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Jelly roll blanket

I started this on a trip to nova scotia during covid. My neice had a tub of yarn and we were all going to make a couple of sections and join them all together. Well I made 6 so far and my sister made 1. I keep plugging away at it between other projects

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Heds and indoor climbing?

So i have eds and its been super bad and when I caught covid recently it was like 🤬 but im at a point i want to try something new and exercise wise- anyone here try indoor rock climbing? I heard it can be a good exercise for us as the movement is slow and precise plus i am a bit of a adventurer ( probably should of stayed away from the atvs when i was younger but cant change that now ) im just at my low point and pains beating me to submission but i want to punch back besides if im going to hurt id rather have a more interesting story then my 106 pound shepherd jumping on me 😆 - any thoughts?#

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I believed in God for most of my life but recently I started to wonder what I believe in. For 5 years now, my life has gone down hill. I now live with my family but I don't want to be here anymore because it triggers my childhood trauma and I've become a scary, angry person and my niece is scared of me. I feel so guilty because I don't want to be that kind of person. I am trying to find a way out of where I live so I don't need to be around my family anymore. Both of my parents are mentally unstable and they have ruined my life and caused me so much stress and anxiety. I use to live on my own and had a full time job but then covid started and it destroyed me. Not only that but my full time job became more stressful and demanding. My health was going down hill so I had to quit last year and move back with my parents because I had nowhere to go. Now I feel worse now than I ever did. I feel sick physically and emotionally everyday. My sister does not understand she acts like I am the problem but yet it hurts my feelings when she treats my niece like shit sometimes when she gets mad at her for stupid reasons. I'm tired of living here and tired of life. I'm tired of waking up feeling sick. I am receiving monthly income but its not enough to survive. I also realized that I don't have any real friends only people that invite me out just to fill and extra seat. I honestly don't know what I believe in. If God is real then why do people suffer so much? I'm trying to stay positive. I travel by bus and go out to get away as much as I can but the cost of bus travel is expensive. I don't know if my life will get better but if it does I don't want my family in my life anymore. I've had enough.

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Chet. I'm here because l haven't been to taste or smell since having Covid a year and 8 months ago. I am discouraged.


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A Journey Round my Skull by Frigyes Karinthy, a review

This is like a detective story, where the author follows the bread crumbs, leading up to the ultimate discovery of a brain tumour. I too follow such clues in my own life as I try to make sense of myself and the sometimes puzzling world around me.

The symptoms included a rumbling sound in his ears, which anger or irritability seemed to trigger and he interpreted as being a train in the local vicinity; more likely though it seems it could be caused by blood pressure, which I sometimes get, with ear canals blocked with wax. In other words this is not so much an hallucination as he believes but internal, bodily phenomena. The problem is interpretation over identification (what something reminds you of as opposed to discovering what it actually is - memory and imagination as opposed to present perception).

One of the interesting things this book discloses is the apparent distance and direction a sound is coming from. What we may mistake as being loud and far away, could in fact be much closer than we imagine, internal even. The book is therefore asking, can we mistake inside sensations on all sensory levels, for external ones and if so, what are these clues trying to tell me?

Other symptoms included giddiness, connected to fainting fits, nausea followed by vomiting, leaning to one side and as the illness progressed, eyesight and handwriting deterioration. He also suffered from headaches, which eventually became focused on the back of his head. One subtle symptom that seemed to creep up on him was a gradual loss of taste, like Covid patients nowadays but with no loss of smell. After the operation, he regained this lost sensation.

Apart from all this, he starts getting unconscious clues to the fact that something serious is going on in his life, through dream symbolism or even external events drawing his attention to the same thing (films on the subject, a dying patient in a mental ward etc). By monitoring his life, he starts to build up a picture of what is really going on, with his illness and that it is indeed an illness. Something out of the ordinary was happening internally, just as it could in the outside world, disturbing the peaceful routine of existence but the question was, what? Like paranoia from chronic insomnia, you know something is killing you but you don't realise what it is.

I for instance have two common dream themes, one which is needing a toilet but not being able to find one, which wakes me up as a symbolic prompt, to get out of bed and urinate (being a seventy year old male, this is par for the course). The other repeat pattern is finding myself at university or on the outskirts of one, which is because I am continually seeking knowledge and insight to the human condition or indeed anything. Like Einstein I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious. I did in fact live in Cambridge but never studied there or indeed at any university.

