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I started an Anxiety Journey YouTube Channel. Would mean a lot to get a little support! I’m so nervous !

Hi there I usually post quotes on a mental health friendly supportive Instagram account, occasionally I journal or blog very rarely on blogs I’ve tried before, but I’ve never ever been brave enough to show my face and actually try a YouTube account D: and not be more anonymous behind the screen supporting. I would really appreciate any love or opinions before I risk getting hate comments or trolls with mental health stigma haha > mental health advocate than 😅😂🤣 people actually see it. But I would love to be able to help someone out there not feel so alone in their struggles or offer hope if they are just beginning their journey or could use some kind words/ experiences

If anyone could give me a bit of a boost 😂 so I don’t freak out or overthink the fact I actually did this and made it public and it could actually become something meaningful, I appreciate it! But if not :) I’ll do my best to do it myself, thanks! I tried to be brave and just do it instead of only think about it as a new hobby/ outlet.

My YouTube channel is:

My Anxiety Journey

Or was thinking

Inside My Anxiety Journey, since it’ll be pretty personal ^^ and genuine/ raw :p at times telling my experiences or what it’s like struggling with an invisible illness, physical/ mental.


Appreciate any love
I feel so nervous and embarassed. But actually proud I had the guts to do it D: though I was so back and forth about it.

Hope I’ll stick to it whether I receive good feedback or not, to actually make a meaningful difference and get more courage to do other things like this with advocacy groups or opportunities.

PS the 3 views are probably me 😅😂 overthinking and analyzing it too much but trying not too haha 😛 😆. I’m a work in progress lmfao 🤣 lol.

A really big deal to me, because I’m perfectly fine being open about my experiences and trying to help or relate to others and support them too, but not used to putting it on the internet like that with my face D: and fear the stigma or openness about it it’s so risky hehe but worth it :) in a way. So I hope it’ll be the start of something new and good. Feel free to share if you have any blogs, YouTube accounts or any fun hobbies/ outlets too ! :)

Also** I’m not posting to promote it, hope it’s allowed here, just needed a little love or support so I don’t back out on my idea 😅😅🥺😭😿💡💖😊😛😆😆😆 because I feel so alone in my experiences sometimes, and don’t want others to feel like that too.

And be alone struggling.

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My Anxiety Journey

Hi I struggle with anxiety, and mental health/ depression, I know what it’s like to face struggles and stigma, I’m not perfect I feel alone, guilt and shame, I am a work in progress. I get better, and then I get worse, life rotates it’s normal. But if you need any source of hope, inspiration to reach out for help or anything you could find helpful here. I’m more than happy to. I’m not a professional I am just trying a new hobby and outlet hoping to help others like me feel less alone with invisible illness it be physically, mental health/ emotional or so on forth. Even if you don’t struggle I hope I can be a reminder that things do get better, and it’s okay to not always have everything put together. Life can be hard but it can be wonderful too. I wish you all the best on your journey, but this channel is about my anxiety Journey so far, so it’ll be quite deep and personal, but I hope if anyone ever sees this it may be of help. You are not alone. You matter too. Love - Laura O
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Gave a speech, made HA-HA's

Swallowed down my fears and went through the ArtSpark Advocates Program in Austin TX. An 8 week course teaching us how to present and tell our stories in public and become disability advocates. It was an incredible group with so many powerful stories! We just had our Showcase, our "graduation." Didn't embarrass myself too bad. What a blast. Next program, we'll learn about podcasting and more.

#artspark #PublicSpeaking #MightyTogether #MultipleSclerosis #Disability


Pre official work day anxiety

I am a student advisor for incoming students at my university. I spent 4 months training for this position. Tomorrow is the day where I start advising incoming transfer students. I’m super nervous. I have to sit on zooming for 9 hours starting at 8 and I’m honestly worried that I won’t be able to focus. I can barely look at zoom for 4 hours straight.
I have to give a presentation at 8:30 on how to register for classes and I’m super nervous because they changed the slides last week so I wasn’t able to practice to the best of my ability until yesterday.
I am so worried I’m going to mess up and confuse people, maybe even offend someone (although I’ve been told I’m almost too nice).
All this is new and long and even waking up at 7:30 gives me anxiety which results in a bad nights sleep.

I went to my boyfriends place so I can get some support and he’ll through this. I ended up feeling almost I’ll from lack of sleep and my appetite decreased.
I need advice and words of encouragement because I’m still really nervous. I got a good night sleep last night but tomorrow is the big day.

#Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #PublicSpeaking #College #Jobs #CheckInWithMe

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How do you communicate at work while suffering from depression and / or anxiety?

Hi guys, strugglebug here. I suffer from depression & anxiety. I have a question for you.

At work, I’m hoping to become a manager at some point.

However, my line manager is concerned about my communication skills and wants to improve them. Honestly, I’m also concerned about if I’m the right ‘fit’ to become a manager .

It would be great to hear from you about any struggles you have at work being a sufferer of depression and / or anxiety so I know that I’m not alone, and if you have any stories of how you overcame your struggles. If you are a manager with these illnesses, I would especially love to hear about how you deal with it.

Some examples of how I struggle at work are:

- Can’t give presentations because my voice shakes uncontrollably and throat dries up

- Find it easier to communicate through instant messaging & written text than in person, which frustrates my manager as she’s an extrovert who loves to chat

- Sometimes feel like I can’t get words out, I will just reply with ‘ok’ , ‘cool’, ‘yeah’ etc. even though I want to say much more (lack of mental energy & low mood)

Also: I haven’t told anyone in work about my mental illness. Do you think I should?

Thanks so much 🌿

#Depression #Anxiety #Work #Communication #SocialAnxiety #Isolation #PublicSpeaking #ItsOKMan

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public speaking

So today I had to present a field experiment to my psych class. I was excited about my idea, however I wasn’t prepared to share it out in front of class. I was a stuttering mess. my feet were ice cold. I felt like I was speaking an alien language and when I was done everyone just pretended to understand what I was saying. I thought I was going to faint or something. everyone else seemed to present just fine, all loud and clear.

I tried not to let my anxiety get to me, but no matter how hard I tried to think that I was in complete control, I couldn’t stop myself from showing everyone how much of an anxious mess I am. I think they start taking pity once they realize that I’m a big ball of anxiety. I guess it’s better than getting picked on, but it makes me feel as if I might get treated as if I’m little or something.

#Anxiety #psychology #PublicSpeaking #SocialAnxiety


#SocialAnxiety #PublicSpeaking

I have social anxiety and I have a TOEFL English exam in few weeks and I’m very nervous about that. Any tips?

I feel like people will make fun of me.