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I'm new here and looking for new friends my AGE (Male 24) please be 18-29

Looking for new friends IBS, Crohns and Ulcerrative Colitis! i have IBS and EOE and have wonderful friends with crohns and UC. Add my snap tyalbob60 if interested


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I have an autoimmune system, with ulcerative colitis flares, Hashimotos disease, Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. COPD. I have 3 active viruses and Ebstein Barr is the heavy culprit. I have a genetic mutation (both genes) called MTHFR factor. It took about 20 years to get diagnosed . I am 72(very young minded) and can no longer work because of the level of dysfunction, so now I am very low income and am on medicaid and food stamps. My main occupation now is catching up on the stuff that doesn't get done when I am in bed about 60% of the time. I don't ask "why me" because really "why not me"...I look at this all as my own personal venue for growth potential as a human being which usually involves 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I am trying to learn a concept called Radical Acceptance and it gives me a point of focus. I am a type A and am trying to learn that I can no longer be what I was. That I need to learn a different way and mentality...

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Cornered. Hopeless. BPD has ruled and ruined any chance at life for me. My dad was an undiagnosed Borderline. I was his rage’s favorite target. My earliest memory is age 3 hiding in a closet as he rampaged so he wouldn’t find me. He did. My inheritance was an even worse case of BPD along with major depression and extreme anxiety.

I’ve been on every iteration of every psych drug since 1964. I’ve tried brain wave therapy, bio-feedback, DBT, CBT, two rounds of infusion Ketamine and TMS and I’ve been hospitalized. Nothing even dents this. The pain. The cycles of self harm. The suicidal ideation. The vibrating anxiety- racing heart - unable to catch my breath. The trembling. The psychic pain which leaves me curled under a blanket because light, sound, touch, it’s all too much.

My wife of almost 24 years has had enough. I don’t blame her. I’ve been unable to work for 23 years because of this disease and a buffet of physical illnesses. The entire burden of our finances sits with her. It’s so unfair. When we first married I was able to hold a job. That didn’t last. I’m terrified of her leaving - yet I can’t say I’d do different if our places were reversed.

My anger terrifies her, though the only person I’ve ever injured is me. My desperate crying when I dissolve into the world of my past abuse has exhausted her. She’s at her end and I don’t blame her having lived the other side because of my father.

Now I’ve been told I’m going both blind and deaf at the same time. Macular Degeneration and hearing nerve damage which hearing aids won’t help. I’m almost 70. I’m tired of fighting so many battles I’ve never had any chance to win.
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I'm so thirsty

But I have no energy to go make a bottle of Gatorade. I finally got comfortable in bed and my tummy hurts. I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up to see what time it was. I'm constipated again. I've been fighting with constipation since the colonoscopy. I go maybe once every 4 to 6 days. I've got sharp stabbing pains. It's probably just gas pain.

One of my doctor's thinks I might have ulcerative colitis. It's common to experience constipation with UC. I gotta have some labs done and I'll have them done on the 30th when I see my doctor.