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My PTSD story.

The symptoms I experienced along my 50 year PTSD journey (so far):

- Childhood bed wetting

- Heart palpitations and arrhythmia

- Constant anxiety and fear

- Inability to connect

- Visual flashbacks (3 distinct images)

- Panic attacks

- Dizzyness and fainting spells

- Vision migraines

- Light sensitivity

- Sound sensitivity

- Emotional dis-regulation

- Dissociation

- Sleep paralysis

- Sleep walking

- Nightmares and violent dreams

- Night terrors and animated sleep

- Obstructive sleep apnea (10 years)

- Vagal freezes/shutdowns while driving

- Nighttime body spasms

- 10 to 30 daily neurogenic tremors - Been shaking for 18 months now...

- Leg Length Discrepancy and right hip pain caused by Psoas constriction

- Chronic upper back and neck pain due to Leg Length Discrepancy

- Temporary loss of function in right arm

- Every IBS symptom in the book

- A sudden loss of 25KG (55lb) over 3 months

- Sudden hair loss

- A loss of confidence in my ability to perform simple tasks

When you write it all down it looks pretty obvious right?

But when it's all you have ever known then you adapt and get on with life... Until your body decides it has had enough of compensating.

Just posting this in the hope it helps someone else identify this insidious condition.#PTSD

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Sleep interrupts my day

For decades I've had sleep issues. Recently in the past 10 years I've found I'm Type 2 Diabetic. My bad night sleep could translate into an afternoon nap that I've done for quite some time now. I'm finding it's interrupting my ability find some good work. I've been on bicycle tours where I've had to sleep. I've literally had to leave a trail to find some grass to sleep. Some guy walking the trail thought I had died. That's how bad it is. Sleep studies have shown only that I have sleep apnea. The cpap machine doesn't work, so I'm lost on what to do.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm taping my mouth shut for nose breathing during sleep, but that doesn't seem to really fix anything.

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Making improvements!

I know how tough this is. It’s been over 10 years and I’m sure I’ve shaved time off my life. Especially with all the recent info on sleep
Importance for longevity. BUT I’m getting more sleep now and it’s turning into a habit most from being extremely strict with the hygiene. #Sleep #Insomnia #SleepApnea

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Ice cream… with a fork

I just invented eating ice cream with a fork. Different. Mildly interesting. Completely unnecessary except that I enjoyed having an original idea and getting curious about it; also liked feeling experimental and playful. I am not afraid to be silly. Hear me moo!

Always reaching for more endorphins through play, humor, color, whimsy, art or music is one of my favorite strategies to ease my chronic pain. You’d think my arms would be longer. It was ridiculous to eat ice cream with a fork, like something a child would do. And yet it felt defiant in a satisfying and healthy way, too. I take my mental health very seriously.

Do yourself a favor and be more playful. Generously sample joy wherever you find it. It’s good for your health. Human adults tend to take themselves way too seriously, don’t you think? 🥳

#apathy #Anxiety #Depression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #SleepApnea #CheerMeOn #ChronicFatigue #Addiction #ChronicFatigueSyndrome

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Missed Two days of Work

I could not bring myself to go to work the last two days. I feel guilty for calling out and in a dream i had a panic attack and i felt like i was breathing through a straw and had chest pains and i put my hand on my chest and my heart was racing and beating very hard. I told the people near me and it was like they did not believe me or care, it was so terrifying. when i awoke i felt the pressure in my chest and my head felt like i was without oxygen for a minute. probably sleep apnea but i did still feel panicky. I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow but i feel i better go in.

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Recently, i am having terrible sleeping problems.. I mean i can't sleep the whole night.. But, the whole day i feel sleepy.. When it’s night, my sleep just disappears.. My psychiatrist prescribed me a specific medicine for my sleeping problem.. But, sometimes it seems not to work.. The whole night i am just awake.. My lights are off, i close my eyes and try to sleep for a long time but i can't.. That’s why, i can't even function properly in the day.. It’s also affecting my health.. I feel like i wanna sleep but i can't.. It’s bothering me a lot.. Also whenever i try to sleep, i feel so suffocated and i am even afraid to close my eyes sometimes for this.. My chest gets heavy and i can't seem to breathe.. If anyone here has any solution or some experience like this please share.. I really wanna know how you guys cope up with this... #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #SleepApnea #SleepingSickness

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I recently saw a new neurologist, hoping she would find a connection between my neuropathy and my fatigue. Instead she thought the fatigue might be related to my sleep apnea, which I thought was fully treated by my CPAP machine. She put me on Provigil, a stimulant used for narcolepsy and sleep apnea. It seems to be helping my energy, but unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that I often don’t realize how much a particular activity is taking out of me until afterwards. I have worked hard to find the right balance between activity and rest. Now it has changed, and I am going to have to learn my new balance by trial and error. Recalculating!!!

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How do you pace your energy levels throughout the day?

Symptom management when you live with achondroplasia can be challenging, especially when you only have so much energy to work with on any given day.

What is the most effective way you’ve found to measure how much energy you have to complete your daily tasks? How do you delineate your responsibilities if needed or slow down the pace?

#Achondroplasia #RareDisease #Dwarfism #Caregiving #Parenting #ChronicPain #SleepApnea

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I would sleep better if…

I am currently experiencing the effects of insomnia and thinking about all the what ifs. Anyone else? I just want better sleeeeeep. 😭

I think I’d rest easier if my thoughts weren’t going a million miles a minute, in addition to regulating the temperature of my room better.

What about you?

#Insomnia #ChronicPain
#ChronicIllness #SleepApnea
#Depression #BipolarDepression
#Anxiety #MentalHealth #Disability #MultipleSclerosis #CheckInWithMe

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