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    Oh, the pain...why is it so so REAL for us, but, people don't believe us?? The don't care, want us to get over it, quit talking about it, quit thinking about it, and it'll go away.

    Y'all r my friends and family.

    I'm tired of being told I'm here to help u, but, then when I really need u, where r u, oh, yeah, to everyone I'm a Horrible House Guest, Debbie Downer and Burden, because I won't do what u want, over it.

    #no Shame
    #no friends
    #no support

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    Community Voices

    I’m in it on my own

    I’m on my own in this fight. After over 20 years of struggle I’m in another relapse but no one sees or cares. I’m not surprised. I told my husband I fighting this alone and that no one cares and got no answer so I guess I’m right. If you don’t look sick enough then you’re fine. I give up.

    #EatingDisorders #Depression #inthisalone

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