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Acute Stress Disorder
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    Too much pain to bare

    Ok so I have had quite a bad thew years my mental health has tuck such a swan dive over the past thew years I have always had depression and anxiety and suffered from self harm as well as being dyslexic,since being about 8 years old when I was 16 I thew my back out and ended up with sciatica hought nothing of it till I got older and it got progressively worse I now have chronic sciatica as well as arthritis starting and I suffer with acute migrains trigger by most things my point is most days its a hard task to force myself out of bed but I do to work work is the one thing in my life I can control if that makes sense I just dread the day I can no longer work, the pain has got so bad lately im finding it hard to deal im trying to find some thing that keeps me going but that is coming hard to find ,and now im waiting to be tested for autism and the stress from just waiting for that is hard to bare some times im scared senseless, im 36 and a reck my life some days feels like it is so out of control I just don't know how to keep going there I said it I hold on to so much and don't say anything I feel this anger boiling up inside and don't know how to release it so I do the only t h ing I know how push it so far down that it has a ripple effect on my life and well being #Dyslexia #Selfharm #Depression #anxiaty #AcuteStressDisorder

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    Battles of the Mind a poem by me

    <p>Battles of the Mind a poem by me</p>
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    Scriptural promise manifesting in my life

    In 1 John 4:18 it says that “perfect love casteth out fear” and I got to see that come to fruition without me noticing until afterwards.

    Music plays a huge role in my life and is one of my main coping tools for my mental illnesses. I created both “Depression’s Bane” & “Anxiety’s antidote” playlists quite awhile ago, but more recently I looked back on the songs that ended up on my anxiety playlist. Every song was about either God’s love for me or my wife’s. So whenever my anxiety is trying to overwhelm me I have those songs to remind me that I blessed to be loved and have no need to fear.

    If you wish to check out my playlists in case some of the songs I picked would be helpful to you, you can find them on Apple Music or on my YouTube channel “Nerd,Patriot, Disciple”

    #Anxiety #HisLoveNeverFails #AcuteStressDisorder #Music

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    Hi I’m new.

    Hello. My name is David. I developed #AcuteStressDisorder after surviving a car fire. I also have #Depression & #Fibromyalgia . I work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. Looking forward to reading what others with this illness have to share

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    The Links Between Stress and Autoimmune Disease

    Stress and autoimmune disease have strong links, but people often overlook them. We find that connection in three different ways. If you give me a minute of your time, I’ll tell you what they are and where you can go from here. I’m willing to bet that if you have an autoimmune disorder, this won’t come as a surprise to you. People with chronic severe stress have an increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease. People exposed to long or short-term extreme stress can develop things like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), adjustment disorders, and acute stress disorder. Researchers found that in the long run, people with these diagnoses were more likely to develop an autoimmune disorder. In particular, people with PTSD were at risk for developing multiple autoimmune disorders. Sjogren’s patients are more likely to experience significant life stress in the year right before diagnosis. When comparing people who were just diagnosed with Sjogren’s and no other autoimmune disease (formerly called “primary Sjogren’s syndrome”), researchers discovered that those with the disease had higher stress than a comparison group in the year leading up to diagnosis. People with a variety of autoimmune diseases often report that stress is a trigger for symptom flares. Even though there are no large-scale studies confirming this, pay attention in any support group and you will see that many people find stress can bring on a flare. And then that flare causes more stress. The cycle can go on and on and on. It’s hard to deny that stress is related to autoimmune diseases. Life is stressful, you can’t avoid that. So what can you do, then? If you can tame the stress in your body, you can help cut down on those symptom flares. Strategies that help you prevent that buildup of tension, and even reduce it on demand can help bring your baseline tension down and interrupt that vicious cycle of stress-symptoms-stress.

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    What kind of eye masks have you tried?

    <p>What kind of eye masks have you tried?</p>
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    How do you manage financial stress? #Broke #Depression #AcuteStressDisorder

    I am 22 years old and completely financially independent. I pay for my own school, bills, car, and home out of pocket and I work full time and go to school full time. It is getting to the point where I can't even afford to eat 3 meals a day. When I vent to my peers most of them just say I should be saving more and that I should be able to afford everything since I work so much, but that is not the case. I feel like I can't afford school anymore but I am worried that without a degree I may never get out of this money situation I am in. How do I manage this stress?

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    I spend the day just fine, but by the end of the day or when I’m alone I have this weird rush of negative feelings, thoughts and the need to cry.
    Sometimes as a result I don't sleep well or have bad dreams and I don't wake up comfortable.
    What’s your explanation?

    #Depression #Anxiety #consulation #AcuteStressDisorder #Stress

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