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Just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Sue. I currently hold three jobs in the human services field. I'm a full-time Behavior Management Coordinator and I have two relief positions in residential, one at an agency that serves autistics and the other at an agency who serves people with mental health diagnoses. It's safe to say that I love people! 😊
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My Intentions 2022- Not resolutions. Therapy Motivated Intentions

I want to experience love, joy peace and trust on all new levels in my life in 2022. My intention is to show up in therapy and in life consistently, in 2022. I will show up in ways that I get the work done in my inner world, and in my outward behavior, so that I make it possible for myself to begin experiencing an abundance of love, joy, peace and trust this coming year. I intend for world, to feel and gain strength from these positive energies, coming out of me. I want to consistently follow the light inside of me, remembering always that my “light,” is the presence of my eternal essence. I intend to disengage from maladaptive and unskillful coping tool, in order to highlight my newer skills, which I have been successfully practicing for some time now. I intend to challenge my inner critic’s harsh words. I intend to trust and ask my wiser self for guidance. Instead of listening to the harsh words of my inner critic, my wiser self will help me offer myself compassion. Instead of following my “Nothing MattersPart” or “My Rebel Part” into (impulsivity, anger, rage, reactivity, revenge, retaliation, self recrimination, shame) and into a “burn myself down,” scenario……I, instead intend to listen to my wiser self guiding me to breathe, to be still, to observe, to feel, to sit with it, to respond, to love, to forgive, to be kind, TO BE PRESENT. I intend to commit to play till the end of the “game.” I intend to move the “ball” forward for MY mental health team. Since, I have a major triggering event coming up, that I have no control over…. I intend to remember that no one can control my behavior except me. I will remember to take breaks from triggered states, soothe myself or ask for help. This is also a general rule of my safety plan which I intend to stay on PERMANENTLY. I intend to bring light and happiness to my loved ones and to be kind, always, to those around me. I intend to be less self- absorbed by focusing on gratitude and compassion understanding and kindness toward others. I intend to grow my relationship with God through all of the personal actions I now undertake, especially through my new personal prayer life. I intend to grow my relationship with myself, which is the ultimate intention of these other than my intention toward God. I intend to continue integrating all of my parts with acceptance and love so that I may become wholly integrated, safe and at peaceful with myself.

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Can anyone weigh in? My five year old son is quite challenging. He has a disability, diagnosis.... we are planning to be at my parents house for the weekend and a neighbor asked me if my son is invited. I looked at her as though she had two heads! I said he is one of my children, he is their grandchild of course. She said “don’t take it for granted “ when I mentioned it to my mom she didn’t sound as appalled as I thought she should have, and just said well I’ll hire lots of extra cleaning help (my parents aren’t wealthy- this made me feel worse) can anyone help me out ? What’s normal? What are other people’s experience #Zebra #Behavior #Support #courage #Family #Parenting #SpecialNeeds #CowdenSyndrome


Great Expectations Demolished

You know, so many times when I was told I had a choice, and that I should reap the negative consequences of my “behavior,” I realize that I didn't really have a choice. They wanted me to think that seeking reasonable heights for my status and falling in love were delusions. Well, the behavior was harmless, but enough to turn people off. And most of the time I was unaware of it. But now, for saying I deserved better treatment from women and the gatekeepers to moving up, they would probably compare me to the Virginia tech shooter or Eliot Rodger for having a sense of entitlement. It's a fine line where you can defend yourself for having legit desires and goals. Great expectations are just not allowed or reasonable anymore. #Behavior #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Autism #Schizophrenia

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Not today, Satan!!

So, this week has been horrible for my PTSD, and today began with a bad start when my little sister decided today would be a hellish behavioral day for her and ripped her toys and threw a container of flour across the room. This resulted in me losing my mind several times already — I screamed into a pillow, cried a bit, yelled a little more than I’m proud of — but I’ve decided I’m not gonna give the Enemy the satisfaction of a ruined day. We had a pep talk, she helped me clean up, and she’s back to smiling as we head to a doctors appointment. Fingers crossed we can take back the day. #PTSD #Autism #Behavior #Depression #Anxiety