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Coping with depression

<p>Coping with <a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce7600553f33fe991123" data-name="depression" title="depression" target="_blank">depression</a></p>
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Just Returned to Work

I checked myself into the hospital a few months ago and did some outpatient group therapy. At work today I realized that I was unconsciously doing things to prepare others for my absence at work in case anything happened to me. I realized that I was preparing others at work for my death all because my Dad, uncle, sister, and a friend touched a wound of me feeling unworthy (it all happened within 3 months). It’s painful to be able to see this. Be not afraid of checking yourself into a hospital. Your life is still worth living. #SuicideIdeation #CPTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Catholic

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Community Voices
Community Voices

It’s been a battle in my mind with staying present. Yesterday, I realized that my parents never asked me what my favorite colors where, celebrated me, remember any milestones, noticed when I quit basketball in 6th grade, never encouraged me to dream or asked me how my day was going . I would just bring in my straight A’s and it was noted but not celebrated. I just existed but wasn’t seen. They didn’t help me discover who I am. Just a lot of emotional neglect. So, I feel that I now need to ask myself those basic questions: what are your favorite colors? What is your favorite song? Who are you, really what do you want out of life? What interests you?Some more self discovery. #CPTSD #depressed #hopeful #childabusesurvivor #Catholic #Selfdiscovery #HealingProcess

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Best Date of my life so far was a week ago!

Ah! I had the best date in my life about a week ago!! 🤩 Please keep in mind that I’ve had to do trauma therapy because of a date r**** back in college which has prevented me from going out on dates for many years.
I felt respected and didn’t feel the need to hide my body or emotions. Yes, there were times were I was uncomfortable because of past trauma (date r****, 8 years ago), but I didn’t let that discomfort stop me from smiling and laughing again!! It’s been a while. What a good time 🤪. I wanna do it again!! I want to go out with a man who truly respects me and everyone around him ! 🤩
I happy cried that night because I found a big part of me that had been hiding for a long while— that beautiful part in my soul that tells me to embrace my womanhood 🌹 and that it is safe and that there are virtuous men in the world. Praise the Lord #Feminity #CPTSD #Catholic #Daterape #CheerMeOn

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Deserve>Desire #CPTSD #Catholic

Be with the man who deserves you, not with the man who desires you.

How many times have I had my heart broken because I go with the man who only desires me and doesn’t FULLY respect me? I emphasize FULLY because if a man treats me better than my biological and ex-stepfather, I assume it is a great relationship. I don’t want that anymore. I still don’t completely understand what it means to be completely respected and have my human dignity protected and loved, but I am not quitting. I am going to find out what this means and live it out! St. Maria Goretti, pray for me. St. Michael the Archangel, pray for me. #CPTSD #Catholic

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Catholic church in Arizona holds sensory friendly mass

Check out this article about a Catholic church in Arizona where the priest decided their parish community needed to be more inclusive of its members with special needs and took action.

As a Catholic, it makes me so happy that this church is working towards becoming accessible for all. I hope other Catholic churches and faith communities follow suit.

#Sensoryfriendly #Catholic #Accessibility