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I wish all of us with Chronic Pain had a cure for everything we go through.

I'm 36yrs old, it takes me longer to do things, if I can do them at all, it is 1:40am in Kentucky (USA), got woken up with Chest pain, maybe broke a rib from coughing, Groin, Essential Tremors, u all r amazing to be so supportive going through ur all stuff.

Everytime I love I moan and groan, the tremors wear me out, but, I'm so thankful, I have somewhere to come where people love, care and support me on a regular basis.

It takes me at least 45mins to an hour to get ready for bed, then I may get 45mins to an hour of sleep, then I either just wake up with Tremors, or weak up with Tremors, either moaning, groaning, screaming in pain, almost, if not every night.

I don't come here often, most times, I just try and handle it on my own, but, when u r just laying tremoring, u think everything is good, then,a,pain shoots through a random part of ur body, u thank God u were laying down, cause some of the pain doubles u over.

I won't keep u all, thanks for listening

#no Shame
#chronic Illness
#chronic pain
#no support


Oh how I wish I could bling into the future where everything is going okay. Where I’m not in pain, hurting and everything is happening right for me. Oh how I wish and pray!!!! Wish I could play god for one day.... #hurtallover #TBI #takeitallback #emotional #ughgoodgrief #missingme #brooken #Anxiety #Depression #FragileXSyndrome