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I Just Want My People To Understand What My Everydays Are Like…

I’m not new here, but this is my first time expressing myself. I was first Dx w/ Fibromyalgia in 2013, I didn’t let it define me! I was hit hard in 2018 with #Gastroparesis . A few months later, Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (although I knew I had #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS), I just didn’t know it was a disease… I was a gymnast childhood - early HS). Then came one diagnosis after another. Whammo!!! #POTS , #MCAS , Small Fiber Neuropathy, etc,. So from 2018-Present. I have 15 confirmed diagnosed chronic diseases. I have not driven in a little over 2 yrs b/c of POTS & fainting, & it really sucks!!
All of my local friends have gone. My college roommates (7) & I have a daily group chat going. Nobody (1 roommate does) ever checks in with me to see how I am. Everyday I’m completely #Fatigued . I have #ChronicPain everywhere!!! I’m #nauseous . I have #chronicdiarrhea & #chronicconstipation . I have #ChronicMigraines It hurts to walk. The rapid electric zaps from the #SFN is excruciatingly painful. My #RheumatoidArthritis & my #Osteoarthritis & now #Facetarthritis in my cervical spine has become so debilitating.

I don’t want to be a downer, but I would friends/family just to text & say "Hi, I was just thinking about you, I hope today is better than yesterday… remember I always love you!" This way they don’t have to ask how I am doing, thereby don’t get an answer full of negativity, but at least I know that I’m still in their thoughts!

I’m angry. I’m depressed. I’m sad. I’m lonely. I’m #housebound . I’m bored.

Being #chronicallyill totally sucks! Yeah, I’m having another #pityparty

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#MultipleSclerosis Tomorrow

Tomorrow at least some good news Moon Knight arrives. Always a fan of reading into those comics as a kid. Show looks fun and a nice distraction for being #Fatigued and from having a mood swing due to antiseizure med side effects.


Should be fun!

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Prisoner of #Anxiety

Today I realized how much anxiety wreaks havoc over my life, and how much it holds me prisoner. I experience anxiety because I’m so convinced something terrible will happen every waking moment. I have a negative outlook on myself because I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong which adds to the anxiety. Today I felt so much anxiety that I took a nap for three hours, wrapped up in blankets. I do this because a) sleeping is an escape from the world, b) being in bed with blankets on me makes me feel safe. I do try grounding by lying on my back on the bare floor with my feet on the floor, and I also try CBT. But the tough part is trying to heal enough so I can do the work I need to do (I work from home as a freelancer), which doesn’t always happen. I just wish I was free from all this anxiety and be it’s prisoner. I can’t live like this. #AnxietySymptoms #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #AnxietyAttack #Fatigued #Sleeptoomuch #ChronicAnxiety


Mornings are so hard

Mornings so difficult. I wake up exhausted, my muscles feel sore and I just want to fall back asleep. I worry about how I am going to get through the day. #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome
#Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #Fatigued #exhausted


Extreme Fatigue Help

I have absolutely no energy to do anything except lay down and watch tv and eat and sleep. I’m sure this is because of depression, but it just contributes to a terrible cycle of feeling useless and a bunch of other negative adjectives. I was wondering if anyone knows of any supplements or vitamins or just anything I can do so that maybe my brain can start to work and I can get involved in activities that may make me start to feel like myself again. I miss reading and writing and just having the motivation to change or take care of myself at all, this brain dead apathy is killing me. Thanks for reading #Depression #SocialAnxiety #tired #Fatigued #Motivation #help


I read so many challenging things here, I know I am not the only one struggling but why does life have to be so hard? For so many people! It’s been difficult finding comfort these days, it all seems hard and pointless, I hate thinking that this will be my life until my day comes #Fatigued #Emotionallydrained #iwanttogiveup

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#crabby #tiredgrouchy

I have been taking #Savella for about nine years. It has helped me more than I knew until I began a reduced dose. (With doctor) Beginning on day 3 or 4, can’t recall, a headache hit, hard and all over my head. it became a #Migraine or was a precursor to one and I haven’t had one in years. I have also been so #Fatigued, and that’s when I get so #angry. things just fly all over me. okay. I wrote this instead of throwing a fit. which I don’t know what that would look like since I gave up losing my #temper in 1975. I’m sure it would scare my #dog whose heartbeat is the only other one living here. I am reducing the dosage to #Save$$. I am doing better.

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#Feelingthepain #Hippop #Hipdisplaced #Fatigued

Self pity post. Popped my hip yesterday morning. Went back in fairly fast but OMG the pain hasn’t stopped. So so tired. Just want to rest.