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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Sandeepjain1805. I'm here because I have been ill all my life - diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis at the age of 7, I am today left with no pancreatic function. My glands have weakened considerably. And now I have been diagnosed with neurogenic bladder and prostatitis. My anxiety levels are usually high. Mostly bedridden now, I am looking deep within to help get out of this....

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression

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Are you struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, or age-related health challenges?

Meet Kristo—he suffered from pains in his body, fibromyalgia, three heart attacks, and one stroke, and has been using a sleep apnea device since 2012.

After 25 years of diligently following the medications and surgeries prescribed to him, his long-term doctors informed him in mid-May 2019 that they could no longer do anything for him. By this point, his body had deteriorated significantly.

He could no longer walk well. His vision was only 30% after two failed eye operations. Using two crutches, he could move a maximum of 100 meters before losing balance and falling over due to the pain. He had been suffering from chronic fatigue for at least 30 years, dragging himself through each day.

His wife, his caregiver for many years, juggled her job in childcare with an unpaid "job" as a nurse, driver, cook, cleaning lady, gardener, and chef, leaving her little time in her busy, hectic life.

Kristo was told to get comfortable in a scooter for disabled people and a wheelchair because that was going to be his life going forward. Their world fell apart - until a friend introduced him to our program.

See the new man! Kristo’s journey from chronic fatigue and debilitating pain to renewed vitality is just one example of how our program is helping many people get their lives back holistically, without medications and surgeries.

We are looking to talk to 60 men and women, especially those over 50, who have health problems and are serious about finding a proper solution.

Your insights will help us build a program tailored to your needs. Participants will be rewarded with a 10% discount when the program launches. It provides transformative results, by the way.

Interested? YES or NO?

Comment below if you want to participate!


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Hi everyone, my name is Kyle and I’m new to this app. I was just curious if anyone in this group has chronic pancreatitis. I was in the hospital last spring for 2 months with a 50/50 chance I was going to make it . I’m hoping to chat with anyone with this illness and get some advice on how to deal with pain and the constant discomfort.

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Hey , my name is Kyle and I’m new to this . I was in the hospital for 2 months last spring with a 50/50 chance of making it out . I have chronic pancreatitis, and I was just wondering if anyone else on here has that same chronic illness . If so could you reach out , certainly be nice to find others and talk about how they deal with this constant discomfort and pain . 🍻

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is NGlucina111. I'm here because I have chronic necrotizing pancreatitis,inertia hernia in my groin ( which honestly is almost more painful than CP) one kidney and a decent variety of other issues!!

#MightyTogether #ChronicPancreatitis

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is WelshClare252. I'm here because I’d like to meet people who live with chronic illness but still try and remain positive

#MightyTogether #ChronicPancreatitis

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Happy New Year

Ive been living with depression since a young age. Pancreatitis for a decade, and recently was diagnosed with PTSD and a new auto immune disease - vascultis. Eff me right? 😅🤦🏼‍♀️

Just looking to meet like-lifed people who understand chronic illnesses (physical and mental) 🙂 - y’a know, just cause we ‘don’t look sick’ doesn’t mean we aren’t fighting serious battles right?🙋🏼‍♀️

All the best in 2024! Hope to meet some of you soon 😘💁🏼‍♀️

#ChronicIllness #PTSD #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicPancreatitis #Vasculitis #MentalHealth

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Think about housing before thinking about suicide

Wow! I just found out a person can be denied housing, if they've ever been on a psychiatric hold for a suicide attempt. What if the main reason for the attempt was because of lack of housing?!!

I wonder if they deny applicants who have any other life-threatening illness, like cancer or hereditary chronic pancreatitis.

#homelessness #DomesticViolence #Suicide #Stigma

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