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How to cope when depressed and feel bad about a loved one’s mental health and chronic pain?

I get depressed and unhappy sometimes though I’m trying hard to change my life and do my best I often feel like a loser, I cry and feel negative though I try to be positive, my mom is often the same and worse than me, she struggles with chronic pain, I wish I could help her and sometimes I wish I was someone different a better version of myself, I put myself down and compare myself too much. I feel so lost sometimes :/ :( #selfcomparison #Comparison #loser #Depression #ChronicPain #illness #Health #Family #Parents #lost

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Any tips for when you feel like a loser? :(

Sorry if it sounds negative but any tips for when you’re feeling really low about yourself/ your life? Thanks 🙏

Appreciate any little pick me ups or those who can relate to this sometimes :c #lonely #sad #down #Low #hardonmyself #loser #lowselfesteem #Trying # headspace #Depression #Anxiety #Pickmeup #Tips #Selflove #Quotes #bad day #beatingmyselfupemotionally #selfsabotage #wantselflove #wanttoworkonselfcompassion

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Let us show you how not to be #loser #Depression

Not everyone is supposed to be happy or successful. We are the ones that are there to remind the better people what can happen if they fuck things up too bad for them. We provide a valuable service to the better half.


I'm a walking failure #Suicide #failure #loser

I'm an starving artist from the 3rd world an idiot who thought a good idea to make a career out of a passion and for the last 3 years I tried over and over to make it work to the point I don't enjoy what I used to anymore. I don't enjoy anything my motivation do do whatever is on an all time low I don't have resources to get professional help nor family to support me and friends...I have but I cannot charge them with my issues...I'm on my own struggling to find even a day job with an empty fridge and a country that raises taxes by the day with noisy neighboors that severely affect my mental peace. I cannot follow I don't know if I want to keep going just to fail again and again I'm tired of hearing that BS about thinking positive and things will get better because they do not. Good stuff happens once in a while but it is not enough to grow a desire for life. Also I've been single for almost 3 years now with some quirks and kinks that make me unable to find a partner and the it's the depression thingy...I'm starting to believe that people with the desease do not apply to have happiness or couples and stuff my father for example has depression ( among other illnesses and it just...destroyed our lives....And now I'm following the same deseased path trying to find i don't know what on this random corner of the internet I don't know why.


Story time

In therapy, I’ve been talking about past friendships that have ended with me being forgotten and left behind. My beliefs from those experiences have been something along the lines of how I’m weird and a nobody. It’s been bugging and haunting me recently, especially how I think that I’m weird in a bad way. In my friendships, I was the odd one out. Everyone was athletic, liked the same music and other similar interests. I was very different. I wasn’t athletic. I liked video games, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Sherlock, and obsessed about those things almost on a daily basis. Now whenever I try to enjoy those things, I only think that those are the reasons no one likes me. I’m a geeky loser. I really want to enjoy those things without hating myself for it. #sad #alone #loser #lonely #angry


Struggling everyday

How do you deal with being overshadowed by a sibling? Everyone in my life including my parents love my younger sister more. I will always be the problematic one while she can do no wrong. I’m tired of being ignored, misunderstood and unloved. The worst part is I believe everything negative that I hear about myself. There’s not a day where I don’t have to convince myself that suicide’s not the answer.
#unloved #loser #failure #tired