Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative Colitis
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My doctor has suspicion

I emailed my doctor about what was found during the colonoscopy. He suspects I have ulcerative colitis. I'll have to wait for the biopsy results.

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Sorting the emotions

I'm over 24 hours since the colonoscopy and I am all sorts of cranky. I've got a migraine again. My tummy doesn't hurt anymore. But I'm just so confused about how I should feel. The doctor said it's probably not Crohn's. My PCP said it's probably UC. Or Ibd. I knew it was Ibd, just not which one. I'm stressed out about waiting for the biopsy results. I have to go to the hospital next week for labs before I can schedule a follow up appointment with my GI doctor. I'm exhausted. I've got too much in my head.

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