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worrying about never getting an answer

hope i can find some advice on here!
any idea on what could be causing all this?

i started having symptoms in February 2023, my first symptom was Abdominal pain.
these are some of my current symptoms

abdominal pain (February 16) (achy,stabbing, sharp, cramps, /sometimes spasms)
temperatures/ fevers (99.0-102.1)
joint pain
heart palpitations when standing
feeling extremely full after eating something small
nonexistent appetite at times
upper stomach pain (achy/cramps)
abdominal pain getting worse after eating (about an hour after)
Upper stomach pain getting worse after eating (30-40 minutes)
(lower and middle)back pain (cramps and achy)
SOB when standing or sitting up too fast
lightheadedness when standing or sitting up too fast/ everything going black
stomach hurting/ feeling full after a sip of water
waking up with weak arms/legs
my hands feel like puffy and stiff when i wake up?
horrible Salt cravings (I can’t stop 😩)
Headaches upon waking up and last for a couple days
purple nail beds
Fingers curving in
Food feeling stuck in throat

i have been diagnosed with

(AMPS) Fibromyalgia
Joint hypermobility
Chronic pain
Chronic Nausea and Vomiting
Visceral hypersensitivity
Chronic gastritis
Abdominal Pain
Vitamin D below Reference Range
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Elevated Blood-pressure Reading without Diagnosis of Hypertension
Excessive Weight Gain

possible EDS as well
i don’t fully believe the IBS because i continuously get undiagnosed and then diagnosed with it/ my doctors don’t agree on anything.
i was also diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder but have been cleared from that.
my psychiatrist says they don’t believe it’s “my mind causing my symptoms” because our “minds are powerful but not to this point”

i have seen a GI doctor, rheumatologist, and awaiting to see an endocrinologist.
i have had fevers since i got sick, i believe my highest one was 105F (this happened while i was in a helicopter being transported)
i had abnormal labs back in March 2023 and some of them are still a little strange.
(i think these are all?)
lab work:
low WBC
low MCH
high RDW
low neutrophils
low lymphocytes
high CRP
mildly elevated ESR
mildly elevated Alanine Transferase
(barely) low Creatinine Serum
low Ferritin (has gone up now though)

i have had 4 CT scans (some doctor claimed he saw inflammation in my right side, however i have been told that is not true)
brain MRI
MRI to rule out arthritis
HIDA scan
i also have been tested for POTS but was told everything was normal and that i will grow out of it

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What do we eat when it’s too hot to cook?

I’m anemic and have been experiencing symptoms since 2019. I know I need nutrients to keep my anemia managed but when it’s too hot to cook I don’t always want to eat. Slide me your recommendations for summer-friendly, easy meals #Anemia #IronDeficiencyAnemia


I’m new here!

Hi, my name is MummyTut82. I've been diagnosed with so many illnesses diseases that at age 40 and Mum of 3 darling children, I have lost all quality of life and I'm scared of myself honestly.. For I can't keep just 'existing' like this and I know it is destroying my children's hearts watching me so sick ... it breaks me more every minute coz I honestly believe they shouldn't have to see Mummy this way anymore it isn't fair on them... #icantdothis😮‍💨 #heartbroken💔 #idontwanttoleavemybabies😪 #itisjustfartoomuchtohandle💔

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is j_gm. I'm here because
my friend recommend I try it. In December 2022, I almost died and I can not stop crying. I was getting ready for work and woke up in ambulance. I lost over a liter of blood in less than 20 minutes according to ambulance medics. i am terrified and a mess. No signs or symptoms of anything wrong. wasn't even on my period. It just happened. Now I have lost everyone I love and thought loved me. I feel alone and am still dealing with trauma of what happened along with the diagnosis to top it off. I have to have surgery and deal alone with it all. When I got to hospital my hemoglobin was 30 out of 120 to 160. I had a transfusion & iron infusion. My body still shows 0 ferritin. I have nightmares. Medical anxiety. Just a mess. Thanks for letting me join.
#MightyTogether #Anxiety #PTSD #IronDeficiencyAnemia #lowferritin #lowhemoglobin

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is bentleyplaysviolin. I'm looking for a community to relate with, and learn to deal with the mental challenges of chronic pain

#MightyTogether #BipolarDisorder #AutismSpectrumDisorder #OCD #ehlers-DanlosSyndrome #ADHD #VonWillebrandDisease #IronDeficiencyAnemia #SocialAnxiety #HipDysplasia


#Ssdi and severe anemia

Has anyone applied for SSDI because of their anemia?
I am taking steps to do this
Sold my business because I couldn’t work any longer and now my spouse is freaking out about money eve though we will be able to pay our bills during the time my application is pending