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    Well, there’s not much morning left, and here I am, dragging along both physically and mentally. I’m so tired these days, it’s painful. As I’ve noted in previous posts, I need to get back to my sleep apnea therapy (especially because I’m on a new medication that makes me drowsy!), but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet. While I’m super grateful (and actually look forward to) therapy this afternoon, I worry (—there’s a surprise!) I’ll be too fatigued to really gain something from it. Furthermore, I haven’t completed all the tasks I’d planned to for said session, and that always makes me feel guilty. Anyone else dragging this last January Monday?
    #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Fatigue #Guilt #MightyTogether

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    Finally Found My Happy Warning, this is a bit of a novel.

    I was diagnosed with EDS, Bipolar, severe sleep apnea and a few other lovelies about fifteenth years ago. I’m closer to sixty than fifty.
    I’ve lived my entire life with pain physically, mentally and emotionally.
    I spent my life being told I was a hypochondriac, just looking for attention, or I was bipolar (not in the proper context), I was nothing but a troublesome bother.
    I’ve lived a life full of anger, depression and frustration.
    Luckily I’ve married a wonderful man who understands me. He has done everything he can to support me and help me get through it all. My family is a distant memory. Yay! I’m feeling much better for walking away. I am trying my best to find at least one thing daily I am grateful for.
    I have also been “Adopted” by my best friend’s family and am not judged.
    I lucked into the best neurologist going when I had a stroke. He knew immediately that I had Ehlers Danlos and has. spent a great deal of time helping. He’s gotten me the very best of medical care I can get.
    He has ruled out everything physically possible. He believes I may have Dystonia. Possibly due to environmental issues. More testing is coming.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am relieved and have finally found my Happy. Not every day is filled with Sunshine and Roses but I know I’ll be ok. That alone is worth more than I could ever imagine.
    I have finally found my Happy.
    I’m ok with that.

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    What do you wish others knew about your rare disease?

    One of the everyday challenges of living with a rare disease such as achondroplasia is explaining the rare disease to others (whether your doctor, family, friends, or strangers).

    What is something you wish others knew about achondroplasia? What is something you are just tired of explaining? Share in the comments below. ⬇️

    #RareDisease #Caregiving #Parenting #Achondroplasia #Dwarfism #SkeletalDysplasia #ChronicPain #SleepApnea

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    How do you relieve stress?

    Balancing self-care and daily responsibilities while living with achondroplasia can be challenging, especially when you're experiencing stress. How do you relieve stress as it relates to your condition? Let's share and help one another in the comments below. 💌

    #RareDisease #Parenting #Caregiving #Dwarfism #Achondroplasia #SkeletalDysplasia #ChronicPain #SleepApnea

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    What’s in your rare disease “toolkit”?

    If you live with a rare disease, you may have found that having a “toolkit” (real or figurative) helps you better manage your health, especially on days when it’s difficult to remember what might make you feel better.

    Whether it’s a list of coping strategies you have in your head, or a box of relaxing, distracting activities, a rare disease toolkit can come in handy. What do you have in yours? Share in the comments below.

    #RareDisease #Parenting #Caregiving #Dwarfism #SkeletalDysplasia #Achondroplasia #ChronicPain #SleepApnea

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    Three Mighty recommendations to start off your 2023

    The start of a new year can be a stressful time for all, but especially those living with a rare disease. We’ve rounded up 3 pieces to kick off 2023, which you can check out here:

    📱 11 Tips for Making Medical and Insurance Calls Less Frustrating:

    🩺 To the Parents Whose Children Have Been Diagnosed With a Rare Disease:

    ✔️ 5 Reasons You Need a Rare Disease Community:

    #RareDisease #Parenting #Caregiving #Achondroplasia #Dwarfism #SleepApnea #ChronicPain

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    👋 and welcome from your group leader!

    Hi there! Welcome to Let’s Talk Achondroplasia, a safe and inclusive space for peer support and connection around achondroplasia. My name is Sav. I’m the group leader of Let’s Talk Achondroplasia and a member of The Mighty’s staff. I’m here to share information and resources related to achondroplasia, as well as ask questions about your experiences.

    I’m so happy you’re here! Feel free to make a post introducing yourself and tell us about how ACH has affected you. You can share as much or as little of your story as you’d like — whatever feels right.

    #RareDisease #Parenting #Caregiving #Achondroplasia #Dwarfism #SleepApnea #ChronicPain

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is SoundExcape. I'm here because of my health

    #MightyTogether #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Depression #SleepApnea

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    Are your sleep patterns affected by the change in seasons? If so, how?

    One thing I know about the change in seasons is how the decreased number or light hours affects my sleep. For me, I realized that because it’s usually colder and dark in my room for majority of the day, I feel more inclined to take a nap or go to bed earlier even if I don’t fall asleep right away at night.

    What about you? What are your sleep patterns like in the fall and winter months compared to spring and summer?

    #Insomnia #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #SleepApnea #Depression #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Disability #MultipleSclerosis #CheckInWithMe

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