Another thing this book discloses is how previous knowledge is built upon and refined through experience, so that over time human awareness, human science progresses as more details about reality are discovered. In this way, the darkness of ignorance is pushed further away by the light of truth, highlighting the previous errors of thought, buried in history. He also mentions the tempo of impressions we all have for measuring time, citing HG Wells Time Machine: we live in the present but measure time as change, which Walter Pittman of Gettysburg College also points out 'What if all truth is just an experience of consciousness?'

In chapter thirteen, we hear how a young, enthusiastic surgeon wanted to ride to his rescue, trampling over him in his certainty. Instead through his own knowledge of surgical procedures and their outcomes, he was able to save himself from this well meaning interference. This lack of knowledge by the young man then could have killed him (see Dunning - Kruger effect and overconfidence): apparently the body collects poisons in cysts and by cutting into them, you release them back into the patient, killing them.

When the author is in a clownish, entertainer mode (dispersed mental state), he allows his terse observations to be dismissed by the opinions of others - in other words social popularity overrides personal awareness (experience) of the truth.

This is Eastern Europe, sounding like the eighteen seventies, not the nineteen thirties. The narrative is in some ways like the ramblings of a senile old man until you realise that this is the crumbling remains of the Austro-Hungarian empire, pre-world war two. It may remind you of a Pirandello play or Alice down the rabbit hole, in its confused interplay of ideas or the insane babblings of the Mad Hatter's tea party. More probably though the slightly sinister feel to the story, may remind you of some Kafkaesque nightmare as in The Trial, through its subtle paranoia sitting in the background but maybe that's the disease at work and not the society of the time.

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Moderna Covid Vaccination Side effects#COVID19

Has anyone had side effects that lasted longer than week? For me severe leg pain/difficulty walking. Starting to worry something permanent has happened.#COVID19

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Questioning My Decision #MentalHealth #Depression #SuicidalThoughts

During Covid, something happened that made me think about legitimately ending my life. I came close a number of times, and have been closer than ever recently. I just kept deciding to keep holding on, but in place, I've ended up destroying my life more. Now I wonder if it was worth holding on, just to give into all my demons and self-destruct. I wonder if it would've been better to end my life then before I threw myself into the dirt.

At the curtain's call

It's the last of all

When the lights fade out, all the sinners crawl

So they dug your grave

And the masquerade

Will come calling out at the mess you've made

-Imagine Dragons

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I have constant sickness problems and want to connect with someone with a chronic illness to see if I'm having a similar experience (new user).

#ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #ChronicIllness Sorry if I tagged this wrong I don't know what I'm doing.

Hi, I don't know anyone with a chronic illness irl so my friend recommended a forum which is why I'm here. Like I said above I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as me. I am planning on going to a doctor but I've had bad experiences with doctors before so I want to talk to people who have actually felt the symptoms.

Here's what has been going on:

I'm 16 and get sick at least once a week. My most common symptoms are a sore throat (usually mild) and severe lethargy. Sometimes the lethargy takes days to wear off. I think this has been happening for about three years with progressively worse frequency but I have a horrible memory and lifelong insomnia (been getting a lot more sleep in the last two years which is why I've noticed the lethargy) problems so I don't think I could really pinpoint when the lethargy started.

I know it could be my tonsils and I'm getting x-rays for that soon but I've always had weirdly slow dental growth and I'm kinda skeptical of that being the reason. The only other thing of heard of with similar symptoms is long covid but I've never had a positive covid test.

I HAVE had confirmed psychosomatic stuff in the past. Last year I had horrible stomach pain caused by anxiety messing with my stomach acid. I also have a minor breathing disorder that's basically just my severe anxiety making it hard/slightly painful to breathe whenever I'm anxious and not just during panic attacks.

I don't think this is entirely psychosomatic however because I've had a red/raw throat for at least a year and a half and it's never really fully healed in that time. My friend's theory is that I am actually sick, my anxiety is just making it worse because of how much school I'm missing.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Again I am going to go to a doctor but I live in an area with famously shady ones and I want to talk to someone with fatigue problems to see if I'm having a similar experience.

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