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Joy in unusual places #Depression #Christianity #Faith #Animals #Hope #Anxiety #MentalHealth

Sometimes God seems to bring joy in the most random ways. Recently I was interstate to meet up and encourage a great couple who are ministers in a little country town.

We went walking in the bush and suddenly heard thundering hooves. I looked around and saw a beautiful, big, horse galloping toward us. I reached out my hand and Jasper (I often give that name to animals) gently sniffed it, then came even closer.

He let me stroke his mane, and was so friendly. It seemed that God was encouraging me of His love and kindness. These random moments are super cool.

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Drs, Interrogation, and Finally, Endometriosis #MentalHealth #Endometriosis #delayeddiagnosis #Health

Hi All! Its been a tough year. I wrote previously about my husband’s death and grief. Now I would like to discuss the medical community.

For a year while caring for my husband after his stroke, I had symptoms of fatigue, abdominal pain, and digestive issues. I have many good doctors, yet whether in the ER or in the office, I was told nothing was wrong or I had constipation. I felt in this time, instead of having a conversation with me, some Drs interrogated me. I felt awful. I was recovering from PTSD, yet I felt my symptoms flare from feeling gaslighted.

A new Dr finally put me on the path in November to getting a correct diagnosis. I have endometriosis pervading my uterus, ovaries and intestines. However, it took until now-February-to meet with two surgeons-and I am still waiting on a surgery date. Again- over a year since my symptoms started.

I cannot help but wonder if Drs had a conversation with me instead of interrogating me if we would had reached this sooner. I do not know why so many diagnoses are delayed especially for women and those of us with mental health conditions. I can only say these interrogations left a path of distress until someone actually listened and put me on a path to a correct plan of action. I know many of you have these stories. I send hugs to all of you.

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Jennifer Maxwell. I am diagnosed BP2. I now care for my husband who has suffered several stroke. This impacts me as his comprehension, behavior and moods are ever-changing, It’s somewhat like taking care of me. So, I’m struggling to practice self care. Any experience would be appreciated.

#MightyTogether #BipolarDisorder

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Trying to figure things out. #Anxiety #Stroke #GuillainBarreSyndrome #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia

I am a mess. I’m a 71 year old widow. I am a GBS survivor. I have had 3 strokes. My granddaughter (23), her boyfriend (26), and my great granddaughter (6) had asked to stay with me temporarily as they were homeless. The boyfriend is not the father of my great granddaughter. They were with me from August until November. They left angry. After they left, my great granddaughter was taken by Social Services and placed in foster care. My granddaughter called me and asked if she and the boyfriend could stay with me a few days. I told them they could stay 3 nights. Am I being selfish? He has had 6 different jobs since August, and she has had 2. They are on ”suspension” from their current jobs. I am torn between wanting to help, but I have limited resources (on Social Security and a very small pension). I had to go on disability in 1996. Mentally I just can’t handle it. Thank you for reading.

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Odd cause of dystonic posture

#BrainInjury #Dystonia #Stroke #DegenerativeDiscDisease Hello. How is everyone doing on this fine feburary morning?

I've got a story that up until recently hasn't gotten any kind of spotlight until now. To start, from June 2022 to October of 2023 I saw physical therapy for an issue involving my left arm posture. The pt diagnosed fnd however the way the posture came about would suggest a different cause alltogether. When I would go to sleep my left arm would involuntarily move under my body & when I would wake up I would find it numb. I sleep flat on my back with my head on a few pillows. This arm sliding under my body would happen constantly. One day last march I woke to my forearm in an L position. No matter what the pt did we couldn't get it back down. I've now got a cushion inbetween the arm & chest however I will still find it in the L position despite this. Is there any reason why this would be happening?

Unrelated to this I got an emg done that showed muscle fatigue in a few muscles on the left arm but besides that it was normal. Could whats going on with my sleep be related to whats going on with my muscles & if so what could it mean?

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I’m in treatment currently for my depression. And my mom is in the neurological ICU dying after suffering the last few years from cancers and copd. Most recently broke a hip and had a stroke after her hip surgery. I’m 3000 miles away and my brothers are there with her. They continue to take every measure to keep her alive despite what that means for the quality of her life. She’s basically drowning in her lung fluids until the hospital removes the fluids. This a vicious cycle of draining and filling. I’m sad and feel like I’m on death watch by torture. (I know that sounds dramatic) but it is how it feels.

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Follow up to last post #Insurance #income #Retirement

Fast follow up to Saturday's "too long yet not full story".
Saturday was about https://my.worries that my lung cancer progressed and that I had symptoms of mets to the brain or a stroke (slurred speech and worries about balance).

The main anxiety this weekend was the need to apply for my retirement after stressful years at my workplace. I have to mke it through to at least April so that I can continue with my current coverage for my spouse and I after retirement. This is important for my cancer treatment obviously, assuming it is still successful. Also for my husband (he's retired.)

This assuming that my HR does not release me before April (remaining sick leave days and the fact that I am starting to slur my )speech
OR that I dont trust our state government benefits administration (CALPERS for those of you inCalifornia) nor my union to back me up.

I am assuming all will go through for my sanit...and expecting planning for the worst from experience.

And planning for my husband is important. I have been taking care of legal paperwork and contracts since we've been married since I found he relies on trust, optimism and his hopes to be what will happen in contracts and legal documents.

If it were just me, and I had my current doubts about my survival, I would quit and stopped my expensive treatment and daily meds and let the cancer take its course.

Im old, nothing is working out in life, and I rarely leave my house or see friends since 2021. The world is turning into an ugly place. I have books to read and maybe the remaining ability to go for a occasional ride in a car before i die. If i have insurance with my current HPO, I can get hospice care for the end.

I'm tired this weekend was not the rest I needed. Work tomorrow. Sorry for the pos, but I needed to say this.

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I’m just tired of having a #Headache / #Migraine for 5 years

I had a #Stroke 5 years ago and when I woke up from my coma I had a #Migraine and I had it ever since. I’m just #tired of it.


Hi, I’m new!

Hi there! I found The Mighty and this group today while searching online for an MS support group. I am 28 years old from New York and was diagnosed a few weeks ago with MS after a very dramatic diagnosis journey of about two years.

It started in March of 2022, but they didn’t look in my brain until I had a stroke as a complication from covid this past June. While doing the MRIs for that they noticed the other spots that lead to a diagnosis. I understand this is quite quick for a diagnosis of a chronic illness, and pretty lucky that I didn’t have to work hard to advocate for myself and fight my way through it like in some other people’s journeys.

Although I consider myself lucky to have a diagnosis, even if it came from having a stroke, I have been struggling these past few weeks since the official diagnosis doctors visit. I could use advice dealing with all of these sudden life changes throughout the last few months and was looking for someone who can relate.

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