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The only thing that makes me feel okay

The only thing that gives me joy these days is doing colouring sheets with my daughter, 4. Adding the coloured pencil to the white spaces gives me a spark of happiness where sometimes everything just feels like a muted grey. #colouring

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This is simply called “Bipolar#colouring 🖍 #DistractMe

I have had days were I’ve felt like I looked like this. Maybe not even this good looking in all honesty. But it’s my self portrait and what I see in the mirror #MightyTogether #colouring #BipolarDisorder

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Tres Rosas y Ojos del Estrellas #colouring #DistractMe

I’m really enjoying colouring again. It’s a weird thing that you really enjoy it as a child but you don’t carry it on as you get in your teens. For me anyway. I’m so glad I decided to do it again 😊🖍 #Happiness #ArtTherapy

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Colouring Books 📚 🖍🎨 #BipolarDisorder #RapidCyclingBipolarDisorder #Therapy

On Monday I visited my Godchildren and my goddaughter showed me her colouring in that she had done in her colouring book. For a 5 year old, it was absolutely brilliant. I’m not just saying that either and being biased. It was faultless.

She has a book of Unicorns which she colours. Each page is a completely different picture with a variety of sections to colour so that you can make it as vibrant as you wish or a spectrum of shades and tone of just one colour. The choice is yours.

She asked if I wanted to help her and colour a bit in too. Of course I did. I was really enjoying myself until she stopped me in my tracks and said I need to get my own colouring book and practice 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

So that’s exactly what I have done. It arrived on Wednesday and I’ve just finished my first picture now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really therapeutic. I hope you like my ‘Dia de los Muertos’ skull 💀 #colouring #DistractMe

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Bit difren

Me no it note xmas animore me bouhgt a bok to color butt neber got to do it butt it takn long tim to binish cos ob my desures.
Jus fuohgt a mor sparkli pitur




Does anyone else is thinking that right now it's kinda nice that people are not judgemental about you staying at home? I mean now mostly everybody's staying at home and practicing "social distancing" and it's more acceptable now than ever so it's kinda releases the pressure of going out and being productive every minute of the day. What do you think? #Selflove #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Reading #colouring