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I’ve been diagnosed w Fybromyalgia about five yrs ago. I really feel like I’ve been given the wrong diagnosis n have had a hard time excepting it. I’ve been doing some research of my own n thinking I may have polymyalgia rheumatica and the giant cell arteritis. I’ve been tested in the past- having the ESR and the CRP done, which both turned out negative but am wondering if I could still have it or b diagnosed w it not being positive. Does anyone in this group have this and know anything about it. I will b contacting a rheumatologist soon for testing again as I feel I have so many symptoms. Thank u!

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Does anyone have Temporal Arteritis (GCA)

I have had a headache for days along with pain in my temple area. I have also had some nausea, blurred vision or an aura around objects, a sore scalp and neck, a lot of fatigue. I went to the ER and I met the criteria for GCA and an MRI was done but it did not show anything. I cannot have a MRI with contrast because of my kidney transplant. From what I have understood from medical facilities the condition were detected in a MRI using contrast. I am trying to get a second opinion. I have never had a migraine nor do they run in my family.

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Bauldyone1962. I'm here because
Basically my problems started when I was 46 ,I was working when I got pains in my chest I was rushed to hospital I had a heart attack they fitted a stent, but it left me with some problems, fatigue,breathless and although I didn’t accept it until years later anxiety.I went back to work and cracked on with life then arthritis took hold I had a double knee replacement never really fully recovered I went back to work and cracked on with life. I struggled at work but they were really supportive, then they atrial fibrillation startered … I was taken in and had a ablation which was barring the occasional flare up has been successfully… again I went back to work and cracked on with life. Then about 3 years ago my hips and hands started to hurt went to the Doctors and then hospital…..Arthritis in the hips and carpal tunnel in both hands and finally depression/ anxiety I’d had enough, I went to see works doctor and asked to be made redundant, I was told to go on long term sick which I did and still on long term sick . I’ve had my carpal tunnel operated on but arthritis has set in my Hands, my hips I manage with weight loss and walking everyday which also helps my mental health. Last year I stared passing out my GP got me into hospital , at first I treated for Giant cell arteritis and put on steroids and started a 2 week spell in hospital all my medication was reviewed, I had part of my artery removed from the side of my head for tests scans of my head , neck and chest finally I got out of hospital and was told I had a brain aneurysm…… you couldn’t write it ….. went for a angiogram, more test and offered a clipping, in February this year I was due to go in to have the surgery, I went to see the surgeon who told me because of the position and size (small) it was to difficult to clip which was upsetting but now I live with it scanned 6month then every year. So again I crack on with life still on half pay from work , I walk the dog everyday I’m 3 stone lighter I was feeling great, then I started having trouble with controlling my bowel movements to a point where I was unable to hold it the GP has me going in for a camera up my rear end so fingers crossed . I’m 60 now and plan to retire when I get to 62 the strange thing is I still think quite positively and to look at me I’m a picture of health, I have just applied for a radar key for obvious reasons and tried for a bus pass as I gave up my car not because I don’t still drive but we’ve had to watch our finances.I didn’t get a bus pass as I need to be disabled and as I don’t claim any benefits so I don’t know if I could apply? Sorry for the long intro but it helps to get it off my chest….

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Just to introduce myself. I am a coloured pencil artist. I mainly draw nature. I’m also disabled. With a host of physical and some MH disabilities.

This is my Crimson Sunbird picture #Nature #Art #colouredpencils

#GiantCellArteritis #cerebralaterialvenousmalformation #Bipolar #Fibro #Osteoporosis #spondylitis #disbetes #IgAdeficiency #cognitiveimpairment #IBS #Asthma #COPD #ChronicPain #Bursitis #spinalwedgefractures

If I didn’t have my art I’d be lost! I’m mainly housebound and my art is my lifeline!

