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    Bad days #Depression #Daybyday #darkthoughts #Anxiety #overwhelmed

    So, I'm new here and I woke up kinda down. I don't really know why but when I woke up, I just wanted to go back to sleep. After not sleeping really well for a few hours then tossing and turning, listening to music, than reading fanfiction about my anime. I cut different parts, just small ones, and I just want to actually sleep.

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    #Anxiety #PTSD #FibroFog #MentalHealth #Inspiration #Daybyday #Selflove

    Day by Day. Even when everything hurts, now it won’t last forever. To anyone that needs to hear this, You are loved and you will to be okay. 💞

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    #Anxiety the above picture is just something to help us chuckle together. One aspect of GAD that saddens me the most is social anxiety; it "wins" in even the simplest excursions. I've created a safe room within my house, away from the toxicity from my husband. This has helped tremendously, having a safe place to learn, study, expand my mind, gain support through the mighty! Depression and GAD are a tough haul. My "techniques" for targeting these may change from day to day . One little game i sometimes do (on an easy day) i will tell the anxiety "I dare ya to get bigger! Go ahead, i dare ya to get bigger!" In the right circumstances, this works. (Advice from my therapist)


    Rapid Cycling, Crisis & Suicide to Walking in the Calmness

    Today can only be described as organised chaos. I knew the thought of housing, having no fixed address, worry about the toll on Relationships being at home and having no one to fall back on in crisis now we're on lockdown.

    Organising all this in my mind & then having to act as the list couldn't be ignored. I know all this is what's messing with my sleep and dreams. After dealing with the nightmares: I realise what had been triggering me subconsciously.

    I woke today knowing I was in crisis with no crisis team. That needed to be dealt with before things spiralled. I can handle rapid cycling and myself, but today going through all the channels I needed too. It made me dip so low and left me exhausted.

    In crisis I feel unsafe, amongst dealing with housing and homeless, I also had to fight for support I was probably in need of. Not in the frame of mind of begging for, but doing that kept me safe.

    These thoughts of reflection, calmness and an element of peace are my reward for doing what I did today, even though I didn't know if I'd make to the end of the day.

    There was nothing to catch me when I fell this morning. I didn't handle it with much grace emotionally, but I knew that I'd got this far the last few weeks & realised I can't keep doing that or I'll really relapse. There will be consequence as there always is, I guess today was about prevention.

    This morning I knew none of the sort, I just did what I felt my only options were. I was on my own and started to feel at risk.

    If you are in crisis, feeling unsafe, or even just needing a chat to try process outwardly. There is safety in reaching out & asking for whatever you feel you need to stay stable in these new times.

    A balance of keeping things in perspective of what can be done and what I need was a tricky slope, it was hard but it wasn't impossible.

    Even in a pandemic I received support and got things put in place that I didn't even have when I woke up. Which is what I needed to take the fear of risk of my shoulders.

    I am safe, settled and I feel supported.
    I feel I can see all this through. My garden needed tending it was overgrown. 🌻🌻

    I'm thankful that I was proactive because other wise I'd be sitting here in the same state I was. I have options for my mental health, my house that got caught up in lockdown shutting agency's and knowledgeable about the steps I need to take after this is all done. Mentally, physically and metaphorically 😉💗

    I hope you are all well, today's been testing which is when I always reach for the mighty. #MightyTogether

    Please ask for help or support in whatever way you need, even in a pandemic anything that threatens your own stability is still worthy 🙏💙

    Goodnight all, take care 🙌

    From a very exhausted Scottish lass X

    #CheckInWithMe 💞

    #BipolarDisorder #quarantine #Anxiety #Crisis #CrisisPlan #Lowmood #Daybyday #itsokaynottobeokay #ItsOKMan #52SmallThings 💗

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    I am a healthcare worker who took all the universal precautions. I really thought it would be ok if we followed the same precautions we always did, and I did manage to avoid COVID19, but still got the flu (yes I was vaccinated), and brought it home to my wife. This tells me that I may very well of brought it to my Mom, my other clients, and God knows who else. This is eating me up inside. Our governor listed us as essential workers, but I am afraid I may have done more harm than good.

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    2019 broke me, but you saved me

    I lost a baby that I loved and never even got the chance to meet. 2019 absolutely broke me. It broke my heart, my spirit, my passion, my fire inside, and left me leaving the year in a fog that I felt I couldn’t escape. I fell into deep depression, I lost the battle to my anxiety, I planned for ending my life, I cried, I yelled, I was numb, I was someone I did not recognize. I failed as a parent, I failed as a wife, I failed as me....But I got up. I went to therapy. I went back to church. I took it day by day and I had real conversations and opened up like never before, not only with my therapist, but with friends, my husband, and myself. 2019 may have broke me, but it also reminded me of how strong I am and how fiercely I am loved by my husband. My husband, the person who literally picked me up off the floor in my puddle of blood when I lost the baby to picking me up in my puddle of tears when I no longer wanted to fight. 2019 may have broke me, but you saved me. I am not ashamed of my miscarriage, it was not my fault. I am not ashamed of my depression or anxiety, it’s not my fault. I am not ashamed of my scars and childhood adversities, it’s not my fault. I am not ashamed of the death of my friend who overdosed, it was not my fault. 2019 may have broke me, but I was already cracked. 2020 I will rise. I will persevere and I will glue my broken heart together because you reminded me I’m worth saving. #Miscarriage #ChildLoss #Suicide #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #Loss #imworthsaving #forward #Daybyday #keepgoing

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    Day by Day #CheerMeOn

    I had a rough day on Friday and cried myself to sleep. The beginning of Saturday was hard at first. I woke up with a huge headache despite getting enough sleep and was in a very bad mood. I projected my bad mood to my family and cried all morning. I could not stop crying and couldn’t stop myself from being anxious about my day. But I changed my day. I woke up. Another day of life. That’s what mattered. That’s what I needed to think about. I got myself together and got dressed for work. It was ugly sweater day I had been excited for it all week and was not going to let my mood change that. I curled my hair, put makeup on, and put a smile on my face. It was not easy to do, but I’m glad I did it. With the help of all of you and my wonderful boyfriend I was able to change my horrible morning into good laughs throughout the day. My headache went away. I no longer cried. I had a good time with my co workers, clients and family. Each day brings on new challenges. But day by day we can face them. One step at a time. Just take things day by day. #Anxiety #Daybyday #Onestepatatime



    Bipolar II diagnosed while serving in military. I have PTSD, OCD, and ADHD diagnoses as well to handle since leaving the military.
    How many meds are too many meds a day?
    I get up, shower, and dressed then grab my coffee as I’m heading out everyday. But I am just feel meh everyday right now. I’m okay feeling meh but I miss the little things that really made me happy.

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    Working hard #mighty #Daybyday #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #Trichotillomania #Dermatillomania #Hardworkisworthit

    I just wanted to share. I always hope that someone would say to me what this picture says. It never happens. Most of my hopes never happen. But I know that all of us here on The Mighty work our asses off every single day. I want you to know that I see you and know you are working hard!



    No matter how my day starts off...
    It’s just like an instant urge to just crawl up into a ball and be alone, like a switch is being flipped throughout the day. I never know how’s my days gonna go but it seems like my body’s becoming in control more and more everyday

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