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Acute Stress Disorder
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Becoming a grandmother

I thought becoming a grandmother would be the most exciting thing in the world. Instead it’s made me extremely depressed because I don’t get to see him. I don’t even get a FaceTime with him. My heart is broken by the way I was treated after he was born. It was during the pandemic. I found out later her Mother was able to hold him. I was not able to hold him until he was 8 weeks old and I had to wear a hazmat suit. Her mother did not. She was able to hold him from day one. My husband and I are a lot older than her parents and we are not as well off financially. My son aloud this to happen and did nothing to stop it. I do not feel anything anymore. I have a brain injury that has gotten worse due to the depression and hurt I suffer with everyday. I don’t feel like a grandmother nor am I treated as one. On my birthday this past October I got a call from both my sons thats it. I waited for a FaceTime from my grandson that never came. I was devastated. They live close by it’s not like it’s out of state. We are not aloud to babysit him. We have offered and they make an excuse. Christmas with Santa Claus not us. Easter bunny not us. Valentine’s Day came and I finally had to say I had a gift and it would not reach him in time. She told me they would plan sometime to come out. They stopped in for 90 minutes sat and looked at their phones. He got his gift and they left. Everytime they leave I am crying and depressed. I hurt my back lifting him to get the mail. I’m still trying to heal my back. That was the last time we have seen or heard from them. We don’t seem to matter to them. I wanted to do something with Santa last year. My son says make it happen!!! I don’t know what he means by that. Then I see they took the train ride with Santa and we were not asked to come along. So if they already did it then why tell us to make it happen. I really have nothing to live for anymore. It’s getting worse and my son is now a stranger to me. The only way to protect my heart from more damage is to pull away. I really don’t know what else to do. I’m not rich Lyme disease took all my money. These last 3 years have been a living hell. Lost my mother , my brother and 6 others to suicide. Plus 22 more. I can’t even work anymore on line.

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BPD & Zoning Out

Dissociation during times of stress is one of the main symptoms of BPD. It's also associated with acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), both of which can co-occur with BPD

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What’s bringing you joy today? What’s stressing you today?

Share your ups and downs today. We can feel both happy and miserable at the same time but they key is to make sure we are aware of the small joys which can lift us up.

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How stressed do you feel right now?

Choose the emoji that fits you best:

😇 - Not stressed, feeling #blessed.
😅 - Starting to sweat the small stuff.
😬 - I’ve got a lot on my plate but I’ll get through it.
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🥴 - Sick to my stomach, can barely concentrate.
🤯 - Stress is all I’m feeling right now! Help!

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is ladypicassa. I'm here because i struggle everyday with trying to physically keep up with all the stuff that needs to be done after i wake up. Chrinic fatigue, arthritis in my hands, stiff sore legs,hip,back. I am totally depressed over the 3 miserable relationships i have to look back on. I am single and alone. Life looks very grim now. I wanted a relationship with a guy that would love me and keep me forever , treat me kindly and be caring and respectful. I get diagnosed with probably MS in 1995 and my husband said he doesn't want a sick wife for his life. That one statement changed my heart forever. Changed how i see my self and i feel angry. I struggle to be happy because i feel stuck at the level i am at now and i feel there will never be a " happily forever after" #stress #lacunar Infarction ( silent stroke, Mini stroke)# Diabetes
#major Depressive Disorder
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#PTSD #Anxiety #AcuteStressDisorder

Is it me or my PTSD? I look fine on the outside. I have a home. I drive a nice car. What no one sees, sometimes sees during a siezure, very embarrassing. Have my dog. I used to be a firefighter/paramedic. Very embarrassing to need 911 now. They can't see the rape or the deviation that has occurred. While processing the I have lost my mom and dad and service dog. Which someone asked me to dig her up. To me, this is terrosim. What to do. God has gotten me through this. I feel like a weenie looking at other people's problems. 30 operations later, how do I cope?


Too much pain to bare

Ok so I have had quite a bad thew years my mental health has tuck such a swan dive over the past thew years I have always had depression and anxiety and suffered from self harm as well as being dyslexic,since being about 8 years old when I was 16 I thew my back out and ended up with sciatica hought nothing of it till I got older and it got progressively worse I now have chronic sciatica as well as arthritis starting and I suffer with acute migrains trigger by most things my point is most days its a hard task to force myself out of bed but I do to work work is the one thing in my life I can control if that makes sense I just dread the day I can no longer work, the pain has got so bad lately im finding it hard to deal im trying to find some thing that keeps me going but that is coming hard to find ,and now im waiting to be tested for autism and the stress from just waiting for that is hard to bare some times im scared senseless, im 36 and a reck my life some days feels like it is so out of control I just don't know how to keep going there I said it I hold on to so much and don't say anything I feel this anger boiling up inside and don't know how to release it so I do the only t h ing I know how push it so far down that it has a ripple effect on my life and well being #Dyslexia #Selfharm #Depression #anxiaty #AcuteStressDisorder