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How do you cope with life?

Can we start a thread on coping skills for dealing with the sensory overload that goes hand in hand with chronic illness? We are constantly in a state of overwhelm in a room all by ourselves, and when you add in daily life and all of the outside stimulation… life just sometimes gets to be too much. I’m just curious to see what other warriors do to survive and keep their sanity in tact.

A little backstory: I’ve basically been on a journey to find myself and figure out my place in the world since well my whole life. But due to a car accident in 2006 that resulted in a TBI, I’ve been living with un-acknowledged amnesia and I forgot my self. I recognized all my loved ones, and I remembered how to do basic life skills… But I forgot the essence of me, including all my childhood memories. However, the subconscious works in amazing ways and my amnesia was recently cured. Granted it was cured bit by bit over the last almost 16 years via signs from the universe, and triggered memories. The most recent traumatic experience I endured was a narcissisticly abusive relationship, that I thankfully escaped, but I’m pretty damaged from it. On this healing journey I’ve been on since April, I’ve realized a number of things about my inner workings. I have A LOT of sensory processing issues that I’m trying to figure out how to live life with. I’ve discovered I’m dyslexic, and suffer with dysphasia. I also have figured out the reason I hold on to all my traumas and can’t forget them, is because I have Hyperthymesia, an autobiographical memory, emotions and all. I was diagnosed with ADD in elementary school, ADHD in high school, but truth be told I’m pretty sure I have Asperger’s. Also a little Williams-Buren because I want everything to be happy and loving in my life, I can’t thrive in chaos.

So I will kick off the thread by sharing my coping skills:
Art & Journaling
Loose fitting clothing
Calming music/ocean sounds
Teaching myself ukulele
Keeping hydrated
Munching on a healthy snack
Researching medical reasons for my oddities
Medical cannabis
Shaving my head
My electric blanket
Watching documentaries on Netflix
Learning to set and honor my own personal boundaries.

Please share yours tricks and tactics for navagating life, feel free to share links for products you can’t imagine getting through life without too! #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #HEDS #POTS #NMH #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #neurodivergent #MentalHealth #sibo #TraumaticBrainInjury #learningtocope

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New routine #distraction #GAD #doingBetter #learningtocope

This has become a morning routine and I'm taking it in stride 🤯😁👏. Serico seems to think it's his job, I believe. He goes out to pick and eat figs, usually taking the branch as well. Sometimes making a return trip, all which gets him a little hot and he's got to cool down 😳😏😆. So he'll splash some water on myself, like a toddler does in the toilet bowl (yup stuff goes in the pool too) or just a quick dip. Feeling nice cool& energized he begins running inside (sometimes in&out repeatedly, both pool&home). He emptys the toy basket, because that's another job he's responsible for 😄🙃😉. He will hApPiLy then seek me out to say good morning, where ever I may be🥰😁( sopping wet usually)!! All that work wears my little guy out🤗🥳🤭. In a very short time this new routine has become like __ __ __, I don't even know what to call it.🤯🤯😏 But I don't FREAK OUT or cry anymore and that is a GOOD THING💁🥳🥰💪👌🤔🌞😎

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18 Years of Feelings, learning to process my childhood trauma and I wrote this. ✨



Exactly eighteen words that come to mind, for eighteen years plus some that I now have to recover from.

Biggest of all words is my final word that sums them all up in one.

This was something I wrote in August of 2020 I am just now understanding how severely my childhood has affected me and trying to process it. ✨

#TimeToHeal #warrior #Survivor #Trauma #ChildAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #neglected #Healing #growing #learningtocope #Scars #findingmyway #Depression #SuicideAwareness #MightyPoets

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Learning to Cope ✨

This morning thought goes out to all of those questioning themselves and their self worth just as I do. As I'm growing on my journey I am learning that no matter what we may be experiencing we should always try to find the humor in things. It helps keep the mood light, kills more calories, and does way more for the soul. I hope you all have blessed weekend and remember if you need a friend, you have many here. Please reach out. #Humor #Humorheals #SelfDoubt #insecurities #lost #findingmyway #Healing #learningtocope #Anxiety #SelfDoubt #SuicidePrevention


I'm Reading The Body Keeps The Score and it's helping me

This book is really good. It explains so much! I just wanted to recommend it for anyone who has been through trauma and who wants to understand it better and work through it to heal and recover.

#Trauma #PTSD #Depression #MentalHealth #learningtocope #positive #YouCanDoIt #Abuse #AdverseChildhoodExperiences


Trying to Understand

Just getting my thoughts down. I ended up writing this in third party as an observer. This could possibly be triggering or distressing. Please exercise discretion when reading and seek support if needed

#Depression #Grief #Dissociating #ChildLoss #LosingAChild #learningtocope #bloggerthoughts #copingwithadeath #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ComplicatedGrief #grievingmother #griefandguilt #Anxiety #MomGuilt


She grabs a pillow and hugs it. Holding it as if it were a baby. Holding and wishing it was her child. She curls herself around the pillow holding it tighter, tears now flowing freely down her face... Soon Her cries can be heard from outside. Her cries of anguish, despair, raw pain; her cries are a plea to have mercy and stop the pain. She places a hand over her heart and cries louder. Her heart is broken. The cires of a mother who has lost her whole world, is the most haunting sound.

She continues to cry, her throat raw from the cries, her eyes red and swollen. She lays there still holding the pillow. Wishing she could have her child in her arms. She continues to cry for hours but, eventually she falls asleep. Even as she sleeps tears flow from her eyes...

It's night everything has quiet down, she lays down hoping to get some rest. As she lays down her eyes tired from the crying earlier in the day. She is emotionally exhausted. Her mind though doesn't allow her to rest. Her mind runs through all her memories with her son. Her mind gives her doubt and guilt. Maybe she hadn't done enough, maybe she should have been more vigilant, maybe it was something she did, what a terrible mom she must have been. Her mind won't stop, she just wanted some rest. Now she tosses and turns trying to drown out the thoughts. She covers her ears, as to stop the "voices" tell her she wasn't good enough, telling her it's her fault, she was a terrible mother.

The guilt is eating at her day and night. She is exhausted, she doesn't know how much longer she can keep going...

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Considering Counseling

I'm tired of trying to get people who do not understand mental challenges to get it. I need to talk to someone who understands that what is going on inside my head and body is not just in my head! It's not my imagination. I need a different conversation #learningtocope