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I find myself obsessively observing my racing thoughts 💭 going to try to empty my mind a bit more and notice less for peacefulness

It’s hard been having a lot of anxious racing thoughts to more of an extreme lately I will try doing the worry timer exercise I’ve never tried before and noticing or talking in my mind a little less

It’s good to be self aware of your thoughts but I find lately I’m doing it to an extreme where I can’t stop them

And I’m not very active either
And very bad bedtime routine/ sleep schedules / diet etc

So I hope that adjusting some things will help my anxiousness and mental health right now.

Wish me luck! Thank you 🙏
Have a great day everyone sending positive vibes prayers of hope and love to everyone going through a tough time or needing that extra reminder :)
#anxiousness #nervous #Thoughts #Anxiety #maybeocd #DoingMyBest #Hope #coping #Meditation #emptymind #peace #luck

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It’s a Good Day #luck

Today I woke up feeling good. I made myself gorgeous as always! I logged into work and on my 15min walk I came across a feather! I’m very attracted to birds so I knew this was a sign from the divine that despite my mental status and my circumstances things are going to be better soon! I’ve worked hard and I deserve all great things coming my way! Plus last night I prayed a little longer! 😌🙏🏽🙌🏽
To those who are feeling low I pray you keep going! I pray you find something to hold on to! Not everyday for me is good so today I choose to embrace this feeling!
#feathers #goodluck