHERS THAT KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!”  You call upon my name, “suicide” because you believe there is no other way out and you want to relieve the pain in any way necessary.  Whether you were abandoned, raped, hurt, neglected, depressed, have anxiety, betrayed, cheated on, Failed at whatever you needed to accomplish, pressure, whatever it may be…there is another way.  

I know it doesn’t seem like it and your pain and heart is hurting and there is no one you trust or can talk to.  You feel like, I, am the only option.  The truth is, there are other options, even if you cannot see or feel past your pain and it’s a consistent struggle and life is completely and continuously unfair.  Your biggest assist and gift is that you are still breathing and able to make another choice, a chance at another shot, a better life starting with the choice to live.  

The choice is yours and there were and are and will be others in your position with different circumstances and different perspectives.  But if you call me and choose me, you won’t know what can and will be.  You always have a choice.  Even if it’s breath by breath, you are still breathing so you have an option to choose me or choose your life.  I hope you choose you.  There are more people like you than you know.  And I’m getting sad and tired to see people with choices choose me instead of my counter part, which you have been given and known for a while…life.  I hope you choose wisely.  

You’re always loved.  Just get through the next few moments, moment by moment.  Telling yourself, you have a choice to make your life better with each breath, even if it’s torture and painful, moment to moment.  Breath, live, choose life.

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Do I choose my illness?

As a coach, I like to look at things from many perspectives. I’ve never found the Freudian approach logical. And though everyone on this planet experiences trauma, only a small percentage of people develop illness because of it and some of us develop illnesses even though we have not experienced severe trauma. I have been reading “The Courage to be Disliked”, and it affirms what I have been investigated and instigating in my own life, that I choose to manifest symptoms of my illness to meet a goal/need. I choose my illness.

It sounds kind of ridiculous at first. Surely no one wants to choose to be ill, right? No one chooses Bipolar? But from my own experience, I know that I can control or exacerbate an episode of depression, mania, anxiety, or even psychosis. So maybe I am choosing my illness when I become unwell.

But why on earth would I choose to be unwell if I could just choose to be well? Everything I do, every action I take is to meet my needs as a human being. Needs for approval, security and control. Or under Human Needs Psychology, needs for Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love and Connection, Growth, and Contribution. By choosing illness, we know there is certainty, certainty in knowing people will be helping us, that we may receive a disability payment, the pattern of going to the GP/psychologist/psychiatrist/peer worker. We get significance from being the one with the serious illness, the one who doesn’t leave the house, the one that is flamboyant and wonderful. We gain love and connection if a lived one chooses to sacrifice part of their life and assume a role as our carer. These things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why we might choose illness over wellness when illness is playing out pretty damn well and filling our needs in a maladaptive way.

But in reality, why we think all this is happen is irrelevant. We can choose, right here and now, in this present moment, to be well. We can walk away from the endless discussions about past injuries and just get on with it. Be brave. Have courage. I know some people reading this will dislike this, and that is fine. But I know my truth. My truth tells me the past is past and if I have courage, I can move forward bravely into a world of my own creation and manifestation. That is what I choose for myself everyday. #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Coaching #HumanNeedsPsychology #TheCourageToBeDisliked #Adler #Choice #ItIsMyChoice