Who Are Your Arthritis Anchors?

What is an anchor? Throughout history, they have been seen as a symbol of strength, as anchors hold down a ship in even the stormiest of weather. Security, stability and being grounded have also been central themes.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, well what is an arthritis anchor?

Connection is crucial when living with any health condition. Emotional support, a balanced social life, good communication, intimacy and love all play a huge role in helping us cope better with and heal from daily struggles.

Illness can often leave us feeling broken, helpless and like we have no one to turn to or who understands us. During the dark times though, those who truly care and support us shine their light and help us navigate the ups and downs life can bring, by walking right beside us.

These people are our anchors. They keep us strong, stable, in check and direct us back to our core values, that can often be lost when we have become shipwrecked after a life-changing illness. They help build us back up and correct our course through the storm. However, they don’t just up and leave our sides when the storm passes. They stay to enjoy the sun and calm waters afterwards, only to be there once again when another storm hits.

We can also think of ourselves as anchors too. So take a moment to pat yourself on the back, for all that you have survived through. Oftentimes we lean on our arthritis anchors for support, but we have to try and learn to not be dependent on others all the time. We need to pull oneself up by the boot straps. We have to take responsibility for our own lives too.

If you look back at the hardest times in your life who was truly there for you? Who has helped you move on to a better, uplifting, brighter future?

During this Arthritis Awareness Month take a moment to make a list of those people who have kept you grounded and have been your anchors. Take a minute to also thank them and be grateful for those people who have been your safe place to go home to.

This story originally appeared on Rising Above RA.

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