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What’s your experience with dream journals or sleep diaries?

Mighties, I’m contemplating whether it would be beneficial for me (or not) to keep some record of my sleep — whether I specifically keep track of my dreams or about my sleep habits in general 🤔… TBD.

Has anyone have experience keeping a dream journal or sleep diary? If so, did you find it helpful?

#Insomnia #ChronicPain
#ChronicIllness #SleepApnea
#Depression #BipolarDepression
#Anxiety #MentalHealth #Disability #MultipleSclerosis #CheckInWithMe

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How has achondroplasia affected your dating and love life?

From body image and dating to maintaining personal relationships, we know achondroplasia can affect life in many different ways (both good and bad).

Whether it’s stigma, lack of public understanding, or the impact your condition has on your confidence and self-image, it can be challenging to navigate relationships of all kinds.

How has achondroplasia affected your ability to date and explore romantic relationships, if those are of interest to you? Let’s share and help one another in the comments below. 💌

#RareDisease #Parenting #Caregiving #Achondroplasia #Dwarfism #SleepApnea #ChronicPain

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What is something you’ve noticed about your sleep patterns?

Having trouble sleeping, being up for most of the night, or even sleeping too much can be frustrating — I know it’s been for me 🙋‍♀️. Something that’s helped me, even in the slightest way, is identifying patterns that I can share with my therapist so we can brainstorm ways I can improve my rest.

A pattern I’ve shared with my therapist is the relationship between what I’m doing and thinking about right before bed, and how it directly influences the quality of sleep I get that same night. Realizing this has helped me become more mindful of my behavior and come up with different things I can do to (hopefully) increase the amount of Z’s I get a night.

What about you? What’s a pattern or something you learned that’s been beneficial to your sleep hygiene?

#Insomnia #ChronicPain
#ChronicIllness #SleepApnea
#Depression #BipolarDepression
#Anxiety #MentalHealth #Disability #MultipleSclerosis #CheckInWithMe

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Joe_. I'm here because I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for around 3 years. I have been medicated for anxiety and depression for 7 years.

Can anyone help?

After getting Covid-19 I have noticed my health deteriorating.

First of all I developed Crohn’s disease which is now well managed.

But by far my worst symptom to date is sleeping/fatigue.

Around 3 years ago I was on Mirtazapine but I found that it made me very sleepy and I had a an episode of severe anxiety and depression. My doctor switched my medication to Venlafaxine which helped massively. I changed jobs and things got better. I got Covid which took it out of me initially but I recovered and returned to work. This is when I started having problems with being tired all of the time. I had just been diagnosed with crohns so I thought it may be that. But when I got that managed and saw no improvement I just put it l down to depression and asked to increase my venlafaxine. Fast forward to now. Now my tiredness might not be as bad as other but it is massively affecting my life. I can get up with around 20 alarms and phone calls from my dad. I can also go to work hours a week. But anything else is hard work. Sometimes I come home on Friday evening and go to bed with out eating and drinking and wake up sunday morning around 10. Atleast 36 hours sleep. I still feel tired. On days off I can have up to x2 hour naps. I can’t cook, clean or do anything thing else.

On the surface I look like I’m coping. But I’m not. I’ve done a lot of research and back and forth to GP. I’ve had my bloods taken often. I’ve been tested for sleep apnea ect.

venlafaxine usually has an energetic side effect but not for me. I have decided to wean myself off the drug as I’ve heard about it making you sleepily in others. My gp is aware. I’ve gone down from 225 to 75mg. Im no better.

I’ve tried exercise, diet, supplements but nothing.

i will have to go on long term sick shortly because I can’t cope no longer. But when I do I know the depression and anxiety will come back. Work as sad as it sounds gives me some purpose.

the only other thing to mention that may be relevant is that I’ve got raynauds (self diagnosis). Also when I was doing exercise for a good 6-7 month my fitness band said I hardly got any REM sleep.

does anyone have an idea on what could be wrong with me or what I should be doing. Current plan is to get off this med and attend another sleep study. thanks for reading

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Hello All

First off I wanna say I am so so happy I found this group! 😊 Just reading threw posts has made me feel so much better and not so alone in my battle. Thanks for having me. Hello and sorry the circumstances. I'm gonna vent some here. Sorry in advance. I have been having a really hard time dealing with my husband and getting him to understand how I feel and what my everyday struggles are. He sees my struggles everyday, he goes to my most important doc appointments with me. He just always seems to brush it off as not a big deal and that I'm like "most people" I have severe symptoms that I have to juggle my daily life around and just pray and suffer threw it. I look normal mostly unless I'm hot then I'm super red and dripping with sweat. I can't go to far without getting to weak. I have migraines everyday all day. My stomach hurts badly every morning and I'm nauseous all day and have to smoke medical marijuana constantly because it's the ONLY thing that helps. Thank God for it. My husband of course knows all this.
Here's the thing. My two sons -12 and 18 and my husband all have bikes. I am actively trying to find one but tell my husband he needs to understand that i need to go when it's cooler -later in the day and of course have my little neck fan( by the way they are a life saver. Like 11 bucks at Walmart) and it needs to be a smooth path or bike way. He of course wants me to do the mountain trails and says for me to start out small on the hills in the yard and in the woods and that I will be fine.
He also wants to go camping, which I love to do but again the heat and I have to use the bathroom alot due to my condition and he gets mad if I wanna stay in his parents camper with them and not in the tent with him. Basically what I'm saying is I'm struggling here. I feel like a burden and not only do I feel completely alone( other than here with u guys) Its making me feel like I'm making my husband miserable. I mourn for the person I use to be. I'm greatful yet. I just don't know how to get my husband to understand. I get my sleep apnea machine Tuesday. I'm hoping it will help out with memory loss and some other symptoms. Things are just becoming to much. Could definitely use some prayer. Love to you guys and prayers for you all! ❤️

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is read2them. I'm looking for others who understand what it is like to live with chronic pain and always feel tired. I'd love to share ideas for coping with illness.

#MightyTogether #Depression #Fibromyalgia #Cancer #Narcolepsy #Arthritis #SleepApnea

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Fed up and lonely

#ChronicIllnessEDS #SpinaBifidaAwarenessMonth #ChronicFatigueSyndromeampME #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #Endometriosis #SleepApnea
My husband is frustrated, annoyed and always mad at me at the moment. I have the above conditions and juggle 3 businesses. I’ve been through a high pain flare recently so yes I’m on the sofa watching TV to recover. My husband does work long hours, he’s also self employed, drives many hours and is having a rough time at work.
I feel like because he’s having a rough time he’s turned into a bully at home, I try to stand up for myself but it’s really tough on me emotionally. My mum and dad are both narcissistic I feel that I have no one to turn to. There’s only clients in my life, no true friends to turn to. That’s because when I’m not working I’m recovering, friends aren’t interested.
All I want to do is run away and hide to get some peace. I’d stay in my Horsebox but I need electricity for my Cpap machine & fan that I have to sleep with. I’ve no spare cash for a hotel, I just don’t know what to do.
I thought maybe posting on here might help

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