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Heading to Mayo Clinic

I have had disabling POTS for 13 months, and am SO CLOSE to getting real help! After 6 different doctors, I've tried 4L of water a day, waist-high compression, salt tablets, 2 electrolyte drinks a day, 20 physical therapy sessions, the CHOPS exercise protocol, and have tried metoprolol tartrate, metoprolol succinate, and propranolol. 7 months ago I was told I am "out of options until you see a POTS specialist" who at the time, was booking out until 2024. I have lost my ability to work, my independent living, my ability to drive, and so much more. From friends, to routine, to income, this year has been a year of loss.

While I hate that I am "excited" for 16 different tests (valsalva, QSART, Tilt table, sleep oximetry, endocrine testing, exercise testing, echo, holter, blood, urine, and more), I am genuinly so READY to finally get to the bottom of what is wrong (is it JUST POTS, or what's the deal?!), and to find a treatment plan that WORKS. I am so grateful that Mayo accepted me, and that their wait times were less than the only specialist in my state.

Only 10 days until we go. 7 days after that, I'll have my answers. Can't wait to report back.

#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #LivingWithPOTS #Dysautonomia #finally

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Don't take my diagnosis from me

#MajorDepressiveDisorder #Diagnosis #finally #WhatNow

I wonder if anyone else was actually relieved at their MDD diagnosis? I mean I wasn't happy (I'm depressed, after all), but it seems to make so much more sense than just thinking I was such a failure at being happy for so long (35+ yrs?). The episodes have come and gone. And gotten worse. This one seems to be subsiding now.

Of course, now the anxiety kicks in - in my follow up appt are they going to take my diagnosis from me before I even get to explore it? Will I have some good days between now and then and they'll be like "why did you make up that story and fake cry all over us last time when you're obviously fine?"

My precious diagnosis.

I don't know what better is. I know what worse is, and getting that diagnosis actually has helped me out of some worseness. Does that make sense to anyone else?

I couldn't claim depression before because.. I don't know why. My previous therapists didn't diagnose depression before because... maybe because I didn't have weight gain/loss?

But I kept having episodes and I kept coming back to therapy and I kept not knowing why.

Until 5 minutes with one BHP after one PHQ-9 questionnaire I took at a PCP visit to fulfill promises made under duress to my family that was not mental health related.

And now I hope I can begin the process of understanding better who I've been most of my life. If I get the right therapist. If I stick to it. If there's anything to understand. If I live long enough.

I hope so. I hope there's something worth the effort on the "other side". It's way easier just "being happy with being unhappy". I'm great at it. Until I'm not.

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Things are (finally) starting to look up

I want to start by thanking @chrislynn1 for all that she has done for me!! She's giving me a chest binder and I can't thank her enough 😄

Then my mom's boyfriend is finally starting to move away from using she/her pronouns and is using he/him and they/them!! It's a slow process, but at least the process has started!!

I'm getting caught up on my school work too! I wasn't able to really do any of my work due to my #Depression getting increasingly bad.

The rape case against my abuser is going through, and they're thinking that the least amount of time he's going to be getting is another 45 years!!

#Survivor #Anxiety #trans #LGBTQIA #finally #Family #ThankYou #Love #Accept #teenager

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Goodnight everyone 🦋

I went finally got out and went for my walk with my mom, here’s a beautiful piece of butterfly artwork I saw on the walk... I also took a mindfulness course with my mom tonight and I feel very calm and relaxed. I would like to make it a goal to keep doing this everyday. I hope I can stick to this goal because I really enjoy doing mindfulness exercises.
#Mindful #Mindfulness #calm #Relaxed #finally

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I did it!!

I finally figured out my name. As a #nonbinary I didn't like the "girl" name that I had. So...I changed it!! My name is now Skyler. I had this friend and her boyfriends name is Skyler, and then on the show Breaking Bad, a woman's name is I tried it out with a few people and it just seems fitting =D







A DOCTOR FINALLY LISTENED TO ME!! #ChronicPain #Neuropathy

I am so happy right now. My gp has constantly been negligent in my opinion. I have explained for more than a year excruciating pain that keeps me a wake for days, anything hurts touching my skin,vision changes and fading, and way more. My gp left me virtually in tears everytime, they would say the same sentence "you are 21 years old no visible illness or broken bones" and would refuse any type of pain relief asked if its a "manifestation of my anxiety" - _-and hesitant to do any tests. I remember calling in after 3 days of no sleep and a flare up of electric shocks burning, brain zaps and couldn't see properly. I said i litterally feel like im on my last day of sanity, i pleaded to her even if short term please help me. She said take paracetamol. Today i finally got a new doctor. I said i would like to be tested for ms and have peripheral neuropathy. She said we do a fast today go in for bloods tomorrow and sent me a form for various blood tests. She said lets rule out vitamin deficiencies and diseases like celiac and chrons and will finally do my refferal to neurology, like omds whole time i was basically pleading with the last doctors to just help and test for things they've let me get to this point of no pain breaks over 2 years, i hope it's not to late for me and the pain can go away. I've been progressively getting worse to the point i struggle to go anywhere now or get out of bed to make food or clean, i need leg braces to walk efficiently my wrist always just drops things. I hope i get a diagnosis and its fixed. I don't remember how it feels not to have a body that hurts and constantly fails me. #Pain #Doctors #chronic #Life #finally #Hope #Neuropathy #MultipleSclerosis


#diagnosed #ADD #finally

Hello Mighties!!
So, after struggling with ADD symptoms and procrastinating on making an appointment, I was told by my spouse that we need me to be diagnosed and treated for whatever is making me act this way.
I went today to see a counselor and she diagnosed me with ADD. I’ve been prescribed #Adderall and should be able to pick up my prescription in the next couple days.
I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders, because I have an answer and a plan to follow. Some instruction and guidance through this process to become the best version of me! Do better at work, be a better wife and be better to myself!


#Depression #Therapy #finally a step

in the right direction. It was so exhausting but I managed to call my local health insurance office and get an appointment with a therapist for the last week of January. I feel proud of myself but at the same time I am scared as hell because I know there is a lot to work on. And I am beating myself up at the moment because I had two snickers today. Which makes me feel like the biggest failure on earth. And my hubbie's healthy issues still continue to worry me. I haven't been on this rollercoaster ride of emotions for more that 6 years, so this is all very exhausting.

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Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of a new chapter for me. Tomorrow i’m going to finally seek help for my depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and some new symptoms i associate with OCD. I have been diagnosed with all these illness’ in the past but have rarely got the help i deserve. i’m starting to be honest and open with others and am going to see my doctor for help. i can’t wait to start over and hopefully lift this awful feeling of anxiety off my chest. I can’t wait to break up with this nasty relationship i have with suicide ideation i can’t wait to be myself again! #MentalHealthHero #GettingHelp #finally #SuicideIdeation