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After meltdowns - Upon the lows ... #metalhealth #Autism #Stimming #AutisticBurnout

After A Autistic meltdown, it’s very hard to get back to the world.
My senses aren’t working probably, my breathing freaks me out. My thoughts are to loud in my head. My body wont cooperate with me bump into things and drop glasses. I am very tired. I think this meltdown after match will last few days. The constant drumming moving my legs, my whole body to wake me up in my body few seconds then the sensory go everywhere again.
I want to be control off my own body again! #AutisticAdults #AutisticBurnout
Just wish they could go after the meltdown but the after low is upon me x
#MentalHealth #Autism #Stimming


How to tell the therapist about everything? #Depression #metalhealth #Therapist

I have serious mental issues and want to end it as i began to think about suicide. I want to see a therapist but I don’t know how I’m gonna talk about myself to someone I don’t know. I never tell anyone about my issues and what I’m going through. So, how I’m gonna talk ? I’m afraid to see a therapist because of that and my mental health getting really worse.
Help me with an experience or something.

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SONGS / MUSIC #Music #happy #metalhealth #Songs

Well, since the nap is called off, ( due to my cat,Gracie!!!).I've muted the movie on tv & turned on my music again.( my Youtube "like" playlist) Hven't listened to music yet today & been finding it too hard to follow a movie. Feeling a bit more joyful with my favorite songs playing !!!🎵🎼🎶


Don’t give up

"If there’s any after life why not get there sooner? If there’s not, why not end this terrible life? Take off my mask and call it. Because you're better than that, there will always be someone out there with it worse and you giving up does them a disrespect. Doesn’t matter if you have never met them, you are just letting you and everyone know that you are not tough, you are not strong, you are not able to withstand what could possibly be something you are just overthinking and is nothing but a blip on your entire life. Don’t give up just because you ran into a “wall”. Odds are it’s a hurdle. Doesn’t matter if you slice, hop, or run into it and drag this hurdle with you for far too long. Your life is still better off with you living it.

#Depression #Suicide #Pain #DepressionSymptoms #Anxiety #Life #metalhealth #Cancer #fighting #MuscularDystrophy #Undiagnosed