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    Wishing everyone a healthy happy week! And keep doing the best you can. #Late night thoughts

    I struggle with thoughts of my abuse in the past. But it’s gotten slightly better with therapy. I’ve lost some friends that were supposed to be there for me in the past. But I’ve learned that they weren’t meant to be there. It’s better that I realize now than in the future. I believe it’s to help me succeed into a better life. Sometimes the things that hurt us at the moment are for our best interests. I hope whoever is struggling with a loss of a friendship sees some light in it. I’m talking about friends who said that they were there for you but ended up not when you needed them. Also, sometimes it’s not about us but about what they are going through. Some friends just do not know how to appreciate you. While it sucks, just remember there are good relationships out there. And you deserve better. This is just a little positive statement to cheer me up and hopefully you as well.



    In a constant battle between mind and body.

    My dreams... My capabilities... The capabilities of my illness....

    #Late #Night #Thoughts #ME #warrior #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Anxiety #Depression

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    Hope this brings a #smile

    Things have been hard recently, so just sharing this in hopes it brings a smile. #ME #warrior #Late #Support #Anxiety #smile


    Schooling with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the misdiagnosis

    All those parents having to teach their kids is a eye-opening experience. I may not be a parent, but I was a child once. Not only was I a child, I was a misdiagnosed child who was claimed as having ADHD and even took medication for it and saw no difference. I still spun in circles, rocked in chairs, hated scratchy clothes that felt like sandpaper. I'd look around at my peers and saw they were miles ahead of me on paperwork while I was just on the 4th question. I felt like I failed my teachers as well as my family. I was diagnosed in 2016 at about 17 years of age. Relief flooded me but I always felt stuck. I found my calling at a young age, art. I couldn't understand school and so it made me have shutdowns after shutdowns. Most kids outlets were socializing but with autism its hard to communicate. My outlet is art and probably will be for a while. Remember to cherish your kids, especially in times of crisis like COVID-19. Who knows what memories they will keep with them for a lifetime. Both need to take frequent breaks from stress when you can, and when your kid won't speak or cries, please realize it may be from frustration and not disobedience. Please realize its hard on us as well, you just have to teach a little differently.
    Love ya
    -The artist HJH
    #Autism #Misdiagnosis #Late#LateDiagnosisASD #COVID19 #keepgoing #artist #seeme #Aspergers #Bekind #HappinessCanBeFoundEvenInTheDarkestOfTimesIfOnlyOneRemembersToTurnOnTheLight