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27 and newly diagnosed with ADHD

I finally have a name for it. The thing that made me different from everyone else.. my sister my brother.. my peers.. I’ve always felt so misunderstood. Does anyone have any tips, and tricks? Or helpful things to share about being a women with ADHD?
This post isn’t a sad one, it’s the empowering kind! If you see this and you still feel unheard, please keep asking questions or finding new doctors.. with the right one.. everything will click and all the dominos will fall into place 💜 peace is coming you guys! Just keep fighting! #ADHD #adhdwoman #CowdenSyndrome #MentalHealth #Disability #IGotThisNow


DM me?

Looking for people who have an interest in listening/are the natural caregiver type. I live with schizoaffective disorder and osdd, among other things. Between disorders, i find myself in a child like identity quite often. It’s nothing fetishy, just dissociative. It would be really comforting to have someone chat with me in a nurturing way. I know I’m a stranger, but since my reality is false I can adapt to scenarios quickly. What I mean is it won’t be weird or unrealistic for me. Whether I’m childlike or not, I’m in desperate need of conversation. If you’d rather talk maturely I’m capable of that too. So feel free to DM. This is just an open invitation, nothing serious or weird! I’ll try to listen if you need also.

#SchizoaffectiveDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Schizophrenia #osdd #dissociativedisorders #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #EatingDisorders #Depression #lonely #Selfharm #venting #MoodDisorders #moodswings #ThoughtDisorganization #Suicide #identitycrisis #adhdwoman #Anxiety

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Getting tasks done during depressive episodes? Tips?

About 2 weeks ago I started a workout routine and it was going great. I felt happier. However I couldn’t focus on my other tasks so I had to stop. Now I have been eating whatever, laying around all the time, sleeping, binge watching tv and not getting anything done. I start a small task, but too soon that voice in my head says “Why bother? You know you aren’t going to finish this.” It’s not wrong. I still do some things I enjoy doing, but it’s the not so fun but very important things that I am struggling with. I’m also giving myself a hard time about quitting yet another workout routine. #ADHD #Depression #Motivation #adhdwoman #DepressiveEpisodes


New Here

Hi! I am new here and wanted to jump on. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 47. (13 years ago). I almost threw my career away because of it. Thankful to a coworker who pointed it out to me. Moving on to my 4th job in 3 years and I want to settle in to this one. I am trying to learn behavior mod and find the right medicine. Anyone have behavior mod ideas or what med works best for them, I am all ears.

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52 Small Things DIY #ADHD #adhdwoman #adhdwomen #Adhdinwomen #ADHD #52SmallThings

My DIY: Crocheting a snuggly pouch for my “little babies” Actually my Inner Child. Very calming


ADHD in girls: Often daydreamers not troublemakers

We all know the stereotype of what ADHD looks like: Hyperactive boys that cause a lot of trouble in class, at home and elsewhere. However, girls with ADHD often appear as daydreamers, rather than troublemakers. Maybe that's some reason why their ADHD condition remains undetected.

Read more on this important topic here: #ADHD #adhdwoman

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I’m New Here #adhdwoman

Hello. A nice person on a NAMI zoom workshop recommended The Mighty to us. I’m an older woman who got diagnosed with adhd in middle age. The stimulant meds changed my life in wonderful ways. Twenty years later I got an unacceptable side effect that 1%of post- menopausal women get and that was the end of stimulants. I’m struggling through my days with only some help with a nonstimulant. My desk and chair are buried in unfinished projects. Would be happy to get some support if there are ADHDers here. #adhdwoman



I often feel like I’m failing at being an adult. My kids think I’m fun, my nieces and nephews love me because I’m that crazy aunt, but I have a really hard time being around adults and handling adult things like bills etc. I often feel smothered by people and like my husbands fam is constantly judging me because of my quirky ways. I can’t seem to hold a job to save my life, So I’m a stay at home mom. I try my best but often feel like I’m failing at this too. I feel like my husband is a “real” adult, and I’m just out here floundering in this world! I have adhd, often my world seems chaotic to others. I know my chaos, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be around me or hold a conversation with me because I’m all over the place with topics, my house gets cluttered due to my lack of organization skills, I lack structure, I often refer to myself as “a feather floating in the wind”. I guess that’s why I get along better with kids. Idk just feeling like I missed the boat these days. I think I should have a career by now or at least some form of education under me. I do have 3 awesome sons, my oldest is 19, middle Is 7, youngest is 10 months. Im 36. I want them to be proud of me, I feel like all I’ve accomplished in life is being a mother and I’m a pretty decent cook when I remember to do it lol. And as much as I adore, and appreciate this title and would not trade it for anything, I do feel like people are expected to be more than this now days which in turn makes me feel like so much less of a person. I often think my husband married a dud. I know I’ve got something to offer just haven’t figured that part out yet, I feel passionate about too many things I guess. Well here I go rambling on lol!! #adhdwoman #MomGuilt


Silver Linings in dark skies

Sending Loving Kindness to all beings...we are all in this together. That's what a customer said to me randomly (it seemed at the time).  Maybe my face didn't hide my worry or frustration at that moment, as I had trained myself to hide all my life.  

Be strong, keep moving forward, don't let it beat you, my mantra became "what matters." The mantra came up a year ago while working a temp job. I used all the coping skills I could find. Guided meditations, bull-shitting with coworkers, looking up mantras and trying to keep them in mind.  Trying to fit in time for yoga and walks and hoping to meditate to rest my mind and body after a stressful day at the office.
#COVID19 #copingskills #Yoganidra #ayurvedicyoga #Meditation #lovingkindness #sharonsalzburg #Zen #anxietysufferer #adhdwoman