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Qualities of an effective #MentalHealth professional

These are not nearly all the qualities needed to be an effective mental health professional, but they are definitely included in that list. I have always had an interest in the human mind. I can't even remember when I started reading about psychology because it was so early on. I did independent study for recreation long before it was ever offered to me as a course in school. Psychology, writing, and music (band) were my life for a very long time, and at one point, I was working on a double major in psych and journalism. I explain all this to show that I am familiar with the field in multiple ways, since I've also been treated for mental health. When I was seeking treatment, I went through several people before finding someone that was right for me. Most just weren't the right fit for me, but some weren't the right fit for the industry. It's not a job that just anyone can do well, and it needs to be done well because they can really impact a person's life. So, when looking for someone to treat your mental health, look for these qualities, or if you're entering the mental health field- evaluate yourself for these qualities and work on them if you really want it. Your patients deserve it, and as a patient- you deserve someone that really wants to help you and has the ability to do so. For more from me, visit the link in my profile. #MentalHealthprofessionals #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #Therapy #counselors #therapists #psychologist #psychology


When did life become so hard? #CheckInWithMe

I read a post that said “I wasn’t myself for months and no one noticed. I felt that.” I’ve given a lot of thought to this lately, when times get difficult and rough, it’s normal for me to revert into silence and self-isolate from everyone. It’s something that I’m really, truly working on. After going through a rough year, now being stuck in quarantine, and working from home. It’s been a challenge.. There are days when it’s a constant battle to get out of bed and function, working from home only makes it easier to stay in bed and not want to do anything.

I see my own therapist weekly, we message each other between sessions and that helps, she’s even helping me get an ESA pet. As a Registered Intern myself, there’s a lot of shame in admitting that I’m struggling. I love my job, and I help my clients, but outside of work? It’s a struggle. My family doesn’t understand, my friends also don’t really understand either. When I visit my family, I see my dog and I just cry. I cry a lot, actually. My family and friends don’t understand what it’s like identifying as an LGBTQ+ person in the state of our world, in the middle of a global pandemic. And so, my mental health suffers from it. #lgbtqmentalhealth #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthHero #MentalHealthprofessionals #registeredmentalhealthcounselingintern

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#MentalHealthResources FREE TRAINING COURSES CPTSD #Triggerfree #Mentalhealthsafezone

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network is website dedicated to trauma occurring during childhood. Often experiencing multiple traumatic events are common for these children, resulting in very complex manifestations of trauma. This can result in detrimental consequences later on and for the remainder of the child’s life.
A lot of adult mental illness can be traced back to a traumatic or “stressful” childhood.

Families with children dealing with #boderlinepersonalitydisorder could potentially find these resources helpful. I know a common reaction of caregivers when considering their own part in their child’s behavioural and mental health is immediate defensiveness, often on part due to a misunderstanding of the word #Trauma

Traumatic events, especially for young children can be a lot less “traumatic” than adults assume. Traumatic events cause children an intense amount of #Anxiety .

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers free webinar training, I think it is also possible to receive continuing education credit with some courses. These courses would be great for #MentalHealthprofessionals
#Parents and #MentalHealth patients.

Family centred treatment, is by far more supportive than being out on your own. Especially for emotional regulation disorders, it is essential that other family members of those with poor mental health or who have experienced trauma to be well in formed on crisis intervention, de escalating situations all while staying trauma informed. So that a supportive recovery environment can be achieved.

I encourage you to check out the website and register for their free online education centre, which also includes a 6 hour psychological first aid course and more.

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The free education and training:

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*Due to the nature of many posts online, I’ve decided to make an account and share safe positive mental health information and resources I’ve found that have helped me with my own treatment and recovery process. I do suggest that people in sensitive mental health states to be aware of the negativity on your social media fed. Are the posts and people you are following from the perspective of possible recovery? Or are they always on a negative train of bad thoughts?
Influence, has a huge impact on your overall mood.*

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