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I hate the feeling of being #depressed and wanting to be #alone #isolate but knowing that you shouldn't. Emotionally burned out and wanting to ststay depressed in my house but instead committing to being with people because I know that's better for me 😰😭😓



I have #BPD which means I have a fear of abandonment & a co-dependent relationship. My BF is a manager of his nursing staff, so we can’t see each other. I live #alone & I self #isolate as another trait of BPD. But too much alone time becomes really #Dangerous, since my #moods can change so rapidly & my sadness can be super intense. My parents are picking me up tomorrow to take me to their house. I hate never feeling at home anywhere. I just wish I knew if & when this will be over. I want warm sunny weather & to be able to go out & adventure.


Tired of Being Too Much for Everyone

Why can't I have a normal hang put sesh with my family without BPD screwing it up for me. I always get my feelings hurt or habe the wrong thought or reaction to something. Then I cant get off the paranoia track. Then shame bc I https://know.its an episode and I cant exert enough control over my body to not cry. Then the whole temp of the room shifts. Nobody can seem to just ignore me until I bring it around so I end up habing to leave and wanting to #isolate all over again. It just makes me want to give up hope that I will ever be aware enough or control enough of my own body/brain. let alone habe steady relationships.
#itnevergetseasier #TheMighty #Bpdstrong


Is a #pwbpd prone to #isolate at #Work ?

#coworker with diagnosed #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderline arrives at work in morning, shuts herself in office with door closed, doesn’t come out to say #Goodmorning to #Coworkers. #nocontact whatsoever for most of day.

Could this be a trait of coexistant #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder as well?



Today is a new day! Trying to get back to myself, less miserable. Maybe I’ll get out into the sun today, sometimes that helps. Still want to #isolate but trying not to.
#RheumatoidArthritis #CVID #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ChronicIllness



I isolate myself in my room from my husband and kids bc I don't wanna be asked what's wrong all the time, or why are you angry? If I stay in my room No one bothers me and then I won't have to anserw ?? I don't even know!!


Tough spot

I live alone and #isolate a lot. I have one older friend, that's it, locally. Aside from the wonderful staff at the clinic where I receive services. #social -phobia is difficult for me. I feel #lonely but I sort-of don't want company. Strange. #schizoaffective makes life so challenging. Any suggestions?