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Hi! Mom of teenage girl. New to the group.

I have Bipolar 1 and am going through a rough menopause. I feel very guilty all of the time and worry about how all the combined symptoms and my needing to focus mostly on self care right now. My husband has really stepped up with household chores, spending more time with her too- if I’m honest , this makes me jealous - even though I’m very greatful-I see them bonding more as I feel we are drifting. I know she loves me but …… it’s just painful. I welcome input from parents- especially moms going thru menopause who’ve raised teenagers!!! Please respond if want.I feel pretty lost right now. #Bipolar #menopause #TeenMom #Christian

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single teenage parent.

I’ve been a teen mom for almost 4 years. I got pregnant at 17 and had my son when I turned 18. I have had custody of my son for almost 4 years now, he was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder just short of two years old. I have had him his whole life with no help or support. His birth dad just got out of jail a few months ago (we we’re together for 3 years then broke up before I found out I was pregnant) he now wants to be in my sons life. I’m glad he is passing his drug tests but he keeps breaking his probation, I still let my son see his dad although they have only seen each other a few times, I get jealous when people tell him how good of a job he’s doing...he is a drug addict in and out of jail only saw his son a few times (although he SWEARS he’s not his when we ALL know he is) but people always tell him he is such a good dad doing a great job yet he has only saw our son 5-6 times...I have had our autistic son almost 4 years all on my own now going on 22 years old...I feed him, changed him, soothed him all through out the screaming and sleepless nights, I can’t get a job because he needs 24/7 care so I am on assistance, very low income struggling to get by, I pay $90 cab fare to get to his speech and OT appointments, I’m sleep deprived but I make sure I get my son everything he needs and give him all my time in the world but NOBODY, NOT ONE person ever praises me, every asks me if I need a break (I’ve had no breaks in 4 years not once have I been away from my child) nobody thanks me, or tells me that I’m doing a good job...nobody asks me if I need help..I haven’t done drugs or been to jail and I have stepped up for my baby since day one when he couldn’t. why am I so bothered by this? do I have a right to be upset? am I blowing this out of proportion? am I maybe seeking attention? depressed? jealous? wrong for thinking this way? I truly hope I am not alone nor in the wrong...I know I shouldn’t care but I do...all my hard work has gone unnoticed and I’m left grieving with the consciences my ex failed to take, #Singlemom #singleparent #ASD #Autism #ADHD #Depression #TeenMom #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #alone #MentalHealth

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#MentalHealthResources FREE TRAINING COURSES CPTSD #Triggerfree #Mentalhealthsafezone

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network is website dedicated to trauma occurring during childhood. Often experiencing multiple traumatic events are common for these children, resulting in very complex manifestations of trauma. This can result in detrimental consequences later on and for the remainder of the child’s life.
A lot of adult mental illness can be traced back to a traumatic or “stressful” childhood.

Families with children dealing with #boderlinepersonalitydisorder could potentially find these resources helpful. I know a common reaction of caregivers when considering their own part in their child’s behavioural and mental health is immediate defensiveness, often on part due to a misunderstanding of the word #Trauma

Traumatic events, especially for young children can be a lot less “traumatic” than adults assume. Traumatic events cause children an intense amount of #Anxiety .

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers free webinar training, I think it is also possible to receive continuing education credit with some courses. These courses would be great for #MentalHealthprofessionals
#Parents and #MentalHealth patients.

Family centred treatment, is by far more supportive than being out on your own. Especially for emotional regulation disorders, it is essential that other family members of those with poor mental health or who have experienced trauma to be well in formed on crisis intervention, de escalating situations all while staying trauma informed. So that a supportive recovery environment can be achieved.

I encourage you to check out the website and register for their free online education centre, which also includes a 6 hour psychological first aid course and more.

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The free education and training:


#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlineStigma #PersonalityDisorders #MoodDisorders #Suicide #Anxiety #GeneralParenting
#Parenting #SpecialEducationTeachers #Teachers #School #FamilyAndFriends
#DepressiveDisorders #SocialAnxiety #AnxietyAttack #AnxietyTips #CopingTips #PTSD #CPTSD #Interpersonalrelationships #TeenMom #Selfharm

*Due to the nature of many posts online, I’ve decided to make an account and share safe positive mental health information and resources I’ve found that have helped me with my own treatment and recovery process. I do suggest that people in sensitive mental health states to be aware of the negativity on your social media fed. Are the posts and people you are following from the perspective of possible recovery? Or are they always on a negative train of bad thoughts?
Influence, has a huge impact on your overall mood.*

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This is me at 17 with my baby girl who was a child of rape. The year leading up to her being born was hands-down the worst year of my life where I just seemed to attract predators on top of my family blaming me it happening. I couldn’t even call the police because they had me believing I did this all to myself. Even though I wasn’t protected or shown that love and compassion I deserved, I swore to my baby I would always be there for her and protect her with all I had. Unfortunately, because of all the abuse, I attempted to kill myself at 19. It was the thought of leaving her with my family that kept me going. Even with being assaulted again at 22, it was my little girl that motivated me to keep a roof over her head, food in her belly and clothes on her back and to shower her with all the love I had. She went with me to classes in college and graduated with me, even while my father had been found guilty of rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison. I dedicated my life to her, but after two more suicide attempts in more recent years, and now that she’s an adult, she’s turned her back on me. I think it’s because the symptoms of my CPTSD pushed her away but she won’t tell me why she won’t talk to me which breaks my heart so much... So I keep this photo of us on me at all times as a reminder that I was a good mom, even with all I went through.
#thursdaythoughts #MentalHealth #CPTSD #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicPain #TeenMom


What types of things do you mama’s do to battle your depression while raising a baby? I need some specific little things to help me get through it. #Depression #MentalHealth #TeenMom

I have done all of the classic things to make it easier to battle depression and anxiety to be able to keep parenting my baby but I want to know some specific little things that people do to battle. Especially from mom’s that battle similar things to me.


How am I supposed to take care of my child when I can barely keep myself together?

I’m a new mom and it is just so hard when i’m feeling extra sad. He gives me a reason to live but some days things just get to be too much. He is such an easy baby and barely ever cries, which is a blessing. I just feel guilty that some days I isolate myself. My mom is very supportive and loves to help out with him, which is nice. #TeenMom #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression