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"The Unspoken Struggle: A Woman's Journey After Betrayal"

In the quiet echoes of a relationship scarred by betrayal, a woman undergoes a profound transformation, navigating the turbulent waters of emotions, self-discovery, and empowerment. Here's a glimpse into the psychological and behavioral changes she experiences, biding her time until the opportune moment arrives.

The Initial Blow:

When the revelation of infidelity strikes, she is enveloped in a whirlwind of shock, pain, and disbelief. The world she knew fractures, leaving behind shards of trust. In these early days, her demeanor may be marked by emotional withdrawal and a struggle to comprehend the magnitude of the betrayal.

The Silent Observer:

Choosing silence becomes her refuge. She observes, contemplates, and reflects on the relationship dynamics. Masking her pain with a stoic exterior, she begins to build an emotional shield, guarding her vulnerability as she weighs the options before her.

Quiet Strength:

As time progresses, an inner strength emerges. She starts the journey toward self-discovery, seeking solace in activities that foster personal growth. Behind her quiet exterior lies a silent force gathering momentum—a determination to emerge from the ashes, not as a victim, but as a survivor.

The Waiting Game:

Silently she endures, choosing not to confront immediately. The waiting game is strategic. She accumulates emotional and mental reserves, patiently biding her time until she is ready to unleash the torrent of pent-up emotions.

The Transformation:

Empowerment becomes her mantra. Physically, emotionally, and financially, she endeavors to fortify herself. The gym becomes a sanctuary, therapy a compass, and her career a source of newfound independence. Each step is a declaration—an assertion that she will not be defined by the betrayal.

The Breaking Point:

The day arrives when the emotional scales tip. She stands at the precipice, a reservoir of unspoken grievances threatening to spill over. It is a moment of reckoning, where the weight of the silence becomes unbearable. The emotional dam breaks, and she confronts him with a visceral scream—a release of the pain, anger, and frustration that have silently festered within.

The Shift of Power:

In this explosive moment, the balance of power undergoes a seismic shift. No longer the victim, she stands as a force to be reckoned with. The emotional crescendo becomes her catharsis, unleashing a surge of newfound strength that reverberates in her every word and gesture.

The Man's Reckoning:

He, weakened and remorseful, faces the consequences of his actions. The once-dominant figure is reduced to a contrite soul, confronting the magnitude of his betrayal. His tears flow, and he begs for forgiveness, realizing the depth of the pain he inflicted.

The Journey Towards Healing:

As the storm subsides, a path towards healing unfolds. Forgiveness may come, but it is a journey, not a destination. The woman, now empowered, determines the terms of reconciliation—if reconciliation is even on the table.

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Throwback reflection

There are times when what has been becomes suddenly much more real then usual.
Not as a flashback - they're definitely different - but more like a realization that what's in my memories, in my patterns, in my body and mind has really happened, some time ago in my life.

What surprises me the most is:
I'm not fine, even though I'm better than in previous months and years, but, the hell, compared to before it's like I'm in Heaven.

It doesn't bring me the positivity and mood switch I might expect, it weights the same, most of the times, but it surely helps me redimensioning the whole picture.
I'm grateful, overall, for one thing: now, when I have my crisis, they're still bad and, sometimes, worse than other times years ago, BUT they're crisis: they happen from time to time. (I'm not talking about being on low mood; to me, before, it was much more than that: tentacles slipping out of my head trying to choke me and smash anything inside and around me).
I can feel my mind clean, and, yup, I'm now crying, all of a sudden.

I'd never wanna go back to before.

A week ago I was writing a post I've never shared and, when recalling the bad effects the thing I was talking about had on me, I realized the list was very very long and very very painful and messy.
What makes it often difficult for me to comprehend my patterns and problems is that I tend to hide them, and then forget about them, over the years.

Thing is, there has been terror.
I don't wanna include the details, because I'm aware that for someone they could be not nice.

I shared this picture (search for Riftress on Pinterest, if you're interest - I really like these works) because it is one of the pics I saved back then.
Something have sucked up my own self from my life and I think it was the exhaustion from that period.

Crying helps me too.
If now I'm crying, it means it really has been hard.
Since I tend to hide and minimize, since people shared their issues with me and rarely listened to me, always ignored the signals I was pointing out and since things for me often changed - environmentally speaking - I tend to forget.
To me, now, it feels like I'm based on a void past.
It doesn't mean I'd wanna linger on it: just that in order to understand why I am the way I am today I need to recall.

Times like this one, though, makes me wanna go back that before and erase everything. Why it had to be so damageful.
Again, though, I tend to hide: none really witnessed in person any free expression of my mental state, so, then, it feel more righteous to minimize it. This confuses me.

Though I think it's not fair to compair: the same trauma can have different outcomes on different people; that's why I think crying is helpful -> it spots out the fact that what I'm feeling and thinking about - recalling - has really been a hardship for me.

But it seems impossible that all the dark lump has really left. Did it?
Instead of feeling and expressing itself in dark and full of --- ways*, my mind's just flat. That's the new pattern, I guess.
I've been backfired.
* I don't really feel at ease sharing details, again, but I don't know how to express it.

I still have issues to work on, sometimes - often - I just can take my mind anymore, I often have no energy to live my life, but sure it changed. Time heals.
And I've understood myself and other people better, in the meanwhile, which has been another fundamental turning point.
And I can't express how grateful I am whenever I get to become more aware then before. I love understanding.
So - I still can change and for the better.
There's and I have hope in it.

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It’s been a battle in my mind with staying present. Yesterday, I realized that my parents never asked me what my favorite colors where, celebrated me, remember any milestones, noticed when I quit basketball in 6th grade, never encouraged me to dream or asked me how my day was going . I would just bring in my straight A’s and it was noted but not celebrated. I just existed but wasn’t seen. They didn’t help me discover who I am. Just a lot of emotional neglect. So, I feel that I now need to ask myself those basic questions: what are your favorite colors? What is your favorite song? Who are you, really what do you want out of life? What interests you?Some more self discovery. #CPTSD #depressed #hopeful #childabusesurvivor #Catholic #Selfdiscovery #HealingProcess