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Life’s Like That! #Leukaemia #AterialvenousMalformation #GiantCellArteritis #ChronicPain #Isolation #heartbreak

My niece died last Monday night. She had been fighting Leukaemia. One minute she seemed to be okay. The next, on end of life care! And boom! She is dead! It happened so quickly in the end!
I am a coloured pencil artist. When her brother, my nephew died, I drew! I kinda zoned out and was drawing and listening to music. I can’t draw at the moment. I have been diagnosed with bursitis in my right shoulder. I have to rest it or I’ll make it worse!
I want to support my sister, brother in law, my surviving niece, my deceased nieces husband and children! My sisters grandkids! I can’t even support myself!!
I have several disabilities and disorders. They’ve been coming thick and fast since I turned forty! I spend most of my time drawing. I have no friends. They all disappeared when I was diagnosed with bipolar! Fairweathered friends! That’s all they turned out to be in the end! I just feel so alone!
I thought I’d show you some of my artwork. After depressing everyone with my post. I thought I’d put something uplifting on! My niece liked my art. She didn’t say a lot. She was very much like her dad in that respect! 🫶

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Life’s Not Nice At Times

Trigger Warning!!

I lost all my friends bar one when I became psychotic and manic in 2007 and again in 2008. It was a sudden thing that happened in 2007 and the trauma of it caused the onset of my bipolar and the unblocking of memories from my early childhood. My CPN said I disassociated with it all. Although I had some memories that have always been with me. Although these memories were so weird and unfathomable. Once I had the awful reminders, I finally understood what all the other memories meant!
Last year my last remaining friend took offence to me calling her out for not showing up without any kind of contact to let me know! She had no good reason . Even if she did have a reason she could of just kept me in the loop! I was so surprised she has ‘unfriended’ me, so’s to speak. I can’t even call her. I’m blocked! Perhaps it was just an excuse. That’s what she really wanted! We’ve been friends for over 35 years! I miss her!
On the 29th December 2021 my bf ended our 11+ year relationship. He said he loved me on Christmas Day and then a few days later he dumped me … by text message! We weren’t arguing. Just had a small disagreement. Totally minor. He has said it wasn’t that! We had always got on so well! It still doesn’t make sense!
So now I’m going it alone! Not quite alone as I have my son. He’s also my carer as I have several physical disabilities and disorders.
I do have a lot of online friends from the art groups I’m in. Just would like to meet up with them. I would like a friend in the real world suppose.
This year I’ve had and I’m still having several health scares. First my right forearm has rather large lumps .. going the full length of my forearm on one of the lumps. I also have oral problems and have had to have biopsies and scans done. I’m now being checked for ovarian cancer. To top it off nicely, my right shoulder has become so painful I can’t function. I’m being investigated to see what the problem is. Because my right shoulder is in such a state I’m unable to draw for any period of time. It’s just too painful.
I feel like I’m being robbed of everything that gives me joy. I feel so miserable! #colouredpencilartist #wildlifeartist #Disabled #Bipolar #sexualabusesurviver #depressed #Mania #Psychosis #MentalHealth #GiantCellArteritis #AutoimmuneDisease #Osteoporosis #spondylitis #Fibromyalgia #PTSD #Flashbacks #AterialvenousMalformation
#MentalHealth #physicalhealth


Prednisone Side Effects 60mg daily?#MoonFace #weightgain #Acne

I am so anxious to know what I am in for by taking #60mg total of Prednisone daily. How much #Sodium should I limit myself to? Thank you so much 😊


How soon did Prednisone side effects appear

I just started talking 20mg #Prednisone 3x daily = 60mg. How soon will side effects appear? #weightgain How much weight did you gain & was it suddenly? I am having biopsy to diagnose #TemporalArteritis on Monday and there’s also possibility of #PMR Any information would be greatly appreciated ❤️


How soon did Prednisone side effects appear

I just started talking 20mg #Prednisone 3x daily = 60mg. How soon will side effects appear? #weightgain How much weight did you gain & was it suddenly? I am having biopsy to diagnose #TemporalArteritis on Monday and there’s also possibility of #PMR Any information would be greatly appreciated ❤️