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Let us pray for Texas# prayer#texas #Winter #storm

We have people on this site from Texas. They are in a frightful situation because of this unusual winter storm with freezing temperatures. Let us pray for them and the people of Texas, that help with come immediately from other states and / or federal government. Please prayer no matter your faith or beliefs. Thank you.


#Fibromyalgia #storm

My whole body is aching to the point that I am hyperventilating. We have a bad storm coming tommorow and my body can feel it. Its days like these that make having this disease really discouraging. #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #Pain

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There is a #rainbow of hope at the end of every #storm

So much going on these last few months.. good, bad, devastating, confusing. Just trying to keep myself focused on other things so I don’t let myself stay in the darkness. We all need love and support. I’ve been creating rainbows to send to people. 🌈 #ArtTherapy #create #Love #spoonielife #Support

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Keep breathing

#stressed #Anxiety #depressed #Insomniac #storm

This is my first Mighty post and I'm up on storm watch. I feel alone but watchful because my babies are sleeping in another room. I know I prolly shouldn't have posted this image but here I am. I'll try to sleep when the sun rises.

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She is the storm

The sun use to kiss her young face with hope.
Her skin glowing under the summers sun.
A few clouds form in the sky around her.
It slowly begins rotating.
A flash before her eyes throws her off.
Next she hears a big crack of thunder so ear piercing.
The clouds rotate rapidly around.
She's in the middle of the storm.
She is the storm.

-She brings debris but you see the beauty when she returns-

Aftermath of the storm

#MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Emotions #storm #Poetry #Poem #writer #Writing #Selfcare

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Today I noticed that I feel like I’m always drowning. I put so much energy into trying to stay above the water. I feel this quote. Like they said they feel like they don’t know what’s going on in their own life. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing. I want to be happy. I want to put my energy into calling my family or doting on my fiancé or being carefree for once or spending time with some sort of friends.

I miss all these birthdays that I don’t know are happening. I miss all these other things going on. My fiancé has all these awesome things going on that I’m proud of him for but it’s like none of this registers in my brain. Nothing settles and sticks. It’s hard for me to remember what someone said recently or what they did. At work I get so distracted by all the overwhelming tasks that I can’t stick to my routine.

And I’m getting tired and exhausted. Like my soul and my bones and my joints and my entire being are just so tired of fighting. I’m scared that one day I’m going to get as tired or more tired than I’ve seen my mom get and that I won’t be able to keep fighting. I’m tired of fighting every single day. I forget simple things and tasks go undone.

I’m constantly drowning and can’t get ahead.
#Drowning #storm #Tiredandhopeless